How the Chicago Bulls self-destructed after Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson left | Collapse
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When the game's best player and best coach leave you in the same offseason, the only way to go is down. Fast.
In 1998, the Chicago Bulls won yet another championship: an incredible SECOND three-peat for the team built by Jerry Krause, coached by Phil Jackson, and led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. But for all their glory, the team was in disarray. When the deeply disgruntled Jackson left town, Jordan followed him, and Krause was left to pick up the pieces.
... and by "pick up the pieces," we mean swiftly hurl all the pieces into the abyss and start rebuilding from scratch. But rebuilding, it turns out, isn't always easy.
This is the story of how the Bulls followed one of the NBA's most impressive peaks with a valley just as impressive in its steepness and depth. This is the rapid collapse of one of history's greatest teams.
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Shot by Alex Hawley
Edited by Ryan Simmons
Motion graphics by Michael Das
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  • Testos Tyrone
    Testos Tyrone

    Phil, MJ and the rest of the team made Krause's decisions work, not the other way around. He had nothing to do with their success, but he wanted all the credit. And that's what blew up the team.

  • Ravex24

    5:30 Thought the guy had a massive forehead like the Coneheads for a second.

  • Spruce Mouthman
    Spruce Mouthman

    I completely forgot Kerr was on that spurs championship team. That blew my mind.

  • Arun Ellalan
    Arun Ellalan

    You should do a video on the collapse of the Oklahoma City thunder

  • Jomer Francisco
    Jomer Francisco

    Phoenix suns collapse

  • rya11111

    Never a fan of bulls. This video is really good.

  • Ben M
    Ben M

    'Ideal squad around him'. No sir, as a Jordan nut hugger I'd like to maintain he did it entirely on his own.

  • kingdudeh

    D rose was the more modern death of the bulls

  • James Caldwell
    James Caldwell

    Its just hard to be a real bulls fan after all the terrible decisions over the years. But hey at least im not a clippers fan

  • Jordon Nicolosi
    Jordon Nicolosi

    Seth. Rosenthal. His parents really wanted the world to know he's of Jewish descent

  • Jumpman

    Bbbbb. N. Z. Cc vvv. Xxx. B. N. M. , .

  • ivaneurope

    MJ: Phil Jackson should be GM. Well, this didn't age well.

    • Len R
      Len R

      Well it's the Knicks their cursed

  • Joseph Santander
    Joseph Santander

    Do the chargers with LT.

  • Dyea Johnson
    Dyea Johnson

    0:54 kinda looks like Jimmy Page 😂😂😂

  • sammyclaws12

    Cleveland Cavaliers: “Hold my Beer”

  • Jazzguitar00

    It’s crazy that Krause made good picks after the last 3-peat but just traded all the good players! Ron Artest, Elton Brand, Jamal Crawford, lamarcus Aldridge

  • Lexicon Prime
    Lexicon Prime

    Honestly the bulls had 1 maybe 2 more finals runs in them and without Phil Jackson I think the Lakers might have been had by the bulls in 99 and then the Lakers would have been too much the next year with Kobe ascending.

  • TheDizzleHawke

    Take note, GSW.

  • Eduardo Roque
    Eduardo Roque

    You forgot to mention the part where they collapsed in 2012

  • Dave Kirst
    Dave Kirst

    Your voice sucks, bye see ya 🖕

  • Jules Dominic Ramos
    Jules Dominic Ramos

    You didn't even mention Kirk Hinrich? Smh. Took those sorry ass lineups back to the playoffs

  • MightyRoos

    The reality is that Bulls team was ageing. The core members of team in Jordan, Pippen and Rodman were 35, 33 and 37 years respectively. Possibly got another title due to shorten season but after that age, physical and mental fatigue possibly would have caught up with the Bulls. What no sense is getting rid a championship coach in Phil Jackson and replacing him with a coach with no NBA experience in Tim Floyd. If Phil had stayed then it might had been much easier in free agency. Phil had respect and players would had been more likely to play for him.

  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie

    Damn. He forgot to mention Hinrich.

  • Brennan McKinney
    Brennan McKinney

    The same thing happened to the Lakers

  • Wilbert Martin
    Wilbert Martin

    his comment about organizations winning championships was a curse to the Bulls

  • Kris Burgess
    Kris Burgess

    This sounds like what will happen to the Toronto raptors after losing out on resigning kahwi Lenard and Lenard bolting off to the clippers after one season with the raptors and carrying them to an nba championship title so yay one and now done this will happen to Toronto just like what happened to Chicago bulls after the 1998 finals

  • M. Jones
    M. Jones

    Thank you for this video. It is hard being a Bulls fan....Paxson brothers have made the Bulls the new Clippers. They make weird.....stupid decisions. Don't care about winning just selling tickets. The next video is going to show Bobby Portis becoming an all-star. .......on another team.

  • loc power
    loc power

    From a Lakers die hard I wana thank you for giving us Phil Jackson, the man that orchestrated another 5 championships for the L.A Lakers. Thanks Chi Town, we appreciate giving us the Zen Master!!!

  • Condie Kane
    Condie Kane

    As a loyal Bulls fan, It was depressing to watch them play.😢


    Insane run

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez

    Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler led the Bulls to the playoffs in i think 04 along with Captain Kirk

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez

    Brad Miller had some huge games in the playoffs against the celtics in 09

  • Merrin Thomas
    Merrin Thomas

    Collapse of the 90's knicks?

  • MoneyTakerBaby

    It made no sense why the Bulls gave up completely. They would have still been a 2nd-3rd round playoff team and woulda been 1 signing from being the best team again.

