How Many Current Players Are Already Top 50 All-Time?
Austin Sweatt
A new official list needs to be released!
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  • Austin Sweatt
    Austin Sweatt

    Edit: Kawhi and Dame will definitely go down top 50 at this rate

    • Uriah Jr
      Uriah Jr

      Austin Sweat, do you mean Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson

    • Oscar Hill
      Oscar Hill

      The thing is that Kawhi just one a championship and an MVP in Toronto almost single-handedly. So Kawhi has had success by himself. It's not just because I Kawhi, I am a Warriors fan but it is true(:

    • Swish Productions
      Swish Productions

      Now Kawahi is

    • אוהד שגב
      אוהד שגב

      Oscar Robertson was a SG

    • Ben A
      Ben A

      28Dolph Schayes 16474* 28Bob Cousy 17425* 32Bob Pettit 20418* 33Sam Jones 19683* 34Bill Russell 47153* 34Elgin Baylor 22789* 36Wilt Chamberlain 46818* 38Jerry West 27995* 38Oscar Robertson 25372* 39Zelmo Beaty 17486* 40Chet Walker 16073* 40John Havlicek 30417* 44Rick Barry 21645* 45Walt Frazier 18260* 45Elvin Hayes 21011* 46Wes Unseld 18495* 47Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 55037* 47Bob Dandridge 16613* 48Dave Cowens 21322* 48Dan Issel 23239* 49Artis Gilmore 24660* 50Julius Erving 36034* 51Bobby Jones 16818* 53Robert Parish 28866* 54Dennis Johnson 19200* 55Moses Malone 26048* 56Larry Bird 34197* 57Bill Laimbeer 15901* 57Kevin McHale 22336* 59Magic Johnson 40506* 61James Worthy 22650* 61Byron Scott 16694 61Isiah Thomas 18358* 61Dennis Rodman 16827 62John Stockton 26872 62Clyde Drexler 22642 62Patrick Ewing 21985 63Hakeem Olajuwon 30317 63Michael Jordan 41494 63Charles Barkley 25641 63Terry Porter 16054 63Karl Malone 35889 65Horace Grant 21667 65David Robinson 24005 65Reggie Miller 18944 65Scottie Pippen 26106 68Gary Payton 19048 70Robert Horry 16946 72Shaquille O'Neal 37438 73Jason Kidd 23202 74Steve Nash 19272 74Rasheed Wallace 16322 75Ray Allen 18897 76Tim Duncan 43036 76Kevin Garnett 27537 76Chauncey Billups 17007 77Manu Ginobili 20022 77Paul Pierce 20244 78Shawn Marion 17697 78Dirk Nowitzki 28838 78Kobe Bryant 34561 80Pau Gasol 22345 82Dwyane Wade 25091 82Tony Parker 23409 84Andre Iguodala 15458 84LeBron James 48738 85Chris Paul 19205 85Dwight Howard 17791 88Stephen Curry 23087 88Kevin Durant 27690 88Russell Westbrook 17749 89James Harden 16956 90Klay Thompson 13264 90Draymond Green 15556 91Kawhi Leonard 15244

  • Dan Chen
    Dan Chen

    Where is Duncan??

  • Jack Wildermann
    Jack Wildermann

    23 years ago

  • Dylan Fischer
    Dylan Fischer

    Ummm did u just say Kyrie has better handles than A.I?

    • DR PHIL
      DR PHIL

      He does bruh A.I has a better crossover that's it.

  • Sean Mulligan
    Sean Mulligan

    You only know players from when you were alive tryna tell me stephs the 2nd best pg ever he can shoot and give the ball to the 4 other all stars on his team

  • Kermit The frog 91124
    Kermit The frog 91124

    Comment if u like the mavs

  • Duck Man3D5
    Duck Man3D5

    I don’t think cp3 can be considered top 50

  • Keni Fairwell
    Keni Fairwell

    This seems biased🤔... I'm not disagreeing but no 2, Two, ✌🏽 time mvp Steve Nash...

