"I'm absolutely furious!" | Gary Neville's FULL impassioned rant on Man Utd's 4-0 defeat to Everton
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Gary Neville was left 'absolutely furious' following Manchester United's 4-0 defeat at Everton. Neville says there needs to be a clearout of the Old Trafford squad, and described the performance as 'rancid' at Goodison Park.
What needs to change at Man Utd? Let us know in the comments!
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      Lija Chowdhory


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      Mufutau Daramola

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  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah


  • cultfigure 22
    cultfigure 22

    Now you know how Valencia fans felt when you took over Gary

  • Maddingdong Pop
    Maddingdong Pop

    Phil jones is still at United why? Lol

    • sun ny
      sun ny

      I actually think because he's English and teams need a certain amount of home grown players same with Smalling young and then you have city Liverpool Spurs with the best English players

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon

    Pogba is like players against a 12 team.

  • Stephen Meighan
    Stephen Meighan

    Did he mention Everton 4_0 United in that rarnt err no bitter manc prick

  • Heron Cocoa
    Heron Cocoa

    Graeme Souness looked happy... he does not have to say anything

  • brodemonz

    The 2019 transfer window is BS.

  • Immortalgaming 21
    Immortalgaming 21

    Give em all new contracts Gary .hhahahahahhahahh listen to oles pre season interview on mutv. Clean slates for this shite , joke.

  • daniel efc ball
    daniel efc ball

    0:54 the disgust in his face when he says Everton, horrible ugly bastard

  • Lucas Viana lol
    Lucas Viana lol


  • You're Not That Guy
    You're Not That Guy

    Oles @ the wheel

  • Overthinking Since 1982
    Overthinking Since 1982

    United have fallen into a position where players know they can get amazing wages and still not perform because ultimately the manager will get sacked and not the players playing badly. Surely this is obvious to see? It’s not rocket science. I’ve got a bad knee and terrible fitness but I will run till I die with a United shirt and number on my back.

  • Aiden Lee
    Aiden Lee

    Young,Martial,Lingard,Alexis,Lukaku,Fred...... The Worst players of the world is all in Man United 😂😂😂

  • peter konto
    peter konto

    Gary Neville the best gutless spineless manager Valencia has ever had in their history..

  • Prodigy_Fan

    Generally I don't mind Neville as a pundit but don't like the dismissive way he says 'Everton' in this vid as if Everton have no right to work harder than United. Of coarse he was going angry at the hammering his side took off us but that came across as rather arrogant.

  • Shaz Gently
    Shaz Gently

    it starts from the top, the boards lack of knowledge and experience coupled with interference is the seed of the problem. I've worked in the financial city and understand all to well the arrogance and ineptitude of financial money men. Good at convincing people to part with money and that's it. I predicted this would happen the minute Ed Woodward took over.

  • Super Friends
    Super Friends

    I think Saha was a bit nervous. Don't worry about it lad, you'll get it eventually!

  • MuslimMan M03
    MuslimMan M03

    Couldn't agree more with Neville

  • Ronan Power
    Ronan Power

    Oh he’s a bum

  • Smyla Beast
    Smyla Beast


  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe

    Re:Players) Do they care? (after me now..) no they do not. Their being paid, so why shud they.

  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe

    Japanese knotweed... NEVS fuming.. Boy, this is better than CORRIE. bring it on, GAZZA..LUV IT

  • Ste Comer
    Ste Comer

    Man.utd cut the strings to there own parachute when they sacked mourinho,it's now as clear as day he was correct all along and nobody not even Ferguson who still has pull at United could see it.united are spent force for the next four years minimum.

  • Rizwan Ali
    Rizwan Ali


  • Gethsemane

    Its clearly tough being a utd fan atm. Cant help but feel for Gary, loves his club through and through. As an lfc fan, I remember how it felt when we went through a transition - tough times. However I never expected utd to become this mediocre, richest club on the planet? Some of the best paid players in football - how did it get to this ? Should've backed Jose in pre season. The club needs major root & branch surgery to compete for honours again imo.

  • Ocean Drive LTD
    Ocean Drive LTD

    Everton taught them a lesson.

  • donmie

    Get Pogba out. He's virus. Get Martial out. He's ageing wonderkid. Get Jones out. Let Darmian go. Get Valencia out. Get Rojo out. Get Fred out.

