The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice
This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky

    Make sure you are no longer boarding on Boeing. -- Just a safety precaution,

  • davidtsw

    I'm not gonna fly on one of these until this is properly fixed. Hope the MAX stays grounded for as long as needed and people responsible for this should face prison.

  • ferdie fox
    ferdie fox

    My moms on the way to DC and I just texted her about this. Probably not a good time. : / sorry mom

  • tHiCc bUnny
    tHiCc bUnny

    So Uhm family’s died and lost their kids due to airbus and Boeing’s rivalry. WHY DIDNT THEY JUST PUT THE WIND TUBE UNDER EARLIER AND THEH WOUDLNT BE IN THAT MESS

  • Coffee Is Life
    Coffee Is Life

    TO EVERYONE! Write letters to your airlines and tell them NOT to purchase any 737 MAX planes if they want your business. Also check your flight tickets, the type of plane you will fly on is listed. Keep your families safe! DO NOT reward Boeing's utter greed and indifference for the deaths of 300+ innocent people, by supporting their defective, unsafe product. Boeing needs to: 1. Fire the CEO. 2. publicly apologize for trying to blame the death of civilians on dead pilots instead of taking the responsibility themselves. 3. Start from the ground up with the new design, not try to shoehorn a 60 year old design, just because Airbus is beating the brakes off of you with safer, better airplanes. 4. Learn to put passenger safety before greed and profits. And then after 5 years of problem free flying, I will consider flying Boeing again. Until then, IF IT'S BOEING, I AIN"T GOING! End of story!

  • A Little Disorganized
    A Little Disorganized

    thank you so much for the info because i was on an american 737 max 8 and it did feel a little steep of takeoff

  • Binny Woo
    Binny Woo

    I got actual chills seeing all the IDs at 5:37

  • PrimalMiltos

    Erich Hartmann couldn't fly a Boeing 737 Max plane. Somehow manufacturer's think all their products are operated by 5-year-olds. Don't want to wear your car seat belt? The chime and dash light will annoy the heck out of you IMPAIRING driving. Want your front passenger to program your car's Navigation while YOU are driving? Sorry the Nanny said NO. Want to raise the volume or screen brightness on your cellphone? Let's add a warning EVERY time. Wan't to disengage the autopilot and fly the Boeing 737 Max? Sorry the MCAS Nanny said NO. The "Nanny Philosophy" used to just be annoying but now it causes commercial aircraft with 150 people to plunge straight to the ground.

  • shah Khaja
    shah Khaja

    Playing with people's lives just for the sake of making more money... KARMA will find its way to those who are responsible... On the day of Judgement, GOD will punish those who are responsible

  • Jonathan Tillman
    Jonathan Tillman


  • Chuan Hui
    Chuan Hui

    the american make no good plane

  • Iqbal Muhammad
    Iqbal Muhammad

    The lion air and Ethiopia air is too much sacrifice 😭😭😭

  • secret

    FAA boss need to be fire immediately and Boeing CEO needs to be in jail right now

  • J W
    J W

    MCAS: My Controls Aint Safe

  • W. Todd Clark
    W. Todd Clark

    They ought to make the CEO and senior executive leadership of Boeing ride in their 737 Max airplane if they say it is so safe.

  • Ming Leo
    Ming Leo

    China banned 737Max timely while Trump and Southwest Airline was keep going....

  • pax und peace
    pax und peace

    It is Boeings fault.

  • Neil Gupta
    Neil Gupta

    2:20 Can't they just make the landing gear a bit taller?

    • Neil Gupta
      Neil Gupta

      @Luis Quezada That doesn't make sense.

    • Luis Quezada
      Luis Quezada

      Too expensive

  • Alan Bull
    Alan Bull

    737 max deathtrap and boeing finished Airbus congrats

  • benoit nadeau
    benoit nadeau

    Blame on Iran

  • Andromeda

    The MD-11 Had two crashes, both of which where on landing and it was due to a new system revision of the older, DC-10. Boeing address and fixed this issue. Why is this different? Because we now have wide use of the internet, and people can scream louder even when they are wrong.

