Slipknot - Unsainted
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Slipknot perform Unsainted on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Slipknot - Unsainted

  • A Az
    A Az

    tak panas ke

  • Davidson Maciel
    Davidson Maciel

    tá parecendo o coringa kkkk

  • dave westaway
    dave westaway

    How does Corey does that? He literally can have any voice he wants whenever he wants

  • Johnny Kurplutzo
    Johnny Kurplutzo

    How bout backup vocals from Wyatt family sheeple choir as added bonus???

  • Joselito Otilesoj
    Joselito Otilesoj

    Up motherfuckers

  • Zacharie St-Pierre
    Zacharie St-Pierre

    his live singing isnt great but at least it feels real. tons of "live" performances these days are just lip syncing.

    • Fabricio Santos
      Fabricio Santos

      He keeps the microfone too far from his mouth

  • Trenchh Beatzz
    Trenchh Beatzz

    Anyone else noticed that Corey Taylor is going bald.

  • Badmusic4people

    Corey reminds me of the joker in the dark knight

  • ValeTudo56

    It's called heavy metal-living in the moment \m/ 😈 \m/

  • Oli-Destroyer

    there was only one bad part about this song and that was at 4:22

  • haggismuncher

    Best bit of this shite was when the music stopped.....unimaginative bollox

  • notyour nova
    notyour nova

    the last true metal band ever!

  • It's Raid_ Bitchez
    It's Raid_ Bitchez

    Congratulations on your free Mercedes Benz Slipknot

    • Philip Erdman
      Philip Erdman

      It's Raid_ Bitchez I’m pretty sure they drive Lambos

  • Khairul Yaakob
    Khairul Yaakob

    Jim root is so cool

  • Green Vana
    Green Vana

    This, my boys is iowa + all hope is gone Corey's new mask is the fusion of these two masks

  • Diego Herrera
    Diego Herrera

    All the masks are great... except for Corey Taulor's

  • Роман Кузьменко
    Роман Кузьменко

    У басиста тоже

  • Роман Кузьменко
    Роман Кузьменко

    Маска уебище

  • Tomasz Berzerke
    Tomasz Berzerke


  • Morten Toftdal
    Morten Toftdal

    Oh god this is terrible!

    • deadborg 4
      deadborg 4

      No u

  • Thay Oliveira
    Thay Oliveira


  • radamantis dered
    radamantis dered

    I suscribe

  • William Rueda
    William Rueda

    Slipknot Pronto en el Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 pero que versatilidad tiene la voz principal

  • ツBUTERbrod




  • Mark Kart
    Mark Kart

    To me Corey's mask looks kinda like Michael myers lol

    • Dave Kopp
      Dave Kopp

      If you squint he looks like Heath Ledger's Joker

  • da Rosa
    da Rosa

    God damnit I want to read the comments and watch the video!!

  • Falun Gong BS Cult
    Falun Gong BS Cult

    Not my cup of tea ☕️

  • Ramadhan Saputra
    Ramadhan Saputra

    00:20 - 00:46 I loved the way Jim Root manage the song

    • Rahmad Rifanny
      Rahmad Rifanny

      Sekelas jim root aje masih ngitung yaa mas haha keren sih

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes

    People watching jimmy kimmel live: “Oh god instruments, kids don’t look!”

  • johnathan Farnsworth
    johnathan Farnsworth

    Thing don't like this Singer can't understand what hell sing about Mask's make me cringe This band just noise

  • Chuck Buhl
    Chuck Buhl

    Do you understand English or do you need to talk vampire language lol

  • Chuck Buhl
    Chuck Buhl

    Are you even alive you are on ABC wow you're a movie star now are you mad at Batman cuz he beat up joker are you alive are you alive are you alive are you alive 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 are you a faker The thinker are you alive are you off of those men on stage are you alive got to go to are you alive lol

  • Demon boi Loco
    Demon boi Loco

    Corey is wearing the metal head vans

  • DimasRaharjo89

    wwaaoo cool

  • styro

    no phone? moshpit? this is literally 90’s

  • Farrell Noks
    Farrell Noks

    How many of you press 🔂

  • anvirgili

    This is epic in every way.

