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Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
Books mentioned in the endcard:
'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • EdgAntoniiiRA1RGG

      Thanks for making me more depress than I already was since 2011... rgg 💔😔... FML... ...WHY ARE WE HERE JUST TO SUFFER... ^next video suggestion btw

  • FirstRisingSouI

    But I find most interactions with other people to be horribly boring.

  • technoshaymin :/
    technoshaymin :/

    I’m absolutely fine with being lonely tbh

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    I have suffered from loneliness and sometimes depression most of my over forty years of adult life. I once heard someone say that my wonderful upbringing inadequately prepared me for the grim reality of real life. There is a lot of truth to that, as it is a very cold, self centered world we now live in. And it has also been said that the only thing worse than being alone is wishing you were. Anyone in a bad marriage or workplace environment knows what that means. I am currently married to a woman who is gone to work thirteen hours a day, seven days a week and refuses to make time for me, and I have no close friends. Loneliness is simply a way of life some people have to accept.

  • Larose Red
    Larose Red

    there, youtube, I watched it

  • Sahil Batra
    Sahil Batra

    Now I’m feeling more lonely :(

  • Sega Sonic Z
    Sega Sonic Z

    Darn i dont know how to talk to people

  • Rudyson Estanislao
    Rudyson Estanislao

    Thank you,

  • Caleb S
    Caleb S

    Why did I start crying

  • MrZazder

    WTF, i didn't even know i had chronic loneliness. Weird situation.

  • IamJahleel

    I've been alone for 6 years never made any friends an as far as dating I've been alone never had a gf longer than 2 months smh. I just think people are fake tbh.

  • starlight FIFI
    starlight FIFI

    I havent talked to someone in a month, send help (im joking about the send help)

  • Ulises Bencosme
    Ulises Bencosme

    Great video

  • Spamfitters

    I much prefer to be alone, quite happy on my own, all I need is my horse

  • Wafflol

    Good to see kurzgesagt at #1 on trending instead of another late night talk show or clickbait challenge video.

  • Cecilia Collins
    Cecilia Collins


  • Derek hi
    Derek hi

    I don’t know who needs this, but, you are never the only one.

  • Lourdes Reyes
    Lourdes Reyes

    Thankful for my best friend while watching dis

  • Arel Kaan Deniz
    Arel Kaan Deniz

    Yeah... ı think ı need this video 😢

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall

    This video really explains my behavior in middle to high school I use to be a very social person and then something happened that made me push people away It just kept getting worse until I just never left the house anymore I'd go to school then straight home never texting or calling school friends in my mind if they really wanted to talk to me they'd reach out two years out of high school still none of them have I texted them a few times but it would make me very nervous and I just end up retyping and rereading the my messages I think Im living a better life now I definitely feel less lonely but idk how long this can last

  • Priestofbabylon

    A lot of this sounds like Asperger's Syndrome.

  • IDon'twant2BeA SoldierMama
    IDon'twant2BeA SoldierMama

    Wow Damn, I'm depressed as fuck... ;| has been years already But I think I feel a little bit better after seeing this video ;)

  • DeadlyShadow

    It really doesn't help when you have a near-complete lack of developed social skills.

  • Thảo Phạm Thị Thảo
    Thảo Phạm Thị Thảo

    Alone but not lonely. Do you agree with me?

  • JJ Park
    JJ Park

    I just love being alone. Not lonely at all... at all...

  • EXOL Forever
    EXOL Forever

    This video made me cry. That might sound weird but this video gave me so many realizations and it was a wake up call for me. I need to stop isolating myself. I need to stop thinking bad about other people and assuming they don't like me. I need to stop making excuses for myself to avoid people. Today I decide to invite a friend to go ice skating. I hope it helps me.

  • Lord Lynx
    Lord Lynx

    this is one of the longer videos but it still has the same quality and look where that got it, at #1 on trending

  • Rado

    Guess i'll die.

  • Suha

    ummm.....maybe some ppl are fine with not making very strong connections with ppl. Everyone's different, and there are a lot of ppl out there who dont need external ppl around them to make them feel- happy, validated or content in life....just saying.

    • Suha

      u are absolutely right suha.

  • Rob Rash
    Rob Rash

    Who are the nut jobs thumbs downing this?

