How the Chicago Bulls self-destructed after Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson left

  • Mohammad N
    Mohammad N

    I wonder, if Doug Collins had been available at the time, I believe Collins was coaching the Detroit Pistons in 1998 if the Bulls signed Doug Collins then MJ and Scottie would have probably remained in Chicago, maybe. The reason why I say that is because MJ and Scottie did have a close personal connection with Doug Collins, a great basketball mind. It's possible that Collins could have won a few more titles under the main core group of guys and some new, young talent in the mix. As great as Phil Jackson was, I felt Doug Collins got shafted at the worst possible time as the Bulls went up and winning 6 titles, similar to Mark Jackson's situation with the Golden State Warriors and Steve Kerr taking over.

  • Cliff Z
    Cliff Z

    Lets remember that Krause is the dude who taught Paxson how to be a GM and Gar Forman how to scout.

  • jwallE93

    The Journey of Steve Kerr from Bull champion player to Coaching Champ

  • face lol
    face lol

    jeff krause was bad at all things except for scouting

  • DcNative81

    Excellent Video

  • Jay Lew
    Jay Lew

    If I saw Krause on the street I'd take the assault charge for field goal kicking him in his miniscule nut sack

  • ZayFai

    7:23 is the story of every off-season the bulls try to get someone from free agency, it's sad WE KEEP GETTING TEASED STOP

  • Scott Garcia
    Scott Garcia

    Lakers after 2009-10 season!

  • terrell penny
    terrell penny

    Pippen is not underrated. Top 50 player of all time list.

  • Shawn Baker
    Shawn Baker

    Krause looks like what Jabba the Hut would look like has a human.

  • Mark Boss
    Mark Boss

    As an NBA fan who was a young child during all of this, I LOVED this video.

  • Mark Boss
    Mark Boss

    As an NBA fan who was a young child during all of this, I LOVED this video.

  • KinG FitZ
    KinG FitZ

    Loaded team

  • Dyanne Rocco Ilaria
    Dyanne Rocco Ilaria

    Bulls had so many opportunities after Jordan to rebuild and become contenders again. But they kept messing up draft picks, and the good draft picks they had, they traded away??? Just take 99, they draft Elton Brand #1 and then Ron Artest later. that is 2 good draft picks. in 00' they draft Marcus Fizer, i have no clue why the hell you would when you just drafted Brand #1 the year before?? then Chris Mihm, but then trade him for Jamal Crawford. So overall, they had the #4 and #7 and #24 overall picks in 2000 draft. WTF? what should have been. SMH. Already have PF Brand and SF Artest from 99 draft. So need a C, SG, PG, right? #4 pick should have been Chris Mihm, i remember back in 2000. he was the best C in the draft, a shot blocker, had a good outside shot and inside game. #7 pick should have been Quentin Richardson. Was at DePaul, chicago based guy, he would have been well received by the fan base.

  • Picasso VVIX
    Picasso VVIX

    MJ don't got the most rings. Phil Jackson does. lol

  • Zachary Sturgeon
    Zachary Sturgeon

    How the Colts collapsed after Manning (I know they have had success with Luck but they had a few years or sheer ineptitude also.)

  • walker1984

    Counting down the days before GarPax retires/resigns. That's the only those two especially Gar leaves.

  • Scott Aznavourian
    Scott Aznavourian

    How the patriots collapsed after bledsoe was traded-milloy cut-21 game win streak ended-'replacement' secondary- bruschi stroke-third rate recievers-spygate 18-1-brady acl-malcontents-jets playoff loss-aaron hernandez-more third rate recievers-brady 'washed up'-deflategate-brady suspension-gronk kut for year-28-3 -shitty defense- garrapolo trade-owner/ciach/gm all hate each other-butlergate-brady skippimg OTA-owner/coach/gm still hate each other-brady still washed up-....

  • Steven B Carter
    Steven B Carter

    I used to blame Krause for the demise because it was so no-brainer to give MJ what he wanted...but in retrospect, owner Reinsdorf is really the one who blew it here...for whatever reason, he let MJ walk even though he and MJ had a great relationship...baffling

  • Stepz97 •
    Stepz97 •

    Derrick Rose is the only notable player that seemed reminiscent of MJ in the 90's.