  • a F
    a F

    New mask seems inspired by an out of shape marilyn manson...

  • Subash Arwin
    Subash Arwin

    this is called real music to the kids of the 2000

  • Marc Ferguson
    Marc Ferguson

    Is corey taylor still in Slipknot?

  • Pickled airsoft
    Pickled airsoft

    Going to one of the concerts soon, im afraid and oddly aroused.

  • Francis Stevens
    Francis Stevens

    Corey's new mask is terrible =(

    • Exposing The Truth
      Exposing The Truth

      @Mikey Ortiz The AHIG mask is simple...

    • Mikey Ortiz
      Mikey Ortiz

      This mask from this show makes him look badass but he has like 10 other different replicas of this mask that he's been using live and they all look really ugly..... I really hate the new mask cuz it looks to simple and look at everyone else's mask they are looking sick except for Corey's mask 😠😠

  • Seth Mcglone
    Seth Mcglone

    That guitar looks too small for Mick

  • JackHodgkinsonTV

    Why does Corey Taylor look so ft

  • Matthew Marsh
    Matthew Marsh


  • Jefta CNNid
    Jefta CNNid

    Respect for all of you guys, my childhood memories SLIPKNOT

  • bill stick
    bill stick

    лайк за драку)

  • Brainyot and Gazoomba HQ
    Brainyot and Gazoomba HQ


  • M Morales
    M Morales

    It was at 1:10 that Jimmy realized he had to leave the premises immediately 🤣🏃‍♂️

  • Issac Rector-Bouchard
    Issac Rector-Bouchard

    Maybe Joey jordison was ask to come back to slipknot and Joey told them over my dead body I sure do miss Paul gray

    • Nuno Magalhães
      Nuno Magalhães

      Man he suffers from a neural disease, he is incapable of playing drums like he used to... That's the main reason he was fired, on his last concerts with the band he had to be carried by roadies to his drum set

  • Kers A HerpaFuqer
    Kers A HerpaFuqer

    The hell are the dislikes for you commies?

  • Cory Grace
    Cory Grace

    The Kings of the heavy butt rock genere, a modern kiss. All show and no go. Corey must have horrible taste in music himself.

  • royal pain
    royal pain

    Coming to see you guys on the 27th!! Maggots live on!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson

    *Party likə its 1999!*

  • Mike Patton
    Mike Patton

    Look! Make a no cell rule and everyone goes nuts and has a good time. Bout time.

  • green bass
    green bass

    Moshpit in 2019... Wow

  • Tamz Boi
    Tamz Boi

    Jesus slipknot nowadays comes off as pretentious

  • Winanda Aji
    Winanda Aji

    the crew of this show really did their job well by realizing not to have this show in the studio, because they knew there would be moshpit.

  • Lylye Days
    Lylye Days


  • Kelly Kiser -Ekleberry
    Kelly Kiser -Ekleberry

    This is dope

  • Alien Frequency
    Alien Frequency

    Jimmy Kimmel is such a turd, but at least he got Slipknot to perform.

  • sPongebItch bObface
    sPongebItch bObface

    Corey Taylor's voice is flubbernucked.

  • unbelievable gaming
    unbelievable gaming

    When did jimmy kimble become a metal head

  • kiki urie
    kiki urie

    There was a moshpit Oh my God

  • Keith Coyle
    Keith Coyle

    Don't know if it's Corey's mask or to many twinkies

  • Bryan Mendo
    Bryan Mendo

    Why’d they bring Slipknot😂 they ass

    • deadborg 4
      deadborg 4

      no u

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    This Song helps me do my boxing

  • Tony Sage
    Tony Sage

    Corey Taylor is the greatest entertainer on this planet

  • Devil's Island
    Devil's Island

    Absolutely badass

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