Jared Dudley FIGHTS 76ers! - Butler and Dudley EJECTED! - 76ers vs Nets - 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Mar Wth
    Mar Wth

    So this is the context to all those memes

  • Bxsterd

    That camera man that was on the floor didnt move at all he just let them fall on top of him LOL

  • omgelle R
    omgelle R

    isn't this one of the most iconic meme on twitter these days? HSHSHSHSHSHS

  • 实况主宇恒


  • maggie 10103
    maggie 10103

    *I came here from Insta after seeing that dude grab his kid and move during* 0:14 😂

  • Jaynesha Williams
    Jaynesha Williams

    We still love you Embid

  • Jaynesha Williams
    Jaynesha Williams

    Who ask him to push embid if I was there I would punch him in his eye and make him a black and blue eye

  • dabesaround nstuff
    dabesaround nstuff

    Dudley at home watching this like.. wow im an idiot

  • Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman


  • Nelson Checo
    Nelson Checo

    Yoo levert went flying 😂😂

  • Jimboy Luzano
    Jimboy Luzano

    Embid dirty player

  • Ronelo Palacio
    Ronelo Palacio

    Dudbley fuck the Group.

  • Who Cares Blaaa
    Who Cares Blaaa

    Jimmy buttler act as what he is...a son of a bitch his mom is a whore

  • Clark Bunsoy
    Clark Bunsoy

    Its pure whole block from the ball and theres no way foul out there youre just to soft dudley. You should not play basketball. If you dont want a kind of game like this. Nigga.

  • Tan Alex
    Tan Alex

    Jared Sidley is the rubbish

  • anthony ramos
    anthony ramos

    dudley? who? is he an nba player? next topic please...

  • miguel angel sanchez farfan
    miguel angel sanchez farfan

    Faul flagrant over allen embid is a asshole

  • miguel angel sanchez farfan
    miguel angel sanchez farfan

    Dudley for me is pure talent

  • ChIcKeNfInGeRs WiThBuTtEr
    ChIcKeNfInGeRs WiThBuTtEr

    Ben Simmons knocked him out

  • SeizmoGraf




  • 00kizuna00

    Russell made this pussy fight even worse! He pushed the whole squad dudeeee! Hahaha

  • Franklin Tupas
    Franklin Tupas

    Something is obviously going on inside Dudley's mind everytime he is inside the court!

  • Junel Veloz
    Junel Veloz

    Yabang mo nmn Butler

  • Junel Veloz
    Junel Veloz

    Hambog ka tlga imbid


    look D angelo russel hahahahaha

  • Random

    The fatness of Jared Dudley lol

  • The Kman321
    The Kman321

    I saw Dudley at a bucks game, he’s a asswipe

  • primo rck
    primo rck

    they call they self profasionals . cmon

  • aaron walker
    aaron walker

    but this whole womens movement says dads are useless see mom get u and bounce n run said fuck her man and kid lmao what dad do stayed relaxed and rotected the family

  • Steven Noda
    Steven Noda

    Dudley is fat AF!

  • Jay Reno
    Jay Reno

    Dudley looks like Duncan lol

  • Nelson Panlasigui
    Nelson Panlasigui

    Jimmy buttler begins to show his bad attitudes.

  • Chan Daniel
    Chan Daniel

    Russell is a real leader

  • DJRPIGGY Da real
    DJRPIGGY Da real

    I love that embid always has his hands up

  • The niGHt king
    The niGHt king

    Lol butler savage af

  • MISTAH 17
    MISTAH 17

    Fuck you embid, mananakit ka mayabang pa

  • Marc Hadrian Caunan
    Marc Hadrian Caunan


  • Chito Fuentebella
    Chito Fuentebella

    Dudley Boyzs

  • Qiang Zhang
    Qiang Zhang

    Welcome to NBA baby

  • Johncarlo Pongos
    Johncarlo Pongos

    Good boy embiid hahaha

  • Christian Chandra
    Christian Chandra

    These are very dangerous creatures full with pride and ego. Tip them a lil bit and they'll attack like you killed their one of their family

  • Raymond Penaflor
    Raymond Penaflor

    Duncan + Parker = Dudley

  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* **

    Heyyyy. The minute Dunkin Donuts opens a basketball league- Dudley is MVP.

  • Anjaa Singam
    Anjaa Singam

    Phil are tryna be like the Warriors in defence. Whatever it takes.

  • erwin flores
    erwin flores

    A lot of Ball and Body hahahaha

  • Gino Sokol
    Gino Sokol

    Great job by dad and mom. Realized quick how close they were lol

  • Thegame Gas
    Thegame Gas

    Butler should've just got a tec dudley thought he was hard all you heard was on my moma on my moma sound like a angry 12 yearold hood yangster

  • Strausse Sisora
    Strausse Sisora

    I'm now a fan og Jared

  • kenneth mirano
    kenneth mirano

    Hahahaha!!!! How scared Embiid was hahahaha!!!! Told yah he can only fight guards hahahaha!!!!

  • Fire Fly
    Fire Fly

    Embid started and while others have commotions he hands are up saying im cool im cool.

  • tom Robert
    tom Robert

    Been a Sixers fan all my life but dont see us getting out the second round and just cuz u like a team or a player dont make u a dick rider so every fan of the NBA or a player is a dick rider and yes I am a fan boy I am a fan of the Sixers and the NBA .sometimes embid does mess with other ppl for no reason. But let's be real he is no scrub. Alot of players came into the NBA with out a shoot let's just see if he wants to work to get one but for not having a shoot he does score there is a few greats out there that never got a shot but were still good and if your not in the NBA or never going to be these players are better than me and you always so much hate for no reason so many people want to Be negative and put others down and stead of lifting them up.