  • gingerjoe1972

    Nice vid and good basic explanation of what happened. Fingers crossed they get this sorted.

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley

    ancient history!!

  • William Njoroge
    William Njoroge

    scrap the 737 max... Its failed when people lost their lives.

  • William Njoroge
    William Njoroge

    let them suffer for consequences for people who lost lives..

  • Loschiliesbar

    Boeing is a good company but with a company that big and humans lives are at stake you can’t cut any corners.

  • Google User
    Google User

    You can blame tree huggers and the EPA for the lost lives. ........ Since they forced airlines to cut back on emissions, they were forced to cut weight by going to weaker composite engines and thinner oil. ....... The max was all about being GREEN not being SAFE.

  • CMM

    Sadly the aviation industry safe as it but not in this case with the 737 max is just the same as is was in the past .Its called TOMBSTONE TECHNOLOGY and the poor souls in both crashes paid the price for it .History always repeats its self .Its just a matter of tick tock

  • D Wetick
    D Wetick

    Incorrect sensor data, my was a software glitch...Even my new Ford F-150 has odd quirks that require me to stop, turn off engine, wait 20 seconds and re-start engine. Fortunately my Ford F-150 does not fly.

  • Roy Rogers
    Roy Rogers

    I wonder if response from authorities and Boeing would be different the ppl on that plane were mostly USA citizens. The CEO should have been fired/prosecuted.

  • robert fripp
    robert fripp

    where are my competition lover, free market advocates????

  • Seth Gamer
    Seth Gamer

    People dont care other’s life



  • Georges J.
    Georges J.

    Boeing should disappear and its managers thrown into jail for a looong period...

  • Vishal Yadav
    Vishal Yadav

    Boeing should be sued BIG TIME

  • Adam Withinton
    Adam Withinton

    Wait, why not just make longer gears?

  • desi guy
    desi guy

    just went to Florida in a 320 and came bak in neo perfect flight no more Boeing

  • Ethan Groß
    Ethan Groß

    boycut flying all together, problem solved.

  • Rejeneration

    Boeing executives are murderers and should be indicted as such.

  • Rakha Arya
    Rakha Arya

    In the end, it's all about money


    Capitalism at its finest

  • Amit Chandola
    Amit Chandola

    Bowing Down!

  • Amy Pieterse
    Amy Pieterse

    So sad....

  • raul maximo
    raul maximo

    And this becomes an example of how competition Kills People!

  • Robert Clint
    Robert Clint

    There noses were to high in the air when they were collecting all that money that they invested on themselves rather than the plane.

  • apiece ofdirt
    apiece ofdirt

    I’m really disappointed in Boeing. History has shown that if profits are placed in front of safety disaster will follow. These lessons were learned decades ago but I think Boeing crossed their fingers with MCAS and hoped everything would be ok. I feel so bad for the victims and their families.

  • gunsand turbos
    gunsand turbos

    Some people should be in prison serving life for all those who died!!!

  • redic

    It is a terrible loss of life that you would assume technology should have prevented. I have to say it is also sad to see Boeing get this so wrong become they have given the world some of the greatest and safest planes ever built. Most of us travellers have been on one. It is easy for the armchair experts to criticize but even they must know this was never deliberate.

  • Redlazer

    March 11 2019 I went on a Boeing 737 Max it wasn’t rounded up that day I was on a field trip to nyc nobody knew besides my mom and our really good friends mom we made it out but It was scary

  • Lovey Dubey
    Lovey Dubey

    **Crying** all those people died, someones mother, father, child,sister,brother....they should shut down the company, that's way too many people died

  • Antonio Marcos
    Antonio Marcos

    Never mind. Boeing say they are going to pay 100 million dollars to the families of the victims so that they shut up and Boeing can have their flawed plane back in the air. It won't be a problem for Boeing; after all, 100 million is roughly the list price of just one B737MAX, and they've got a backlog of thousands of those yet to deliver. To Boeing, those lives are just collateral damage in their struggle to keep an outdated 60s aeroplane relevant in the market. That's the sort of reasoning we get from an economic system that prioritises profit over lives.