  • Dramox

    Im 19 and still a virgin

  • Dark Coffee Bean
    Dark Coffee Bean

    Funny how a team of people I don't even know can create a video explaining my exact situation

  • I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi
    I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi

    Mankind is evil, you can't open up to people and not expect to get shot, but when you do and you bounce back what else is left to experience. try again and fail harder?.... you might get lucky and succeed, but how long would it last?, the paranoia of a scorn that once healed being opened up again. You may call it fear, I'd call it planning ahead. To each his own tho, I learned a lot from this vid but, I'd rather carry my own weight.

  • My logic is a force to be reckoned with.
    My logic is a force to be reckoned with.

    Ther is no professional help that helps. In Scotland at least, it's so unhelpful that I'm not surprised that suicide is what people resort too, I'm sick of people who don't know what they are talking about saying "get help".

  • nivaska619

    I'm so lonely broken angel

  • MagicianBall

    I would so love to have more friends in truth, but for me personally it’s just hard. Most of my friends, very similar like what you said in this video, are too busy to ever hang out with me on weekends, and never even text me back much through smartphone, if I’m ever gonna get a text from a friend, I’m always the one who would have do the text first, and it’s never my friends who text me, or ask me for a hangout first. I have a decent amount of common interests with my friends, in terms of TV shows and video games and such, but the amount of common interests I have are not massively big, it’s like only decent at max. I just wish I had more friends in which I can talk to, every day! Not just talk for a little bit, and then have to wait a LOOONG time so I can talk to them again. I just want good friends who I can commonly talk to at school and home, and friends who would be there for me when I’m in trouble. Friends who I have great common interests, and friends who wouldn’t betray or stab me in the back. Funny how there are literally billions of people on Earth, and that doesn’t even help, proves how much real life can suck at times lol. This comment is probably gonna sound silly, but, would be there anybody here interested in being my friend, even just for a little bit? I would adore to tell about myself and my interests. This comment will probably just get lost in the massive sea of comments of this video, but if any person finds and replies to this comment, i simply thank you

  • HappiestSadGuy


  • Louis Bradbury
    Louis Bradbury

    This Is Shamefully Relatable

  • Danielle Rogers
    Danielle Rogers

    damn. #1 on trending.

  • UniText

    *Realizes You Can Die From Loneliness* Calls Friends Over

  • Lord Lynx
    Lord Lynx

    #1 on trending wow

  • Hirogan berries
    Hirogan berries


  • Zachary Tischer
    Zachary Tischer

    This is so sad alexa play despacito

  • Badso44

    #3 on trending. Damn.....

  • Random Bae
    Random Bae

    I was feeling down today and was listening sad songs and getting sadder and this vids pops up on my feed. God is this a sign from you that I should stay happy and not care about people who doesn't care about me? message received.

  • Can’t Do shit
    Can’t Do shit

    Does anyone else still feel lonely in a room full of friends? I do

  • laos 09
    laos 09

    I wanna find someone to play D&D!!!

  • Robert V
    Robert V

    Never trust edited comments.

  • Billy Tziatas
    Billy Tziatas

    Extremely interesting video and take on loneliness!

  • Sahil Batra
    Sahil Batra

    I’m alone not lonely !

  • Dramox

    I dont have a real friend to hangout with. Im better than all my friends in games, so they avoid playing with me

  • Christian T. Grave
    Christian T. Grave

    This has to be my favorite channel on DE-my. Period.

  • Paleo Mikey
    Paleo Mikey

    THIS IS LITERALLY #1 on trending nice job dude keep it up

  • SickPranks 58
    SickPranks 58

    Just play video games lol

  • Tom Yang
    Tom Yang

    When you’re alone with your thoughts, you get an idea of what your thoughts actually are. This should give you the momentum to make a change!

  • Ester

    wow i’ve always appreciated the videos from Kurzgesagt, but this one specially hit close home. it’s a very important topic to talk about, so i’m very thankful for the spread of awareness!

  • ك ر
    ك ر

    Haha losers

  • octo pi
    octo pi

    Guys I just farted during this video and it stinks really bad. I was hoping it would go away, but I think it just got trapped in the blanket.