  • MoneyTakerBaby

    This is why Lebron is not a legendary player kids. Lebron is a mega star who needed other mega stars to win. Jordan was so good, he could quit basketball altogether, come back, and still be unbeatable. I mean his last 6 FULL seasons in Chicago they won the title so, technically he won 6 straight, coulda been 8 easily if he didnt play baseball. Lebron on the other hand plays in the easy conference and barely gets to the finals only to get his butt kicked every year, or get lucky like he did to beat the Spurs and to beat the Warriors. He really should have 1 ring, Jordan should have 8, he is so good that literally Chicago has done nothing without him.

  • Joel Ventura
    Joel Ventura

    This is happening to the Knicks right now lol

  • pickzkickz

    Pippen made them winners.

  • El masca Vidal
    El masca Vidal

    I Remember those Baby bulls teams 🤣🤣🤣.... S/O to my boy Ben Gordon

  • dizisyimcold1

    What a sick joke this organization is

  • Amir Zakwan
    Amir Zakwan

    You know which other sporting club that were champions and collapsed as fast? Look up Manchester United. 20 times champions of the English Premier League, won 13 championships in 24 years (1990 - 2013). Now a mediocre team that have no direction and has a Executive Director that have no clue about the sport.

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins

    Well. The bulls did this exact same thing again hiring fred hoilberg. An organization long bereft of leadership.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones

    Looking back at it it's still crazy we're had two number one picks in the 2000s and what do we do we trade them both away.That Tyrus Thomas for LaMarcus Aldridge draft night trade what a joke.We should have kept Jamal Crawford,I say to hell with Tracy McGrady,he didn't want to come with us that one free agency,but at the tail end of his career when nobody wanted him because he was all washed up he wanted to come to the Bulls,smart move by the Bulls,they said we didn't want him. That Jay Williams motorcycle accident that was just bad luck, thank God Jerry Krause resign when he did so he couldn't put the Bulls in anymore deeper of a hole that he did.Tim Floyd worst coach in professional sports history,and that 49 point game still gives me nightmares;(

  • TheDesta82

    Lakers is the fast team for rebuilding and get another rings

  • Maurice 2000
    Maurice 2000

    If only derrick rose didn’t have those injuries ☹️

  • help me get 50000 subs with 1 vid
    help me get 50000 subs with 1 vid

    9:46 dang that ugly double chin lol

  • Nyfancam01

    COBY WHITE is a UNC boy.... Chicago fans better be ready!!!!! Coby RULES

  • AlanKush420

    If he didnt retire. Would they hve been the 1st team 2 get 7 str8 rings

  • pep

    Coby white plz don’t get injured 😭

  • R.J. O'Connell [blinkyXX]
    R.J. O'Connell [blinkyXX]

    Oh hey, it’s Bubba Wells, the foul-out record holder!

  • Connor Stebbins
    Connor Stebbins

    Ron Harper was a star before Chicago.He became a role player with the bulls. And remained one. FYI

  • unchboy

    Jordan and Pippen gave Chicago a pass til 2050. That's how great it was.

  • Punk Zappa
    Punk Zappa

    11:30 I thought my ipad was dirty and constantly wiping the lcd.

  • Adam English
    Adam English

    And that led to rise of the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angles Lakers in the NBA last


    naw naw lol Jay Williams violated his contract and was told not ride the bike (by his own teammates) during the season.....

  • Gerald Schutte
    Gerald Schutte

    Jerry "CRUMBS" Krause

  • Theophilus Jones
    Theophilus Jones

    Rodman and Harper were Jordan’s rivals don’t forget 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • sayjai bao
    sayjai bao

    Bulls the suckiest team since 1998

  • Young Soldier23
    Young Soldier23

    How the Warriors collapsed after KD got injured

  • Valdiezl Ltd.
    Valdiezl Ltd.

    Lakers today lol

  • J King31
    J King31

    Definitely need to do one on the Knicks after the 99 season

  • J 13
    J 13

    As a Bulls fan, one of the teams biggest and most recurring problems is giving up too easily. In the 2014-15 season, they had a pretty stellar lineup (including a mostly healthy D. Rose) and seemed poised to make it to the finals before LeBron and the Cavs got in their way. Then of course, Tom Thibodeau was let go, and the Bulls ultimately missed the playoffs the next year. The team started the 2016-17 year with Jimmy Butler still dominating, and even Dwayne Wade playing well in spite of his age, and they returned to the postseason, despite losing in six to the Celtics. Most teams would've seen this as a positive step and tried to build off it; GarPax, however, decided to completely give up, nuke the team, and start over from scratch, which brings us to the frustrating last couple seasons we've had, and the couple more that are almost a certainty. Yeah the 2019 draft went surprisingly well for the team (especially after how devastated everyone was at landing only the seventh spot), but that seventh title we could've--and should've--won over the last decade is still years away.

  • Timmaz Dangerus
    Timmaz Dangerus

    Remember Krause didn’t recruit Jordan. Ppl believe Jerry was this genius but don’t forget they had Jordan. Trust if Jordan wasn’t on that bulls they won’t win one championship.

  • Winner Youaloser
    Winner Youaloser

    Neeed a video on Kobe getting pau gasol I don’t think people understand how clutch that was for Kobe’s career without pau no extra 2 rings

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams

    Yayy for Bill W!!! Whooo

  • Boomer Dwayne
    Boomer Dwayne

    The Bulls owed the basketball gods a huge debt they're still paying for with interest

  • randomhumor1

    "Like really alot"

  • wanderlustwarrior

    Why do players not want to play in Chicago anymore, and what happened to GarPax's latest sinking ship?

  • barneyy ruizzy
    barneyy ruizzy

    Sacramento kings after the 2002 wcf

  • corkystorky

    What, no mention or picture of Kirk Hinrich, responsible for the Bulls' resurgence in 2004?

  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman

    Bad move after bad move.

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