  • Hella Trix
    Hella Trix

    Butler tried to take out 3 birds with one stone 😂😂 Slick ass mf..

  • Neeko De Jesuz
    Neeko De Jesuz

    D-U-D ley

  • Brad Headband
    Brad Headband

    imagine your career highlight was getting jimmy butler thrown out of a game your team went on to lose.

  • Terelle Hunt
    Terelle Hunt

    It be the old head hating on the young guys

  • 鈴蘭ちゃんねる


  • Bluepark Bluepark
    Bluepark Bluepark

    Dudley no use!

  • tony johnson
    tony johnson

    I miss Jimmy Butler- signed a former Bulls fan.

  • ImHeidi. C24
    ImHeidi. C24

    Dudley ugly face triggers the Sixers (JK)

  • AlTheBlogger

    Damn Jared Dudley, where was all that energy when you played for the Suns smh

  • Orlando Cortez
    Orlando Cortez

    Dudley bout that Life. Emmbid is an instigator prob never been in a real fight.

  • maine 169
    maine 169

    Is it me when I watch this fight over n over n Where is the black jerseys at only Russell was n there mix it up the Rest of them look scared

  • nestor william upegui jaramillo
    nestor william upegui jaramillo

    No entiendo cómo expulsaron a Butler si más acción tuvo Simmons pero bueno, les salió mal porque querían expulsar a emblid jajajaja, the King Butler guerrillero como tiene que ser

  • Andre Pitanga
    Andre Pitanga

    Joel enbid agrediu o pivô do Nets

  • Nouch

    Bro if you look at speed 0,5 when they start fight u will see di'Angelo Russel pushed Simmons on Dudley and make fall all

  • Doc J
    Doc J

    Jared needs to call his twin brother Bubba Ray.

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    That’s how you get yourself in the spotlight.

  • Mark Antony Rosario
    Mark Antony Rosario

    That's a clear flagrant you idiot!

  • ociv delos
    ociv delos

    Embid’s mini me to the rescue!

  • MaximumEfficiency

    Buttler sucks. Embid and Simmons gayboys. Old, slow and non-athletic Dudley the junkyard dog owns them. Proud to be ejected!

    • K.J Lawrence
      K.J Lawrence

      go cry now

  • ezell smith
    ezell smith

    Why he kept saying give a tech to Simmons ?!?!!! Simmons was Cleary dragged in the scuffle

  • Frankie Gorritz
    Frankie Gorritz

    Fuckin clown fat Motherfucker...😂😂😂😂

  • Marvin Delmas
    Marvin Delmas

    That was all ball what are you watching

  • Zee Dont Sleep
    Zee Dont Sleep

    The nets need to get PJ tucker. Since Embiid is so smart, he knows better than to throw hands at a man who will handle the situation off the court. Or Stephen Jackson. Ron Artest Maybe, but Ron is a nice guy, just when he’s mad, I don’t care if I’m Stephen Jackson or Shaq, im leaving. He seems like the type to go for Shaqs legs 😳

  • Marie Kondo
    Marie Kondo

    At 0:11 it looks like Dudley hits his own teammate

  • Thomas Ward
    Thomas Ward

    Thats a hard foul fuck that

  • Ying Li
    Ying Li

    "And then you got Simmons and Embiid and there is no love loss between those two..." What?

  • ime more
    ime more

    Fuck You embid bitch hope u die your to stupid ever fuck your self idiot!!!

  • America’s Sports Car
    America’s Sports Car

    Who the fuck is dudley! Scrub!

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez

    0 respect for Jimmy MF Diva screw you Jimmy, I love the T Wolves💪

  • Buck'z Tipe Benaning
    Buck'z Tipe Benaning

    Are you kidding? Ben is not only jimmy look the video..idiot's

  • flameout12345

    I'm waiting someone to floor Embid. The previous elbow and laughing is not acceptable.

  • Chico Skimoni
    Chico Skimoni

    If you cant beat them in basketball, why not football.


    Dudley to retirement in 2020 and I’m not talking jersey retirement Im talking headbands retirement. His shove on embid would be the best thing he would be knowing for.

  • Galvin Apalis
    Galvin Apalis

    Nigga spotted

  • Thanos

    That way a good block Dudley was in the wrong!

  • ken wesaw
    ken wesaw

    Jared Dudley needs his ass beat

  • Al Holbert Lim
    Al Holbert Lim

    Butler has no business there. Dudley just didnt like how embid fouled his team mate. Its just a normal reaction from a true team mate. Butler just aggrevated the situation.

  • axcelerator

    Try doing that to steven adams

  • Cedric Urselita
    Cedric Urselita

    Didn't kno J.Cole played basketball @ 0:45


    Dudley need to sit his ass down with his washed up self, dude is irrelevant in the series I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish there but he looked stupid at it 😤

  • TheAspiringRRT

    Listen to all you whack ass Brooklyn fans chanting "bRoOkLyNnnnN"... all of you are straight garbage.

  • Meriam SALI
    Meriam SALI

    Embid dirty player fuck you

  • Meriam SALI
    Meriam SALI

    Embid is asole

  • Hundred Beast Kaido
    Hundred Beast Kaido

    Butler + embiid??!! 😂😂😂😂

  • sheed izi
    sheed izi

    remind me of kevin garnett era, fake toughness to his best

  • tim23tom23

    Why would you bring a baby court side?

  • zights

    dudley cost them the win

  • Idontlikethatshit

    Is that Steven A @ 1:10 in the bluish suit?

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