  • Jonathan Lowry
    Jonathan Lowry

    The top 50 was a list to commemorate the 50 years of the NBA. The next list will be the top 75 to commemorate 75 years of NBA excellence. They won’t replace but rather add to the legacy.

  • NoobNumeroUno Fortnite
    NoobNumeroUno Fortnite

    This list is BS

  • James Conte
    James Conte

    Plus Klay isn’t the 2nd greatest shooter he just gets open off KD or Steph

  • James Conte
    James Conte

    The reason Oscar Robertson was so good always because he played in the big ball area and there was hand check so he battled all these things and still was great

  • Jackson Marino
    Jackson Marino

    Kawhi is this years finals mvp um sounds top 50 to me

  • Its Ya Boy Kim
    Its Ya Boy Kim

    Aaaand jimmy?

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris

    This man is smoking something

  • Abdul basit
    Abdul basit

    How my mAns missing Kawhi he is already top 50 dumb list now

  • jbeez

    Actually, Kobe was playing in that all star game where they named the top 50

  • Mike Dugger
    Mike Dugger

    I don't see lillard winning a championship either, so I guess if it is stats Westbrook is better. But I will agree if we are talking about blazers vs Thunder, lillard lights it up and then plays like a garbage can against the warriors bc why not let the warriors get to the finals again?

  • Mike Dugger
    Mike Dugger

    Ok we get it Russ is "just stats" and you said lillard is the 3rd best pg in the league, kyrie is second, and curry is first. If you want to day just stats then ill tell you that Westbrook had more triple doubles this season than all three of those players put together

    • Mike Dugger
      Mike Dugger

      This season Westbrook had over 30 triple doubles, in Damian lillard, Stephen curry, and kyries careers put together, they have less than 10 triple doubles, so actually Westbrook can get more triple doubles in a row than these fucking bums can get in their entire careers

  • Taylor K.
    Taylor K.

    7 LeBron Durant Curry Kawhi CP3 Harden Westbrook

    • danny102m

      I wouldn’t put Westbrook in my opinion, he has to be the worst star in the nba. If he gets deeper in the playoffs, and i just need him to get to the wcf, and actually improve his bball iq i would put him in top 50.

  • Dr PilotBee
    Dr PilotBee

    Watching this after Kevin’s injury makes me so sad because I’m a thunder fan but he got me into basketball by watching him but know he’s going to lose a year of his career that’s tough

  • Agree2Disagree

    *Must have 8 seasons experience to qualify!*

  • Andrew Arnold
    Andrew Arnold

    I think the argument for Westbrook is very similar to the argument for Harden. Seems odd to include one as a no brainer and the other as borderline. (Personally, I agree with your points about Westbrook, but think that, by and large; they also apply to Harden)


    Kawhi is definitely top 50 now

  • Timious Scott
    Timious Scott

    Kyrie has never been the second best pg in the league, but everything else I agree with. Great video

    • TianoPCGamer

      2016 he wad

  • Country Ridge Productions
    Country Ridge Productions

    It’s fair to say that Russ could make it on starts alone but saying he has nothing else isn’t completely true. He has the highest motor and most intensity outside of MJ and Kobe and maybe a few others all time

  • ApolloMusic

    The handles at 3:43😭🐐🤣so simple yet so effective

  • bayr

    Stop talking about MVPS’ it’s a regular season award JEEZ

  • bayr

    Imagine including Harden instead of Kawhi

  • bayr

    Lebron is arguably top 5 😃


    Kawhi just proved hes top 40 minimum


    Top 4 Lebron Jordan Magic Kareem

  • Hrhehr Hehehrh
    Hrhehr Hehehrh

    This dude jus said “he’s not one of the most skilled in the league but he’s one of the most dominant 🤣🤣💀 dumb ass

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra

    Joel is a wimp and is sickly lol Ben Simmons can't be top 50, gotta be able to shoot to play ball .... He's the worst shot in the league

  • Shivan Anirudhra
    Shivan Anirudhra

    Magic ?? You forget him Curry is a great shooter.. But not top 20 Harden will be there somewhere, he needs to get title and a couple scoring title Dirk is a lock.. He invented the stretch 4 Wade absolutely...

