Inside The NBA - Game 4: Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets | 2019 NBA Playoffs | April 20, 2019
Charles Barkley
Inside The NBA - Game 4: Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets | 2019 NBA Playoffs | April 20, 2019

  • Izz Graham
    Izz Graham

    Bkn going fishing with orl and OKC

  • Izz Graham
    Izz Graham

    Have there ever been a time in the playoffs every match up went 7 games

    • Joey Saunders
      Joey Saunders

      I believe the 2014 playoffs were the closest that we've seen. Maybe 3 first first round series did NOT go 7 games.

  • abram chavis
    abram chavis

    charles is right. several nba players have did it including mj when he broke his ankle

  • Rahsheed Ashley
    Rahsheed Ashley

  • The Red
    The Red

    Earnie about to get punched in the gut off camera; how much shit do you think Barkley will take? Man, that bitch going over the top today.

  • Anthony Barnett
    Anthony Barnett

    Her dress looks like my mothers drapes lol

    • Anthony Barnett
      Anthony Barnett


  • Jervis

    LMAO you can hear the crew laughing when RG was calling embiid a warrior XD 4:58

  • Nickdaquick

    Ok EJ with the Js

  • Christopher Shivar
    Christopher Shivar

    Why hasn't this guy Brian Windhourst tried loosing some weight yet?

    • Christopher Shivar
      Christopher Shivar

      @nathan rainville especially when your around ATHLETES ALL DAY EVERYDAY LOL

    • nathan rainville
      nathan rainville

      He's a glutton. Really irks me. If he had to work for a living instead of talking about basketball he's be fucked. No excuse for being that obese

  • J Real
    J Real

    Ernie's reaction after Shaq said he will whoop Charles Barkley he is the mediator to stop things from happening it's impossible LOL

  • Totally Addictive
    Totally Addictive

    For some reason i thought that Chuck is gonna say "steam room" instead of "swimming pool"

  • jimmy clavijo
    jimmy clavijo

    RGO... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ama O
    Ama O

    Kenny was doing the most. We KNOW the rhythm of basketball is different on the court and nothing replaces the court . ALL they are saying is bw swimming and riding a static bike swimming is better bc it incorporates ALL muscle groups as well as aerobic conditioning while taking it easy on his back

  • Beef Curtains
    Beef Curtains


  • Beede Bawng
    Beede Bawng

    Shaq doesn't like Embiid.


      Beede Bawng Because Embid soft as fuck a prime Shaq would expose that dude . Embid always crying about a injury Shaq didn't do that shite in the playoffs . Like what the f up with these soft as Anthony Davis faggot ass injury paper cuts , hang nails jammed finger braids to tight so can't play like man these dudes are beyond soft in this era😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Lou Headman
      Lou Headman

      I think he see himself in Joel but also hates how Joel is hurt all the time and it’s all that’s talked about around him.

    • K Kagoro
      K Kagoro

      Because Joel reminds him of himself personality wise, easy to like, always goofing around, monotone voice...

  • The Ghost of Leonard's Laugh
    The Ghost of Leonard's Laugh

    So Joel Embiid exhausts himself during season and does load management during the playoffs ... while Kawhi does load management during season and plays through a flu in playoffs.

    • Controversial Radio
      Controversial Radio

      F 8 All about team management

    • TehutiBrim 59
      TehutiBrim 59

      Great point

  • Empathetic Sociopath
    Empathetic Sociopath

    7:11 - I love this show.

  • metalsadman

    stfu kenny jeez.

  • kbayj

    These guys need there sports talk show. That would be big for TNT. imagine these coming on after first take, and undisputed. On another note FIRST THINGS FIRST should be taking of the airways because that show FUCKING SUCKS!!!

  • Chriztopfer Pearson
    Chriztopfer Pearson

    14:33.... “That’s a locc.” Damn, Chuck.

  • Dejan Ivanic
    Dejan Ivanic

    Chuck, Denver/Bucks in Finals....

  • Mitchel Woods
    Mitchel Woods

    Swimmin Poo😂😂

  • Emanuel Frederick
    Emanuel Frederick

    Concerning Joel embiid I think getting into the pool and working out is the best exercise for him at this moment. The strengthening of his body overall without putting in physical pressure is the key when you exercise in the pool.

    • King In My Own Mind
      King In My Own Mind

      Diet...very curious how he eats and if they have impressed upon him to break bad habits he probably formed to change his body to put on his impressive mass since college, but if he has a great nutritionist it can probably with the resistance/pool work really bolster his career longevity...hope it isn't too late. He is too dynamic and fun to watch.