  • Leon Varkalis
    Leon Varkalis


  • Humanforfreedom 95
    Humanforfreedom 95

    I knew mourinho was completely right and wasn’t responsible for anything that went wrong while he was at United, he just became the scapegoat and I was attacked in DE-my comment sections for saying this. Now everyone knows it’s correct. It’s just a team of snowflakes, that’s where the problem lies.

  • Rafas Army
    Rafas Army

    The passion is not there, look at Newcastle after every goal they score they all run up to the fans and celebrate with each other and they are fighting for survival not a title.

  • Oscar Molinero
    Oscar Molinero

    Everyone in United is being criticized, except Marcus Rashford. We need an elite striker in the line

  • Alex Mantale
    Alex Mantale

    Sacking mourinho was a message to the dressing room that they are in control.

  • Peter H
    Peter H

    Gary Neville gibshite

  • A Ch
    A Ch

    Jose quote "second place finished was my greatest achievement" Pogba has completed throwing hair-gel on his latest (OLE) victim! Underrated and over paid, can't sumup Sanchez!

  • Oscar Hewitt
    Oscar Hewitt

    Presenter: what did you think of that performance. Louis Saha: yes

  • Mr H
    Mr H

    How's Jose looking now?

  • 110 beever
    110 beever

    He said the same players were tired on Wednesday night make up your mind will you. For ffs.

  • maswari suriandi mahdzir
    maswari suriandi mahdzir

    OGS..... Bring back the glory, 2019 is the right time to rebuild the team. TOUGH CENTRE BACK 1) Left defender - mathius doria Mateo darmain - out 2) centre back - koulybaily Baily - out 3) centre back - merih demiral Rojo - out 4) right back - Thomas meunier Valencia - out Midfielder 1) tanguy dombele - fred out 2) ruben neves - pogba out 3) bruno fernadez - mata out 4) youri taliesman - young Keep harrera Attacking 1) nicholas pepe - martial out 2) zaha - need to buy 3) hirving lozana - sanchez out 4) Cavani - lukaku out Return call for 2 young defender: 1) axel tuan zabe 2) timothy fosu mensah

  • maswari suriandi mahdzir
    maswari suriandi mahdzir

    OGS..... Bring back the glory, 2019 is the right time to rebuild the team. TOUGH CENTRE BACK 1) Left defender - mathius doria Mateo darmain - out 2) centre back - koulybaily Baily - out 3) centre back - merih demiral Rojo - out 4) right back - Thomas meunier Valencia - out Midfielder 1) tanguy dombele - fred out 2) ruben neves - pogba out 3) bruno fernadez - mata out 4) youri taliesman - young Keep harrera Attacking 1) nicholas pepe - martial out 2) zaha - need to buy 3) hirving lozana - sanchez out 4) Cavani - lukaku out Return call for 2 young defender: 1) axel tuan zabe 2) timothy fosu mensah

  • Trucker

    Seven years into the wilderness and still plodding on in the same direction,how long to get out of the wilderness?

  • Seth Parker
    Seth Parker

    I'm a Spurs fan, but I think it's quite honestly disgraceful how Man United fans were one day fanboying over Solskjaer and the next blaming him for their shortcomings. There are two Ballon d'Or-nominated players in that squad. You've got players in there who are title-winners. Mourinho was right. He had no reason to have faith in those players. And they're calling for Pochettino to take over? Doubtful that even Pochettino could save them.

  • Unnamed Shadow
    Unnamed Shadow

    Man United had the chance of getting Cristiano Ronaldo back. And i feel that would've boosted the morale of the team to unprecedented levels. They let him go to Juventus because they didn't act quickly. I feel the same will happen in Summer once again. They will let the other clubs in Europe take the players they want and will have to deal with the scraps.

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams

    Everton getting discredited kinda and put it all the to man u's bad performance, everton were brilliant

  • Mc Lucky
    Mc Lucky

    That butt on Gary’s head was axed by Roy Keane decade ago when he failed to “Die On The Pitch as if your life depend on it”

  • Wallace Pearse
    Wallace Pearse

    UTD missed the boat with Rodgers.