  • Ronnie 2k
    Ronnie 2k

    I’m watching really late and kahwi won the championship

  • SUG4R

    ow yea now kawhi got rings on his own

  • t1ttySTFD

    So Kawhi top 50 now?


    after wining nba kawhi is top 50

  • Golden GOAT
    Golden GOAT

    Watching this after kawhi gets a ring and a finals mvp

  • YangYT

    Df Kawhi is a top 50 caz he just won a finals mvp and a champion in Toronto

  • Takeover Blazez
    Takeover Blazez

    Hows here after the raptors won

  • Aleksandar Matevski
    Aleksandar Matevski

    Big O second best pg of all time? Stop it

  • intravenousradio

    about kawhi - "he needs to have more success on his own" I've never understood this argument applied to any player. Basketball is a team sport. even Lebron couldn't win without two other star players to help out.

  • Jason King
    Jason King

    After today, Kawhi ranks up to the 6th on this list.

  • War Element
    War Element

    Says curry is possibly #1 point guard ever, also puts Chris Paul kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard as top 3 pgs rn

  • Felipe Carlito
    Felipe Carlito

    3:17 2K glitch

  • Mrki Mrkic
    Mrki Mrkic

    so you put Jokic on list and jus t said he is all around center? not a word about some records since Wilt ect? come on

  • Braeden Leonard
    Braeden Leonard

    James harden!!!!

  • David Richards
    David Richards

    kyrie not in this

  • johnyboy4soccer

    Jokic defintely gonna be top 50 if he continues improving like he has, they're already comparing the man's stats to wilts.

  • RoskitiSZN -
    RoskitiSZN -

    Nico at 1:50

  • Serdominater 03
    Serdominater 03

    Magic Johnson is still a much better point guard than Steph.

    • 1243qwfull

      Not even much lmao

  • JuicyKazoo 728
    JuicyKazoo 728

    “Who’s the best NBA player ever” “Oh that’s easy me” Paul pierce

  • JuicyKazoo 728
    JuicyKazoo 728

    Did he call kyrie the second best point guard in the league no love for dame

    • Cohen Hulbert
      Cohen Hulbert

      Elliot Williams kyrie is better tho 🕺

  • Denis Tuohy
    Denis Tuohy

    Honestly let’s say top 10 per position right? Point guard (in no particular order): Magic, Stockton, Kidd, Nash, Gary Payton, Clyde Frazier, Jerry West, Steph Curry, Oscar Robertson. I really wouldn’t put anyone else in the league now in this spot. Maybe CP3 instead of Payton. Isiah Thomas (Zeke should be in there somewhere) SG- MJ, Kobe, D Wade, Pistol Pete, Clyde Drexler, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Hal Greer, Sydney Moncrief, Drazen Petrovic/ Ray Allen. I don’t see any shooting guard in the league being on here. SF- Lebron, Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, Rick Barry, Adrain Dantley, Dr.J, Elgin Baylor, Paul Pierce, Pippen Havlicek PF- Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Dirk, KG, Elvin Hayes, Bob Pettit, McHale, Jerry Lucas, Dan Issel, Charles Barkley.Nobody in the league now deserves to be here yet C- Wilt, Shaq, Kareem, Bill Russell, Moses Malone, Hakeem, Ewing, David Robinson, Bill Walton, Yao Ming, Wes Unseld, Dave Cowens, Artis Gilmore, Sabonis (Euro career), Alonzo Mourning, prime Gasol Brothers. Are all far and wide better than any prime center in the league now and that’s closer to 20 players. I have Lebron, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, D Wade, and Dirk. That’s really it nobody is really close to that point outside of maybe Kawahi

    • Desmond Hackney
      Desmond Hackney

      Barkley is a top 10 pf 💀

  • AwardedAqua

    Kawhi is definitely in top 50.