  • XxFire starXx
    XxFire starXx

    the title of this video is my life right there lol

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan

    Oh thank you very much i feel lonely theses days and now u gave me courage to survive♥

  • Sonny Sunglasses
    Sonny Sunglasses

    This is how many friends you have 👇

  • kyuuh

    Why tf u do that body

  • ArticSingWolf S
    ArticSingWolf S

    #1 on trending

  • Craftwarrior269

    Congrats on 1 on trending

  • Frasski

    Bruh be happy that you even have friends. Some of us don't even have those.

  • ArticSingWolf S
    ArticSingWolf S

    #1 on trending

  • Dark Coffee Bean
    Dark Coffee Bean

    Best. Channel. Ever.

  • Random AnimeFan
    Random AnimeFan

    All of us that are commenting are lonely. We all want recognition.

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name

    You know what's worse than being lonely, alone and depressed? Being lonely, alone and depressed in a third world country where psychiatric help can only be afford by the 1%.

  • Night

    4:36 Bold of you to assume...



  • RadioactivZ

    #1 trending

  • Winny Winson
    Winny Winson

    I’ve rarely go out with friends outside or after school and I don’t get experience from it so I don’t know how to hang out with them at those times and I stay in education.

  • Brendt Maleva
    Brendt Maleva

    Sub 2 PewDiePie

  • I N
    I N

    I play Pokemon go everyday to avoid crippling depression.

  • Bertold Gerry
    Bertold Gerry

    Love this one 🤘🤘🤘

  • 모리김

    This video is very useful. THANK YOU

  • Luis Ocampo
    Luis Ocampo

    I went through depression for 2 years. Shittiest moment in my life and I'm barely 22. I'm still lonely but I'm working on it. Its just hard sometimes

  • Adnan

    thank you

  • FINX


  • R.K. Rowe
    R.K. Rowe

    I just want a hug

  • Sir Pistachio
    Sir Pistachio

    Bruh, you won’t feel lonely at all if you adopt a pet!

  • 80Loke

    "if you feel lonley, then you are lonley" thats a good quote

  • ColdGaming PS4
    ColdGaming PS4

    I relate to all of this

  • Cullen Snow
    Cullen Snow

    Tfw this is number 1 on trending. So many lonely people.

  • narudi18

    A lot of people in the comment section are missing the video’s point Being alone is different from feeling lonely. You can be alone and not feel lonely and you can be surrounded by people you love and feel lonely The video is about what is loneliness and how to escape it

  • The guide
    The guide

    the problem is nowadays it's not animal's it's other humans so there's the bigest plothole so yea

  • Mahan Hoseini
    Mahan Hoseini

    what if i like to be lonely and still having that empty hole in my chest

  • 300 subscribers without any videos
    300 subscribers without any videos

    *#1 on trending says a lot*

  • MyLeftShoe

    I feel like I'm slowly isolating because I'm afraid of bothering my friends

  • diovi rae tumampos
    diovi rae tumampos

    It says a lot about our society that this is the #1 trending video in yt

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff

    I've been alone for 20 years and I still look like I'm 16. What you talking about saying that it's gonna make me age faster? But yeah, I am often very lonely and I believe I'm depressed. Honestly, I've gotten used to it and I agree when others complain about people being "fake" today. I totally agree because they just pretend and I've always experienced people leaving me after being around them for a day.

    • Get out of my way
      Get out of my way

      Are you lonely or alone? There a difference

  • D K
    D K

    Except for the few people in the world that I like, being around most people makes me want to isolate myself. I feel burdened by and even despise interaction of all kinds w most people. Whether I’m awkward and just can’t be myself around them, or do feel comfortable, the distaste for social interaction remains the same. Therefore I feel happier and less stressed when isolated. Why?

  • Average Jo3
    Average Jo3

    Feeling lonely bc my friends are busy being lonely...

  • Portia Li
    Portia Li

    The fact that this is #1 on trending really says a lot

  • alma diosa
    alma diosa

    1 en tendencias nanaaa Posta?

  • Black Rhino
    Black Rhino

    No this is Patrick

  • Lonely Driver
    Lonely Driver

    Thanks DE-my for yet again reminding me of how lonely I am

  • Luis Osorio
    Luis Osorio

    I’ve been hurt so many times by people I’ve went all out for . It’s really hard for me to meet new people.. I’m so closed I don’t want to get hurt ..I hate being so lonely 😔

  • Ei Bouss?
    Ei Bouss?

    Idk about loners, but I'm surely am a stoner

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