  • alex1vid

    As a huge Bulls fan that lived and breathed it - just a few things.... 1: Harper used to be a 2 guard. Had some knee issues before, but was one of the only 2 guards (when healthy) that gave MJ problems. 2: Jordan AND Pippen were difficult personalities. Forget Rodman - those two were tough to deal with from a GM standpoint. Jordan would chew up & spit out new players (Dennis Hopson, Rodney McCray). Not everyone wanted (or could) to play with Jordan. But Krause's shrewdness is what deteriorated the relationships. 3: You can NEVER do this type of video about the Bulls without mentioning the 'other' Jerry (Reinsdorf). THAT Jerry is the one that infamously said... while they were about to win another title... "I really want to win one without Michael." Krause gets a bad rap sometimes (IMHO) becuase some of the blame for their collapse has to go to the owner. 4: Rebuilding and getting free-agents despite massive cap space proved far more difficult than they thought given the enormous shadow of Jordan/Pippen.

    • FilmPassion Productions
      FilmPassion Productions

      Exactly the point on number 3! I even think Reinsdorf doesn't even give two shits about the Bulls and even mentioned he favored the 2005 White Sox over the Dynasty Bulls. He shouldve defended Jackson but decides to stick with the wrong people which includes GarPax today. Those Dynasty Bulls were his money makers since they were winning championships along with MJ's superstardom and the team breaking records including the 96' season despite the Sox of those times playing decent enough and maybe made him decent enough money as well but never could go above second place in the AL Central and can could never catch up with the Indians and no playoff appearances from 95-99. If you're the owner of a multiple championship team what would/should you do to protect you're investments? Plus I think he's getting desperate knowing he has 2 failing teams. The Sox's rebuild does not even compare with the Cubs and an empty ballpark that only fills for the crosstown classic.The Bulls lost their greatest squad in almost 20 years, trading them away for draft picks, trading those picks for has been players, veterans from other teams that dont stay (like Wade) and head coaches (excluding Thib) who have no business being HC's or even be in the NBA for that matter (Hoiberg). Also all of a sudden hosting the all-star game. In the 25-26 years the UC has opened, he never wanted to host it but all of a sudden, he's allowing one? It's not just a new front office we need, it's a new owner!

  • Cole S
    Cole S

    Surface level analysis as usual. Try cracking a book, or interviewing someone related to the subject manner.

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    Do rewind of 2016 nba finals


    Do a collapse of the Toronto Raptors?

  • JP Neri
    JP Neri

    So sad😭

  • meg

    Krause = dumbass. Nuff said.

  • lynda jones
    lynda jones

    the noise and scratches you use aren't super dope as such being the same on every frame you put them on

  • boxbreaker2011

    As a 90s kid, I watched the bulls win over and over and over and I HATED THEM! Looking back I can appreciate Jordan for what he did, but I don’t particularly feel bad for the city of Chicago or even Bull got to enjoy SIX World Championships, and the GREATEST player to ever play basketball...even if the Bulls never win another Title...that dynasty will forever be I hope they fully enjoyed it.

  • Burger Eater
    Burger Eater

    It's okay though Bulls got a once in a generation talent in Derrick Rose and finally got to the top agai- oh wait nvm...

  • jujucrock14

    If Phil had put as much effort into finding Krause a gift as he did coming up with that sick burn I'm sure Phil could've found something for his boss.

  • amazingeric97

    I have not been a fan of the Chicago Bulls since Michael Jordan retired a second time. I am not a fan of dismantling a dynasty. I am glad that I live in Indiana. The Indiana Pacers are a better run organization than the Chicago Bulls.

  • Joenel Saracho
    Joenel Saracho

    Tmac can be the next mj if he picks chicago

  • ltrigga219

    At of those dudes is Craig Hodges...right? 😬

  • Billy William
    Billy William

    Krause was a brilliant GM post Jordan and during Jordan’s reign. However his people skills,insecurity and lack of humility really brought down a empire and it never rises again during his lifetime which was sad

  • itheuser First
    itheuser First

    There's not enough parity in the NBA that is exacerbated by the how important a keystone player is to the strting lineup.

