Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review
Dave Lee
My review and water test of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is the fastest android phone on the market - has no notch, no hole but is somehow VERY water resistant.
OP7 Pro - amzn.to/2WIlJ1J
The pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 allows this camera to have a completely clean front with no protrusions or visual obstructions. The curved edges look awesome but it's a change to the oneplus design that can hinder usability.

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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee

    The distortion and shimmering water in the jug made the phone look like it was turning off constantly. I was so distracted. Thanks for watching! Is the OnePlus 7 what you hoped for? Is it too expensive for what it is?

    • Ranjeet Singh Bhamra
      Ranjeet Singh Bhamra

      No..I bought one plus 7..😁😁

    • Akash Nair
      Akash Nair

      Its 485 pounds on ali express

    • Josh Beats 20
      Josh Beats 20

      Dave Lee hey can u tell me the name of that app ur using on the one plus 7pro

    • David Moore
      David Moore


    • Thurar Ttyk
      Thurar Ttyk

      @leo jeb fuck u

  • Ag3nt0fCha0s


  • Nayoko

    I really enjoyed this style of video.

  • Bulut Tazegul
    Bulut Tazegul

    I think it s will get ip68 sertifica

  • silly helden
    silly helden

    I purchased this phone last week and iam absolutley in love with it i love the big screen when i connect it whith bluetooth to my car radio and other devices they dont even detect it as a phone but as a tablet

  • Ramza

    I always thought curved edges look ugly in picture and in real life.

    • DaRoyalBurger Memes and More
      DaRoyalBurger Memes and More

      To me, it looks pretty nice.

  • Jaya Krishna Nandyala
    Jaya Krishna Nandyala

    Brilliant review bro. Love from Indo-Canadian.

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73

    Worth every $700.

  • shrishak shrestha
    shrishak shrestha

    even the motion blur looks smoother 90hz 24fps

  • Cataca_91

    11:18 uh what ?

  • Joseph Shteinman
    Joseph Shteinman

    Apple: releases $1500 phone with 3 year old specs Dave: good job apple! One plus 7 pro: best specs in the game, no bezels and a high refresh rate for $700 Dave: I’m disappointed 😔

  • Neerupan Ganeshaan
    Neerupan Ganeshaan

    Any updates?? Did the test have prolonged effects or any expected surprises ??

  • Arshak Martirosyan
    Arshak Martirosyan

    This phone is for those who don't like new S10 series...

  • BlackN0va

    It has a chin

  • nerdwithjordans

    Out of character for the price

  • nerdwithjordans

    Impressive phone

  • Paul Oppermann
    Paul Oppermann

    One plus has never been Budget .... One plus 6 .. Budget ? ... Realy ?

    • Noah_anderz

      @Paul Oppermann I never said anything about the OnePlus 7 pro being budget, it's obviously not doesn't take a genius to work that one out but in the past OnePlus has focused on packing a big punch in performance for a much reduced price. Budget has always been a part of the OnePlus brand, hence why even now with the OP7 Pro they still have the standard OP7 for the people who are on a tighter budget.

    • Paul Oppermann
      Paul Oppermann

      @Noah_anderz 700€ or 800$ is Budget .... ? Sorry but a Samsung Galaxy S10 is available around the Same price

    • Noah_anderz

      I hope you're joking, OnePlus' trick that they brought to they table is that they pack such a punch on a budget compared to other flagships, budget has ALWAYS been a part of the OnePlus brand.

  • Ethan Rossman
    Ethan Rossman

    4:49 - If you look closely, you can see all the camera lenses on the rear facing camera wiggle slightly as the OIS/Focusing motor kicks in.

  • Krshna Kaka
    Krshna Kaka

    Should i go with the OP6T or the OP7??

  • Kit Kat Draws
    Kit Kat Draws


  • d q
    d q

    I like that time or you have on your display the large timer how did you get that I don't find it on my phone

  • Daniel Bolanos
    Daniel Bolanos

    4:52 "stay THICC" is on Dave's one plus phone

    • oPlains

      Words to live by

  • Adam arkin arkin's
    Adam arkin arkin's

    Oppo reno test on water please

  • usachatnow

    I bought this mainly for gaming

  • usachatnow

    Am I the only one that loves the pop up camera

    • Sulaiman Nura
      Sulaiman Nura

      No ure not

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    Man what is that downhill game :)

  • Tisi _
    Tisi _

    Hi, Jesus has die on the cross for our sins and rose back from the death on the 3rd day to justify us. Believe in Jesus like your LORD and SAVIOR and you are saved.

  • HaNooo

    It's a phone and not a lover. Get over it. Money is money. This video is "offensive". No, that's not the word, "Annoying". This is what humans and humanity has become.

  • Frack

    What people don't understand is that One Plus uses all the same techniques to waterproof their phones. The seals and rubber gaskets are used throughout the industry. They just don't pay the 3rd party company to test it for them so they technically can't claim an IP rating although they take the same precautions and strive for the same if not better build integrity than the bigger brands.

