Our First Night In Our New House Didn't Go As Planned...
The LaBrant Fam
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  • Alexandra Williams
    Alexandra Williams

    I've played truth or dare

  • Rag Tag
    Rag Tag

    Love u guys biggest fan

  • *EEE BEE*
    *EEE BEE*

    Now that I see Savannah without makeup i see her and Eastleigh they look just alike

  • Ellie Vlasak
    Ellie Vlasak


  • Ryvir Matzko
    Ryvir Matzko

    What we did was give our dog a area for its self but we would put it up stairs every once and a while and all around the house

  • Lexi Baker
    Lexi Baker

    I love labrant fam

  • Esam KuRd
    Esam KuRd

    aaaah posie love love love u

  • Waffle !
    Waffle !

    Cheater Cheater Pumkin eater

  • the gamer
    the gamer

    Why does everleight dont feel confort arround u guys

  • Arianny Anzaldua
    Arianny Anzaldua

    Maybe it's because Carl is just getting used to the house and it's a big area for him to be getting used to sooo?🤔😅

  • Clara Migot
    Clara Migot

    Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

  • lorenna vigil
    lorenna vigil

    posie and everleigh are so cute

  • Claudia Gomez
    Claudia Gomez


  • Nevaeh Silva
    Nevaeh Silva


  • Raf Kitchen
    Raf Kitchen

    Hey very nice content...

  • Marvel Movie Binger
    Marvel Movie Binger

    So I just watched the wedding vid and this is what was going through my mind This is like my cousins wedding the best wedding ever but then again every wedding is amazing

  • Erica Pardy
    Erica Pardy

    When I was watching the beginning of the video I got tarrafied

  • Nicole Rebelo
    Nicole Rebelo

    This is how many people love this channel

  • Fun time with Makayla Kk
    Fun time with Makayla Kk

    Oh my gosh it was so cute when the three girls were matching

  • Text chat Stories
    Text chat Stories

    It’s so weird that their house is so similar to mine 😭

  • Kaley Woods
    Kaley Woods

    Carl is so cute

  • Text chat Stories
    Text chat Stories

    did I just hear, *future kids?*

  • Kenzi /Pro
    Kenzi /Pro

    Will you do a house tour!!!

  • Ted Radiker
    Ted Radiker

    You no that video were ummmmmm there was comments let me refrace that ( mean comments) I am sorry that people said that about you Cole and Savanah and even everligh and poise sorry if I spelled your name long I no people are free to say whatever they want but I'm sorry that happened to u and ....... Savannah you don't need makeup your beautiful just the way you are btw am teddy.

  • Priscilla Barrett
    Priscilla Barrett

    carl Will get uss to the house he Will be with cole sav everlihe and pose

  • Leanne Deluca
    Leanne Deluca

    Poor Carl,,, he looked like he needed more hugs and comfort, I dont think shoving him in the doggy door helped with his anxiety 🥺... hope his ok now.

  • Priscilla Barrett
    Priscilla Barrett

    i have a dog to he is so cute

  • 1chills

    😜😝😛😚😀😃 Name is Isabella just my dad mind about that

  • Alyssa Shutova
    Alyssa Shutova

    that was so disgusting when you ate the jelly bean booger flavor like what the heck.

  • Shannon Tatum
    Shannon Tatum

    He doesn't like the wood floor

  • Camryn Masters
    Camryn Masters

    No fair you got a pomeranian

  • 2pretty gang
    2pretty gang

    Chater col

  • Frankie Simpson
    Frankie Simpson

    Oh I can comment u cheated I love your channel

  • Ellie Pitcher
    Ellie Pitcher

    Poise is so cute and this is just amazing to see you guys being so nice to them unlike some other DE-my families!! Xx

  • Ellie Pitcher
    Ellie Pitcher

    I can still comment

  • Rolando perez gaspar
    Rolando perez gaspar

    Cole some vids we can comint!😅

  • Carmon Simon
    Carmon Simon

    You guys look so different I didn't recognize you XD

  • Carmon Simon
    Carmon Simon

    Carl and posie are so cute

  • Puitei Mapuia
    Puitei Mapuia

    Did Everleigh 25 years now someone answer this

  • Caitlin the gymnast
    Caitlin the gymnast

    Not to blame, but Cole is good AND bad at gymnastics.

  • team 4 cassie jaharvion leah syy
    team 4 cassie jaharvion leah syy

    Caro is the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • Maria Barba
    Maria Barba

    No no

  • clair holden
    clair holden

    why are so many videos disabled? and i love ur vids 😊💐💐

  • teichman32

    Cole is a very nice guy

  • teichman32

    Cole is a cheater

  • Elisavet Doyle-Manias
    Elisavet Doyle-Manias

    Give him some love 💕 and play with him

  • Victoria Kuleshoff
    Victoria Kuleshoff

    My mom to

  • Maria Gomer
    Maria Gomer

    Karaoke and sleep with you guys in your bed I'm so sad because he scared I watch this one before there's something bad going to happen to them now and the best laugh of the family happy Mother's Day savannah happy Mother's Day you deserve it

  • Jazlyn Roberts
    Jazlyn Roberts

    you guys are soooooooooo inspiring

  • Rusheda May
    Rusheda May

    Hi im a big fan

  • Rubyana Lauren
    Rubyana Lauren

    Maybe Carl is home sick because he just went to a new home



  • Lacey Walsh
    Lacey Walsh

    Cole is a cheater

  • Annabelle Rya
    Annabelle Rya

    I know i am very late as in its 2019 July but in case anyone else is in the same position with there dog i will just say this anyway. Dogs are very territorial so it takes them a while to adjust to new places when they still think that the old house is their home. Most dogs go through this they just need to adjust to the new house. By the way in the future comments are disabled so i am blessed to be able to comment 😂😂 Love your fam the girls are so cute

  • Laura Herr
    Laura Herr

    I love the LaBrant Family. Posie and Everleigh are so cute

  • Stephanie Carrillo
    Stephanie Carrillo

    He see a ghost in that house

  • Marisol Suero
    Marisol Suero


  • Paisley Wilson
    Paisley Wilson

    I watch them because they are genuinely king and good people and I love you guys

  • Samantha Bakos
    Samantha Bakos

    Dogs do see ghosts

  • Jeff Lagemann
    Jeff Lagemann

    Poise is so cute

  • Jeff Lagemann
    Jeff Lagemann


  • Elicia Sewell
    Elicia Sewell


  • Ashley Hayward
    Ashley Hayward

    Can I see you someday I want to see Carl

  • Pink Little Kitty Cat
    Pink Little Kitty Cat

    Not trying to hate but imagine being like 75 and being called Posie

  • Sis vs. Sis
    Sis vs. Sis

    I love you guys!

  • Samantha Arrowood
    Samantha Arrowood


  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor

    To settol carol give hime one of everlieghs p js to smell

  • Oscar Hamilton
    Oscar Hamilton


  • JTstitches

    You are a cheater!!!!!!!

  • JTstitches

    I played it

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