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright

    Rip jerry krause

  • Luke Canale
    Luke Canale

    1st 3pt Had an ideal team around him? Video maker %100 to young to of watched them play

  • Zion Tunde
    Zion Tunde

    I’m confused what ring did pippen get

  • Theoryofpainan

    Anyone else a NBA nerd like me. I study every team and player as well

  • Luis Villanueva
    Luis Villanueva

    U will be making warriors collapse soon

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    How weird is it that two different successful periods of Bulls basketball ended with the hiring of an Iowa State coach

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins

    Players and Coaches don't win championships, organizations do... SMH, Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf will never live that down. I watched the Bulls faithfully for a decade after the break up, and then stopped watching after Rose got hurt the Nth time. Mostly stopped watching because, NBA started sucking when strong players created super teams. Flopping became bigger and with zone and no hand checking players became less physical and more like And 1 players.

  • robbieyh

    It’s been over 20 years an this organization still hasn’t done anything! Not even one stinking finals appearance after MJ and Scotty left!

  • 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor

    I just realized the Bulls have been rebuilding for 21 years...

  • Mini Surf
    Mini Surf

    Where are all the Bulls bandwagon fans since MJ? Probably a warriors fan now!!!

  • Cartoon Warrior13
    Cartoon Warrior13

    A decades or so from now we will see what happens when the warriors collapse like the after affects

  • Aozotra

    i feel like this host kidnapped me, tied me up, then started talking to me about sports

  • plbeltran93

    Ima so sad to watch: how the Pats collapsed post Brady/Belichick

  • black panther
    black panther

    Jordan shouldn't have retired screw krause and jackson should've kept playing and got at least 2 chips with another team

  • Marcus McGraw
    Marcus McGraw

    This really can just be summed up to Jordan leaving as the reason for the collapse. Don’t overthink this one

  • Bjornex Yaziz
    Bjornex Yaziz

    Luc Longley.. Reliable?! 😂😂😂

  • Sijan Grg
    Sijan Grg

    This is so good

  • kobe1408

    After the 98 championship run , It was clear that the roster is bound to walk out. With there demands on salary, Jordan wasn't taking pay cut at that time. He knows the inevitable disintegration. Business is business. Bulls was too much of a play safe after that run

  • The Owlchemist
    The Owlchemist

    At 6:50, that dude wearing number 41 kind of looks like draymond. lol

  • Trey Kristensen
    Trey Kristensen

    5:30 Is that Ujiri?

  • Baste Pillai
    Baste Pillai

    Can you do the collapse of the Celtics after their contending days?

  • Whisox07

    Can't wait for the 30 for 30 special next year of this

  • money penni1
    money penni1

    EVERY one of these players, the refs & more than 1/2 the audience in the stands are are the news casters on MSM.....get on a full sized screen on a pc, not a phone, go at least 480 resolution, put the spd at 0:25 & use your mouse to click & pause..their shifts happen in milliseconds, to fast for the human eye to catch..if you're a human & you've got any brains left after indulging in propaganda all of your life, you'll check out what I'm saying.

  • Carolina Blood
    Carolina Blood

    Jesus, this almost brought a tear to the eye...

  • Paul Jason
    Paul Jason

    so why did Jerry Krause hate Phil Jackson?

  • David Villalpando
    David Villalpando

    Forgot to mention the collapse after Thibodeau

  • G Man
    G Man

    Krause was a idiot! I can only imagine the regret he has today!

  • Paul Bagnoli
    Paul Bagnoli

    i hate when people skip the fact that Jordan got bounced by shaq and the magic when he came back! it is absolutely worth noting (and before some freaks out my top 3 all time goes 1.Jordan 2.Kareem 3.Lebron) because people cant wrap their head around criticizing someone but still revering them

  • Patreece Pickett
    Patreece Pickett

    Why Doesn’t anyone talk about the Disrespect MJ got from Jerry The Greatest Don’t have no respect from the team he. Built

  • Patreece Pickett
    Patreece Pickett

    That’s a shame Jerry was that Stupid the Bulls Could’ve won some more titles Very Dumb of Jerry

  • 6548R

    Chicago Bulls and torn ACLs, name a more iconic duo.

  • Only4comments

    Hmmm... I wonder!

  • Spencer Wisch
    Spencer Wisch

    Recommendations for future episodes: the '86 Mets, the Lakers after they won in '09-'10, the '49ers or the Red Wings

  • WhyAlwaysMe

    Do you do motosport? Like F1? You could do the fall from grace of Williams Grand Prix Engineering.

  • Hugo Melo Camacho
    Hugo Melo Camacho

    Do the 90's Dallas Cowboys

  • SpeedHomeAttack

    Where tf is this man's neck?