  • michael s
    michael s

    I have this phone..I had some of the best Samsungs,like my Note,and I LOVE the 7Pro..I dont like no headphone jack,yet that's all i miss.Now as for the face unlock and other things mentioned;if we want to FIND something to call an issue,we will,if we're that petty.NO phone has everything,and even the Note 9,which is what i really wanted,is just too damn expensive.Plus,where other phones had some lag,the 7Pro is the exact opposite,so if you breathe near this phone,about 5 pages open up.I never had an emergency enough that I could not wait a couple of seconds to unlock my phone.That's like me saying I wanted my new Mustang to go 250 mph like the last one,and this new one only goes 240,like it really matters..

  • Taiki

    Oneplus usually puts simple water resistant rubber in their phones but choose not to advertise it

  • Peter N.L
    Peter N.L

    If you wanna do such videos at least be rich enough to not worry about spoiling the gadget and give your viewers a full indepth review... That is what attracts viewers... You give it as it is... I would have preferred it immersed in water with the camera out for some minutes and see

  • Gek Gamerdk
    Gek Gamerdk

    It's the kind of moment where I as an op 7 pro owner hates that I have a 240 Hz monitor because I don't notice the difference since I'm used to way higher Hz...

  • Kiran Sudhir
    Kiran Sudhir


  • Lars Bahner
    Lars Bahner

    Thanks for doing the water test!

  • Mohd Ahmed Shareef
    Mohd Ahmed Shareef

    Because of you I have lost my phone :'( I took it in a pool and used it for pictures

  • yoelqve

    What game is he playing at 12:09?

  • Mickey Mania
    Mickey Mania

    What is that third party edge app?

  • OseK

    Could you really expect them to make one of the best phones on the market and sell it at 500-600 price range? Its impossible

  • ahmed diab
    ahmed diab

    How can i get that edge panel that appeared in 4:10?

  • Bligblog889

    What is the third party edge interface called?

  • DanTheDanator 27
    DanTheDanator 27

    Time works different in water

  • Wack!

    Honestly nobody uses face unlock anyway it's stupid

  • ryan garner
    ryan garner

    should have had two 7 pro phones

  • Hirak Choudhary
    Hirak Choudhary

    video starts from 00:48

  • Joshua Lancelot Tamayo
    Joshua Lancelot Tamayo


  • Cameron Bosch
    Cameron Bosch

    4:08 What app is that?

  • Skooma_

    THANK YOU. I was waiting for someone to do this!

  • Tharun Amirineni
    Tharun Amirineni

    THis is what they do always shit... ! If iphone releases a waste phone for budget prize they will be like oh yea finally a iphone for 700 , 800 But see what one plus has done for 699 the best smart phone ever

  • peter cloud
    peter cloud

    A shitty review

  • Francis Obiano
    Francis Obiano

    Please what is the name of the third party app used for the edge display

  • Rishang Prashnani
    Rishang Prashnani

    So anxious about the phone in water that he keeps on looking every 2 seconds. LOL

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration

    I'm curious if that phone still works. Even if it survived getting wet there's water sitting inside and who knows what that did. It at the very least voided the warranty.

  • Phillip Walz
    Phillip Walz

    151 times he looked at that jar 151 times in 13 minutes and 38 seconds

  • Brandon

    This guy

  • Ferry Assink
    Ferry Assink

    What is the background used at 1:16? The wallpaper is amazing.

  • Anthony Kellman
    Anthony Kellman

    how fake is this video? rate from 1 to 10.. its a 10 ,real fake

  • Rakesh Parmar
    Rakesh Parmar

    What is that 3rd Party Edge App at 4:07?

    • Shiraz Khan
      Shiraz Khan

      probably Samsung edge, idk tho

    • Phillip Walz
      Phillip Walz


  • gray pierre
    gray pierre

    The reason why I am scared to buy this phone is because once you break it. You’ve lost $700 down the drain.

    • Savage_Fps-Gamer

      gray pierre isn’t this every new phone made from 2019?!?

  • Mike L.
    Mike L.

    imagine if he found out 10 sec in they were false advertising... close to 1K gone to test something you heard about but couldnt fully believe.

  • BrokamaGay

    I have the pro but the about phone says it is 8gb RAM. Also how can I check the RAM usage?

    • TheCrimsonStarX

      It comes in 8, 10 and 12GB RAM. You must have the 8GB, same as I do.

  • MyGoldenFro

    This video gave me sooo much secondhand anxiety for some reason lmao.

  • snes23 snes23
    snes23 snes23

    Would love to know if the water damage indicator shows it got inside or not. Love your videos by the way.

    • Daniel Gonzalez
      Daniel Gonzalez

      Probably did. If I recall correctly, these things get pink even from air humidity, so there's that

  • Samuel Svärdmark
    Samuel Svärdmark

    this is the first video I see of Dave Lee and I actually liked it so they one get information meanwhile one can see if the phone survived the test or not

  • Hu H
    Hu H

    What's the name of the app used at 4:07


    You good man thenk you

  • Todayz Tech
    Todayz Tech

    Which color is the best

  • Abisha Zaki Ar-Rafi
    Abisha Zaki Ar-Rafi

    You can always use rice.

  • RighyTighty

    What is the Apple Watch situation like on this phone

  • Joemari Bano
    Joemari Bano

    Hi Dave, great review, im choosing the op7pro, whats the name of the skateboard game? thank you

    • Tlungah Watkins
      Tlungah Watkins

      alto odyssey

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