  • Lovey Dubey
    Lovey Dubey

    I'm not stepping foot into a Boeing plane...

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    Boeing: "Safety don't pay the rent!"

  • Malcom42 35
    Malcom42 35


  • Kav


    • Commander Evans
      Commander Evans

      @0 L they can train them so they can disable MCAS

    • 0 L
      0 L

      It wasn't only this one reason of disasters. MCAS didn't work well at all.

  • K4Ediamond

    1:12 Yes, I have been on one, on Germanwings.

  • John Matlick
    John Matlick

    Give control back to pilots....

  • LAD Teknologies
    LAD Teknologies

    I said it once and I will say it again, this global industry is dying and our greed will finish us off even sooner. Our resources are quickly disappearing.

  • Anonymous Lurker
    Anonymous Lurker

    Boeing needs to get sued for this. They needlessly caused deaths for profits. Monstrous. I don't feel safe flying in Boeing planes anymore.

  • mike A
    mike A

    Do you work for the NTSB? Boeing? nope? Then you don't knoe the "real reason"

  • Danish Wistara
    Danish Wistara

    Fukin boeing killing Indonesians

  • fcuking Sg Invain
    fcuking Sg Invain


  • MonolinkTV

    I feel like most people put a lot of blame on Boeing and not on the FAA. If there were more testing it would never have happened. Getting my PPL next week

  • AstronomyToday

    why don't they just slightly angle those candarded engines down by 0.005% of a degree? That's all I do on my homemade RC planes to make them fly straight when it's COG and TV is off by mistake.

  • azarikaKZ

    This is so incredibly sad :'( I can't believe what we, as society, have become, risking people's lives for extra cash and some vane rivalry. Look where capitalism is bringing us. I am not stepping on that plane in my life. It has to be reengineered completely to be trusted. Being a software developer myself, I know how unreliable it can be, there is always a chance that it can break or something was not properly tested. You can never rely on it more than on a hardware. And the fact that they used single sensor for it - absolutely crazy! :(

  • Observer 33210
    Observer 33210

    For some reason, I am unable to respond to replies made to a comment which I posted about a week ago. My responses just refuse to show up on the comment section. What is going on?

    • Observer 33210
      Observer 33210

      @AstronomyToday This is really weird. I can respond to most replies to my post, except to that of one person. My response to that comment just refuses to get posted on the internet!

    • AstronomyToday

      delete your internet caches and try again. can use good ol' "Disk clean up" to do it.

  • Morningstar1

    I avoid Boeing now and fly airbus. Crazy how many stories on this and how little response saying how they fixed it.

    • Default Skin Helper
      Default Skin Helper

      All other Boeing planes are still safe though. Even the other versions of the 737 are safe. The 737 Max is grounded so don’t worry.

  • Notthefather

    Airbus all the way! I don't care about national pride when it comes to my life and the lives of innocent passengers who put trust in the airlines and by extension, the plane manufacturers. Boeing criminally omitted vital information about its planes design and the software necessary to make it's plane flyable. When a passenger plane can't fly without computer software, someone should be jailed because, I mean, what can go wrong with computer software

  • Mararoth Koroth
    Mararoth Koroth

    The problem begin with the engine placement design, why fix the software? *Facepalm* Perhaps boeng shouldve fix their brain first

  • Bobby Nelson
    Bobby Nelson

    Also, they stopped putting physical requirements of strength on pilots, so a 90lbs. man or woman wouldnt be able to override it.

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