  • Cortez Randolph
    Cortez Randolph

    At 4 minutes and 25 seconds. 4:25 You discuss Scottie Pippen winning a championship without Michael Jordan. Look I am not trying to be an ass, but I am a true Chicago Bulls fan. I am 41 and I still follow the Bulls. Scottie Pippen has 6 rings and so does Michael Jordan. And they won them together. Please do your research before you put out false information. And shame on you and everyone else making comments and they dont realize its false. Come on everyone, we are talking about the CHICAGO BULLS AN THE GREATEST PLAYER EVERRRRR>>>>>

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony

    Good thing the Bulls learned not to hire disloyal GM's... not

  • radhames familia
    radhames familia

    I’m a bulls fan 😭

  • righteousotter

    the sun will shine on us again bulls fans

  • Existent David
    Existent David

    I believe if the 1998 Bulls stood together for the 1999 season they would have made the Finals since the lockout came there was more rest from the last season they could made another run and beat San Antonio in 6 games. Scottie Pippen was strong in the 1999 season and Jordan too still during practices. I think the Bulls should been like the Spurs and not change the team but let them age gracefully.

  • dwade11chief

    Do one on the Patriots when Brady retires

  • qupidmox

    Repeating common words: The Bulls stayed terrible...

  • `

    jerry "krumbs" not krause. he always had crumbs of donuts he would eat so jordan named him that while driving with pip in his ferrari.

  • Magnus Simms
    Magnus Simms

    The Oklahoma City Thunder will be in here soon with Russell Westbrook and his first-round exits

  • Evil In America
    Evil In America

    Where do they find these cornballs? and why are they always limp wristed jews?

  • MrChicagoBulls 1996
    MrChicagoBulls 1996

    The biggest problem for the bulls is Gar Forman and John Paxson like wth are they doing.

  • akilhikari

    I'm an extreme die hard bulls fan and this is very accurate. Great video. 1999 was a nightmare man

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones

      i think even if rodman longley jud and kerr stay the bulls still suck..pip mj and phil were the reason they were good

  • Life in the 413
    Life in the 413

    Even if the Bulls stayed together how much did they really have left? They would have been an old team with bad contracts around their neck. Maybe they could have pulled it off in 99 with the lockout shortened season.

  • Ronald Rueda
    Ronald Rueda

    This shot of michael jordan wast the beggining of the end not end of the beggining.

  • Bill Blass
    Bill Blass

    Ron Harper was da man, forgotten star before the Bulls

  • Carnel Randolph
    Carnel Randolph

    Scottie didn't win a ring without Jordan flat out false

    • J Dee Carter
      J Dee Carter

      The hell are you talking about? He has six rings, all with the Bulls.

  • arpxdagoodone

    Bulls collapsed fast. So what... no dinasties last forever. We should be happy to live in that era and had a chance to see greatness.

  • Booker D
    Booker D

    How the phx sun collapses plz as a sun fan i need to know how we become the worst team in the nba

  • RetroDad

    How the Mavericks collapsed post 2011

  • david martinez
    david martinez

    You forgot to mention the hilariously disastrous addition of John Starks in 2000. No one wanted him here, including John Starks

  • atap jay
    atap jay

    Jerry Krause needs to be tarred and feathered in a vacant on the Southside fat bastard

  • Tej S
    Tej S

    Drose led them to 60 wins and a first seed and then got hurt

  • Austin Michael Green
    Austin Michael Green

    How the Lakers collapsed after Kobe left.

  • Kenichi Harlan
    Kenichi Harlan

    Do AC Milan Collapse!

  • Tee Gns
    Tee Gns

    Refs use to cheat for MJ...just like they cheat for lebron. Just ask sir charles

  • Charlie Dale
    Charlie Dale

    How Manchester united collapsed after sir Alex Ferguson retired. Not a huge decline but it has drama and funny quotes

  • TheLoneDraftsman

    As a Warriors fan, it's going to suck when everyone gets old, and the team most likely goes back into the dumpster. I just hope the end of the road isn't as bumpy as it was in Chicago with a boatload of drama between players, coaches, and the front office.

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich

    What are you talking about? The 1999 Bulls are one of the greatest basketball teams of all time. They were so good that they managed to score less than 50 points in the shot clock era. It takes a lot of talent.

  • Kyle Patrick Hall
    Kyle Patrick Hall

    Next video should be the 2005 White Sox sigh

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