    • Akeem Sincere
      Akeem Sincere

      They use band resistance now he'll be good however I agree

  • Taniesha Simmons
    Taniesha Simmons

    "You lost to Chris Webber..." 😭😭😭

    • Gil Michel
      Gil Michel

      Shaq be sneaking up with those savage type comments

  • Josue Evangelista
    Josue Evangelista

    I love you Chuck😂😂😂

  • Johnny The Pencil Slayer
    Johnny The Pencil Slayer

    so happy these guys are back to running the show, beyond Candace Parker that backup cast was horrendous...especially the moderator, that guy is terrible!

    • Johnny The Pencil Slayer
      Johnny The Pencil Slayer

      @Kobe Jamez I'm not talking about Chris Webber, before him there was some squirrely white guy who had like zero sensibility to be leading a show, "Casey Stern" is his Ernie is obviously a master of charm...this white guy was just like the "Jim Grey" of Inside the NBA, awkward with zero charisma and said a lot of provoking he had to have been pulled in through family or something. Then like others mentioned Baron Davis, oh man, passing "notes" in segments like he's in highschool or something. It was terrible hahaha. Candace is amazing though, she needs a spot. Anyway, that white nerdy guy sucks!!! I change the channel every time he's moderating.


      Barry Isa Hate him to he try to hard 😂😂😂😂 hate all of them on that show Shaq actually is better than anyone on that cast 😂😂😂😂😂😂


      Kobe Jamez hatehim to 😂😂😂😂😂 especially awkward ass Baron


      Prince Devitt you need your ass whooped 😂😂😂😂😂😂 hate that show 😂😂😂😂😂😂


      Johnny The Pencil Slayer watching them is like being in a 8 hour orientation. Falling to sleep an shite straight torture I hate Baron Davis , Candice and Chris Webber super awkward show no chemistry I see them an turn it right off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • t3mb3

    Chuck was right today

  • Mix Master
    Mix Master

    KD going to Brooklyn watch

  • Nyesha Brooks
    Nyesha Brooks

    South philly in the house fuck the shitty nets

  • shicrapt

    I feel sorry for Denver and Portland. They have Chuck's guarantee of death.

    • flash012234

      Chuckster's been hitting it lately. He got UVa winning it all, and that's what happened.

    • robert leamon
      robert leamon

      He’s been like 80% on his guarantees this year


    On TNT lol "good promo" lmaol These guys chemistry are awesome

  • qazi faisal
    qazi faisal

    Ugly most dirty win I have ever seen 5 guys fouled the big guy on the last play how don't you call that foul I'm not even a nets fan most disgusting non call by a group of incompetent refs I have ever seen someone needs to be fired.great game I was loving every minute of it tell the fro was fouled by literally 5 guys so disgusting 🤢 sickening imagine how real nets fans feel.

    • TheNickster D
      TheNickster D

      @Stylin夢 plus ben in the back

    • Stylin夢

      qazi faisal it was a clean trap tbh and it was only 2 guys if i recall

  • eugene Moore
    eugene Moore

    I am watching the basketball game right now

    • Big P Big P
      Big P Big P

      No one cares d.a

  • Wildfire

    Paul George in "Playoff P" mode, Haha, trash ass.

  • Donae Morrow
    Donae Morrow

    I almost forgot how fine "Thickums" was

    • MrRollUp

      bruh take an L for forgetting how bad she is

  • SuperVillian SVWorld
    SuperVillian SVWorld

    Brooklyn got 2 17+ scorers on the bench. Im rooting for them. Levertt is awesome

    • Nyesha Brooks
      Nyesha Brooks

      3-1 prove wat??

    • rellwill231

      Philly got 5 starters all averaged 17 +

    • Nyesha Brooks
      Nyesha Brooks

      Stick a fork in Brooklyn

    • SuperVillian SVWorld
      SuperVillian SVWorld

      @Nyesha Brooks Make sure we stay in touch this series. Yall gonna have to prove it. #Brooklyn

    • Nyesha Brooks
      Nyesha Brooks

      SuperVillian SVWorld #Philly

  • MO Cancer
    MO Cancer

    Chris Levert is that GUY right now

    • Cam ort
      Cam ort


  • Gio

    I live in nyc and am praying for the nets but I refuse to watch this hero worshipping nonsense.

    • SixPack Shakur (Rep5281)
      SixPack Shakur (Rep5281)

      @Christopher Shivar Right.

    • SixPack Shakur (Rep5281)
      SixPack Shakur (Rep5281)

      @Donae Morrow Why doesn't anyone worship *me* too? I need hero worship too.

    • Christopher Shivar
      Christopher Shivar

      B**** shut your ass up you just watched it though didn't you

    • Gio

      Admittedly, we do prefer to see things through our singular eyes, look for individuals that inspire us etc, but I'm calling for a change

    • Gio

      @Donae Morrow I can't for the books and movies that say Shakespeare was a team of writers, the books that glorify the group and not the one.

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