  • The Funniest Troll In The World
    The Funniest Troll In The World

    If any one asks where I am from I am saying Everton

  • Moravcik 25
    Moravcik 25

    Really honest assessment from GN. As a Celtic fan I worry Man Utd could make us an offer we can't refuse for Kieran Tierney and/or Calum McGregor in the summer window due to the financial disparity in the leagues.

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Keep scrolling to see salty united fans

  • Sergio Tarita
    Sergio Tarita

    When these spoiled twats played the same way under Mourinho... everybody blamed Mourinho for it...it has being the players all along...sack these big headers.

  • I DS
    I DS

    Gary changed his tune. Why is he not saying the team garbage like had been since Everton. Talking nonsense. Souness and Keane right. Compare this team to 2008 or 1999. Need a huge clear out. Get on the phones offload this rubbish we have apart from pogba martial and De gea. Keep Herrera linguard to the bench. Sell the overrated rashford Lukaku. Sell the virus that is Sanchez along with Fred Darmian lindelof. Get Jones smalling and young a testamonial. Find a director that can buy quality players apart from having the biggest mistake since fergie and David Gill left, which is Woodward. Half billion ain't good for a club when they can't even win one tournament in a season let alone try for a top 4 finish

  • Cantankerous Twat
    Cantankerous Twat

    You can keep the Premiership as far as I'm concerned. Make a tackle? You can't even breathe on someone in case they fall over.

  • Franky4 Fingers
    Franky4 Fingers

    The same u can say about all the Arsenal players, spot on.

    • KingNinja

      Franky4 Fingers R.I.P Arsenal and Man Utd

  • Ross G
    Ross G

    Loved Saha as player, but is his English good enough to be a commentator?

  • RedPiller

    Gary the "professor" Neville always thinks he has the answers and the solutions! Instead of always highlighting the problems at Man U, why doesn't he just apply for the Man U job and deal with it first hand? Talk is cheap. I'm sure He, along with Scholes and his brother acting as his assistants can make Man U a power house in World football. They too have a lot of solutions for the problems at Man U.

  • Carl Whitby
    Carl Whitby

    Modest wasn’t the worst giving the ball away trues words other wise could’ve drew at least I thought

  • Nathan Hatton
    Nathan Hatton

    Footballers wages should be performance based. The manager decides after the game who deserves to get paid!

  • Rictusgrin

    Mourinho in bitches

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G

    it's JUST SO hilarious what's happened to manure ;-] Seriously They dont have a god given right to beat Everton or win trophies.

  • John Newton
    John Newton

    Fergie was an exceptional Manager - he was also an exceptional man. He stood up to the Glazers, and the Board and showed them with results that he knew better than they did. If you are going to clean your house, a sensible person knows you start from the top and work your way down - not the other way round. We need to get rid of the F***ING BOARD AND THE F***ING GLAZERS - AND NOW!!! Is there really no one out there with a lot of money who wouldn't jump at the chance to invest in UTD and see us reach the top again? Someone who loves the game. Someone who is willing to let the people who know what they're doing get on with it. Someone who isn't constantly putting their beak in. Someone who isn't just A GREEDY C**T. Is there No one?

    • Hamzah Majid
      Hamzah Majid

      Yes there is prince Mohammed bin Salman

  • studio7

    Pogba and fred...shite.

  • James Park
    James Park

    Really sad to see man u now...

  • Les Martin
    Les Martin

    Yes Utd were not at their best, however Everton were not given the credit they deserved in this win. Added to that they previously outplayed Arsenal yet unless you saw the game you would think, 1-0 perhaps they scraped it, however they could have scored four....

  • Joos Engelbrecht
    Joos Engelbrecht

    Gary Neville on MU makes as much sense as Theresa May on Brexit. Who is she? Who was he?

  • Steve Fitzhenry
    Steve Fitzhenry

    Cheeky f’ing Manc. 4-0 Neville shove that up your backside. Blah blah blah. COYB

  • Ifiezibe Samuel
    Ifiezibe Samuel

    Ole's honeymoon over

  • Fredrik Sundet
    Fredrik Sundet

    Keep scrolling to see salty united fans

  • less kiss
    less kiss

    thats what happens when more than 50% of your starting 11 are negroid trash.

  • pantherenebuleuse

    Premier league is a league of foreigners because British football does not have many talents. To make a team like Manchester win, you have to import more foreigners.

  • pantherenebuleuse

    Gary Neville is a fool.

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