  • Mirza Kotil
    Mirza Kotil

    Only three players in this era I think absolutely able to get into Top 50 All NBA. They are: 1- LeBron James 2- Kevin Durant 3- Kawhi Leonard

  • TylerM.goodman

    He didn’t see 3-1 raptors coming did he

  • Matthew Balter
    Matthew Balter

    If Hardens already top 50 so is Russ

  • Eli Bryant
    Eli Bryant

    Vince carter,Kyle Lowry,Carmelo Anthony,Dwight Howard Chris Bosh. How did you forget about these

    • JuicyKazoo 728
      JuicyKazoo 728

      But only Vince carter is top 50

  • Tramaine Holloway
    Tramaine Holloway

    This era is definitely the best talent wise it’s not even close most of these players will make the top 50 list

  • Cameron No
    Cameron No

    I'm just going to delete my prior comment. This video is GARBAGE!!!!

  • Baba

    Kawhi about to go from top 50 all time to top 25 all time with one more win

    • Baba

      @james carpenter Would depend on who is in your top 10 now and who he would be bumping out...lot of competition for that top 10.

    • james carpenter
      james carpenter

      @Baba another ring and an mvp or dpoty and he's in my top 10 for sure

    • Baba

      @Haris Kulenovic not top 10, lets not get crazy...yet. But if he puts together another 4 years of dominance...right team, get some more jewelry...yea he would be

    • Desmond Hackney
      Desmond Hackney

      Haris Kulenovic not too 10 thx for your opinion tho goofy😀

    • Haris Kulenovic
      Haris Kulenovic

      More like top 10, 2 time champ, 2 time finals mvp with 2 diff teams and 2 time DPOY. Changed the raptors franchise and won so many games in these playoffs single handedly

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez

    Imagine putting a rookie on this list 💀

  • Daniel Catallo
    Daniel Catallo

    Pascal Siakam is younger than The Greek Freak and he's only going to get better. Pascal played some of his best games when Kawhi was on load management. It was a risky move by coach Nurse to move Kawhi to the SF, the position is better for him anyway.

  • Roberto Baliera
    Roberto Baliera

    Irvin? No no no

  • Roberto Baliera
    Roberto Baliera

    Cp3? No no no

  • Joshbit The ledgend
    Joshbit The ledgend

    Klay Thompson 2 best shooter of all time what about Ray Allen

  • J N S
    J N S

    Kyrie. Best. No. No. No. No.

  • Giftson Moses
    Giftson Moses

    Kobe and Duncan are top 10 all time

  • Giftson Moses
    Giftson Moses

    Klaus might end up like James Worthy and Robert Parish who were third option players and then get kicked out

    • Giftson Moses
      Giftson Moses


  • Giftson Moses
    Giftson Moses

    Harden is definitely a top 10 shooting guard of all time


    Draymond Green ain’t up there? He’s one of he best defenders of all time. He won DPOY and has made All-Defensive teams multiple times, let alone a 3x champion

  • Nick Gagnon
    Nick Gagnon

    Kyrie in the top 50, HA what a joke

    • Nick Gagnon
      Nick Gagnon

      rev up those fryers oh and btw he only has 1 championship, u don’t even know what ur talking about😂

    • Nick Gagnon
      Nick Gagnon

      Just Handles don’t make u great, he also has 0 first team selections, 0 all defensive selections, 0 mvps, and 0 finals mvps. And the two championships he got riding on the back of the 3rd best player ever to play the game

    • rev up those fryers
      rev up those fryers

      @Nick Gagnon probably the fact that he has the second best handles in nba history, and maybe the fact that hes a 2x nba champ

    • Nick Gagnon
      Nick Gagnon

      rev up those fryers what makes his career “BY FAR” one of the best of the decade?

    • rev up those fryers
      rev up those fryers

      @Nick Gagnon ok that's THIS year, but his overall career is BY FAR one of the best of the decade, not even a celtics fan, just saying

  • jaden jones
    jaden jones


  • Hyper Goose84
    Hyper Goose84

    Giannis is not skilled? Dis man need a doctor

    • Sam Garcia
      Sam Garcia

      Hyper Goose84 Giannis is restricted to dunking. He is a very dominant player but he does only travel and dunk.

