Melanie Martinez - K-12
melanie martinez
"When the bell rings, you must be in your assigned seat..."
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  • Rita Mensah
    Rita Mensah


  • sonnyswyatt

    me: *opens a bag of chips* the whole damn class: 0:10

  • Arayah rosehill
    Arayah rosehill

    Thankyou Melanie for coming back to your music, your dream, i have watched a lot of videos and shows, to prove how nice and kind hearted you are, you truly are a wonderful artist, and photographer thats whats makes your songs, and videos are amazing!! I love to sing your music and i can see the thought you put into your music, they have meaning and they are completely origanal if i had one wish it would be to meet with you or to sing with you your song helped pull me out of the deep hole of depression, With thanks, Your (possibly) biggest fan, Arayah Rosehill

  • ` OopsAllRamenNoodles `
    ` OopsAllRamenNoodles `

    Yeesh when other artists get compared y’all don’t care but when it comes between Billie Eilish and others y’all loose your shit.

  • Mathilde NOBIS
    Mathilde NOBIS

    Melanie: posts after 2 years of inactivity- *Everyone: **0:10*

  • Abby the mixel Girl
    Abby the mixel Girl

    Me: takes a bag of jolly ranchers to school My friends at school: 0:10

  • Bambi Eyes
    Bambi Eyes

    Why does the teacher remind me of Dolores Umbridge from harry potter?

  • cherry-•촏꾜.•


  • Paula Rodriguez
    Paula Rodriguez

    Me opening a bag of hot Cheetos 0:10 who are you looking at

  • Troful

    Teaser 1- Elementary. (she's scared because she was late to class.) Teaser 2- Middle school. (her friend just got her period/menstruation because they're going through puberty.) Teaser 3- Highschool. (they're smoking, and doing naughty things.)

  • Sienna Tafoya
    Sienna Tafoya

    Hmmm I smell a new song 🤔🤗

  • Pewdiepie epic
    Pewdiepie epic

    Marline when are you gonna release wdbcf?(where do babies come from)

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover

    Gosh the queen is backkk!!!!!!!!

  • Alyia and Jae'dyn aka AJ
    Alyia and Jae'dyn aka AJ

    Melanie:im the most scariest Pastel baby like girl ever Billie elish:hold my vizaline while i go be creepy and scare the f***k outta her *Melanie is scared*

  • Paige Kendon
    Paige Kendon

    When I say I am scared of being late this is exactly what I mean

  • -Alys- -Incubus-
    -Alys- -Incubus-

    This album will be amazing! You are great Melanie 💕

  • Fabian Veloz
    Fabian Veloz

    Me: Opens pack of gum Classroom: 00:10

  • clarity subliminarts
    clarity subliminarts


  • Lps Coffee Crispp
    Lps Coffee Crispp

    I'm literally Melanie everyday at school. l a t e

  • hildison pereira
    hildison pereira

    Quanto tempo

  • iiD uwu
    iiD uwu


  • Miguel Gallardo
    Miguel Gallardo

    I can’t stop watching

  • Miguel Gallardo
    Miguel Gallardo

    Yes yes yes

  • Daria Drou
    Daria Drou

    Firstly I was like "I wish I could go to that school" But then I remembered how Melanie's music videos are so I don't want to anymore, I'm good only watching😂

  • Miguel Gallardo
    Miguel Gallardo

    Omg since this trailer I’m obsessed with Melanie

  • Miguel Gallardo
    Miguel Gallardo


  • Moist WeebLord
    Moist WeebLord

    Can people stop with “Billie or Melanie” *If* you guys *didn’t* know Melanie is Billie inspiration 😑😑😑

  • lucio benjamin
    lucio benjamin


  • fandom encounter
    fandom encounter

    Melaine: *probably just walking in after skipping for a few and talking to friends* Class: looks at her Teacher: looks at her Melaine: and I oop- : () ) *I T h I n K m O t 0 m O t 0 l I k E s Y o U*

  • Princesz Aries
    Princesz Aries

    that's literally how fast people be looking when someone walks through the door

  • Tam Figueroa
    Tam Figueroa

    😱 I hope another perfume comes out!

  • WillyBoyTheGamer 123
    WillyBoyTheGamer 123

    Melanie Martinez!!!!!!!