  • isaac Barnhill
    isaac Barnhill

    i would also say dwight howard

  • Shrek Shmurda
    Shrek Shmurda

    5:11 excuse me... Allen Iverson sir??

  • see thao
    see thao

    4:29 People who can't pronounce his name be like...

  • Pounce Boi
    Pounce Boi

    3 Lebron Kawhi Steph

  • Destiny Ritchie
    Destiny Ritchie

    James Harden is a great scorer.....but not even close to being a top 10 scorer all time

    • Liam Taillefer
      Liam Taillefer


  • ska duse
    ska duse

    Don’t do Iversons handles like that

  • Mike Beasley
    Mike Beasley


  • Lil Trash
    Lil Trash

    What about Rajon?

  • DJsnipee

    I don’t even think curry is a top three point guard

  • Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven

    Typical exaggeration of current times over other times. Except obviously for lebron, Steph Curry and Thompson changed the FRIGGIN GAME MAN!!!, KD, leonard, Harden, CP3 is sad man the definition bad luck and getting fucked by the system. Giannis

  • RobertMOdell

    This generation of players are so much better than the last generation. There must be at least 60 or 70 players in the top 50.

    • Tue man The myth
      Tue man The myth

      RobertMOdell underrated comment

  • Garret Broome
    Garret Broome

    Kawhi will 100% go down top 50

  • earnest viper
    earnest viper

    I don't agree with cp3 in top 50 all time man..

    • Dariyan E
      Dariyan E

      CP3 is one of the greatest PG's of all time

  • Penny Figueroa
    Penny Figueroa

    If we’re talking about championships where is Shaun Livingston at? Iggy? Rondo. They all have 2 plus rings, I mean, if championships matter then MJ Isn’t the best all time, not even close.

    • Louie Santana
      Louie Santana

      Penny Figueroa u must think lebron da goat cuz of dem empty ass stats huh 🤦🏾‍♂️ it’s about dominance on top of yo legacy only reason Russell 11 rings don’t get da respect they deserve is cuz it was 8 teams in da league an all of den had weak ass white boys 💯 Jordan was da first wing player to change da game he wasn’t a big it’s been 21 years since mike won his last ring an no active player since has gotten 6rings which is why niggaz still wanna be “like mike” I ain’t Neva heard a nigga say they want to be like lebron 🤷🏾‍♂️💯 dats wat makes his 6rings mo valuable den Russell’s 11 an lebron weak ass stats y’all praise him goin to da finals 8 straight years but how many rings he come home wit 🤔

  • oIveyz

    You forgot Dwight howard

  • Xavier Vega
    Xavier Vega

    Right now I would say Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, DWade Dirk Nowitski and Kawhi Leonard.

    • SIMPLE

      @Xavier Vega James Harden??? He a iso gawd

  • Jake n Tan Sneaker unboxing
    Jake n Tan Sneaker unboxing

    Sorry my guy but u really disrespectin AI by sayin that kyrie has the best handles of all time

  • Ali- D the gamer
    Ali- D the gamer

    Ai has better handles than Kyrie

    • Xavier Vega
      Xavier Vega

      No he really didn't. Kyrie is much smoother handling the ball, turns the ball over less, and can do his crossover in more situations. AI could only do his crossovers in half court isolation. Honestly Isiah Thomas and Tim Hardaway were better ball-handers than Iverson as well. Most of Iverson success was a result of his quickness and his first step more than his ball handling.

  • Tuko Alberto
    Tuko Alberto

    Hakem Olayuwon was not in the 50 list and he is better that at least 30 of the list


    Did you say Kyrie has better handles than Allen Iverson you on something

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    Very hard to compare player from different era, todays players stats are on steroids! Players aren’t allowed to play defence, too many free points. With that said today’s player are also more skilled.

  • Brian

    Tim Duncan is top 5

  • Brian

    I like this list, but where is vincesanity? Vince Carter also deserves a spot

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