  • ꧁༒ᴅᴇɴɪsᴇ༺꧂ okay
    ꧁༒ᴅᴇɴɪsᴇ༺꧂ okay

    Omg 💘

  • Its _Galaxy27 72
    Its _Galaxy27 72

    i luv both melanie martinez and billie eilish (not comparing)

  • no no
    no no

    Finally a new song shed continued her career

  • The_depressed_monkey _480
    The_depressed_monkey _480

    This is how i feel when i get anew class

  • -Kaylin Stewart-
    -Kaylin Stewart-

    I don’t know WHY. but K-12 reminds me of Harry Potter xD

  • Leila Gardelli
    Leila Gardelli


  • Shayani de Blue Chald
    Shayani de Blue Chald

    You haven't posed in a long time! I miss ya~

  • Dead

    imagine going to school and people are happy to see you *cant relate*

  • winnie the pooh
    winnie the pooh


  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello

    Me: Drops A cracker on the floor Ants: 0:11

  • Ranialael Legge
    Ranialael Legge

    Anyone else realized this is coming out when IT Chapter 2 comes out?

  • Master Ryan
    Master Ryan


  • welcome_to_ DaisyStudio's
    welcome_to_ DaisyStudio's

    I'm so excited

  • Izbeny edits
    Izbeny edits

    Like who’s is excited for the movie🧸🍼

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga

    I'm so excited for this film

  • Devin

    Just 2 months to go 💕✨

  • Hans Bjorgman
    Hans Bjorgman

    Is this going to be a series?

    • Weronika Baranowska
      Weronika Baranowska

      It's going to be a movie

  • Jen Plays
    Jen Plays

    Me: *brings a packed lunch to school* Classmates: 0:10

  • Blonde


  • mr mumbles
    mr mumbles

    0:10 When I stub my toe.

  • Steven Combs
    Steven Combs

    Theory: crybaby goes to school. The students seem to do and be same as each other. When someone tries to do their own thing like speaking their minds or wearing their own clothing they get into trouble. It's up to crybaby to show the kids it's okay to be themselves.

  • Rey Jordan Pira
    Rey Jordan Pira

    Teacher: the principal is coming now, act nice Class: 0:09

  • s o P h I a A r I A s
    s o P h I a A r I A s

    K-12 stands for Kindergarten to 12th grade

  • Heidi Ultimate Mistake
    Heidi Ultimate Mistake

    Can you fucking Idiots stop comparing her to Billie yust let melanie do her own thing they are not even alike. That so anoying and not even funny it also can be harmful to the artist. (Sorry I am pretty salty rn)

    • Weronika Baranowska
      Weronika Baranowska

      I agree, there's no point in comparing. I love both

  • MíłøBíśś

    First day of school nightmare: Me: *walks into room* Class and teacher: *looks at me with creepy smiles* Me: *single tear falls* why me...

  • Angela Guerrero
    Angela Guerrero

    I’m hella want to hear it already!👀

  • ish yumi
    ish yumi

    i love melanie martinez ❤️❤️

  • iipayton

    i love this 😭

  • Thalyta Fraga
    Thalyta Fraga

    Eu amo você Eu amo suas músicas Eu amo muito você 😍😍😍

  • Yanis Torres
    Yanis Torres

    Is sad that she lost a lot of fans because of the drama like it was all a lie

    • Izac T
      Izac T

      Yanis Torres she actually gained them back if you didn't she had 5.5 M subscribers when that happened and now look at her subscribers

  • Challeng Go
    Challeng Go

    olha os demonios correee eo diabo 0:09

  • Artist GingerBear
    Artist GingerBear

    You got some dance moves on pacify her

  • Enyani Pina
    Enyani Pina

    She came back ! 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊💕💕

  • Cheeky Cat
    Cheeky Cat

    This was realised on my birthday yay

  • Gia's Wørłd!
    Gia's Wørłd!

    0:10 wow im creeped out

  • Wakudoki _
    Wakudoki _

    0:10 everyone when I get late

  • Toxicbadie Badie
    Toxicbadie Badie

    Me: opens a bag of Takis Classmates: 0:10 Me: what I can't enjoy a bag of chips

  • Sebastian Sato
    Sebastian Sato

    This has got to be the best news ever

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