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Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman's Beard for Charity
In a daytime TV exclusive, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman sat down with Ellen to talk about helping the New England Patriots win their 6th championship, posing naked for a photo shoot, and he even offered to let Ellen shave his much talked about beard to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. The wide receiver also got a special gift... he finally received his coveted trophy for being named MVP!

  • Moises Medina
    Moises Medina

    They deserve it because of no sweet victory

  • Jackson Lovett
    Jackson Lovett

    Julian Edelman played quarterback in college at Kent State

  • Charles Toles
    Charles Toles

    another demasculination-its metaphoric for cutting his nuts off

  • Jonathan Halsey
    Jonathan Halsey


  • Lewis Hamilton #5
    Lewis Hamilton #5

    this guy is so nice

  • Monkey Jumper
    Monkey Jumper

    If I don’t wanna waste ur time through the whole thing when they finally start it’s at 8:25

  • Beatz 7
    Beatz 7

    He looks like Brady !!!

  • neighbor27

    Handsome man

  • Natalie Foster
    Natalie Foster

    So much better after it was shaved ❤️ and for a great cause too

  • Hudson Cannon
    Hudson Cannon

    Go pats

  • P8N

    The way she holds those clippers 😂

  • get wet
    get wet

    Ellen has lots of practice shaving Portia's bush.

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller

    Dormamu... I’ve come to bargain!

  • nicolette D
    nicolette D

    next justin turner

  • Riveriux Phenom
    Riveriux Phenom

    Kind of a trap there was just no way he could say no.

  • Randomperson 2.000
    Randomperson 2.000

    When I was watching the Super Bowl i am almost %100 sure he didn't have a beard before so my theory is his sweat grew a bush on his face.

  • BeastGamer17 BeastGamer17
    BeastGamer17 BeastGamer17

    I love the pats!!

  • Mihaela Herbert
    Mihaela Herbert

    Love you Ellen! A cute face like that doesn't need to be covert :)

  • Byrd Trevar
    Byrd Trevar

    The man

  • S Mc
    S Mc

    How about I match their 10's............oh wait I can't afford it!!

  • Mujeeb Taj
    Mujeeb Taj

    Looks good after the shave as well !!!

  • Tran Phuong Anh
    Tran Phuong Anh

    what a handsome mtf ♥!!!!

  • CornStar TV
    CornStar TV

    Hes so hot

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom

    There went the Patriots source of Power.

  • Well I agree with what you said, but
    Well I agree with what you said, but

    Looks way better

  • Trix 1975
    Trix 1975

    Ellen is an overpaid idiot

  • Hugo Schnauzer
    Hugo Schnauzer


  • Larrell Hill
    Larrell Hill

    Ooooo weee that’s tough especially after building a great Paul Bunyan beard like that lbs

  • Miguel Tova
    Miguel Tova

    lol JE11 humble and nice kid

  • Booby Hill
    Booby Hill

    What kinda man shaves his beard. 😆😂

    • David Brogan
      David Brogan

      A man needs to have a beard.

  • Alise Smith
    Alise Smith

    He's the beast !! GO PATS !!

  • Luke Sutherland
    Luke Sutherland

    all it really would have taken to get mvp in that superbowl was a 10 yard run.

  • TheCujo71

    What a good looking man. This video was very satisfying. I don't get the long beards. Good stubble is perfect.

  • TheDeadMeme

    11:42 thank me later

  • Yesenia Rodriguez
    Yesenia Rodriguez

    I love this guy ❤🙌

  • ilike trains
    ilike trains

    edelmans not a jew his fathers jewish jewish goes by mom

  • Vincent Duarte
    Vincent Duarte

    Dudes a baller go pats

  • James Byrd
    James Byrd

    Ellen's going to gitmo soon

  • TurboSupra91

    Let's all pretend this dude isn't on steroids, lol.

  • Errol Rogers
    Errol Rogers

    ellen straight

  • Naveed Shah
    Naveed Shah


  • Stephen Donsbach
    Stephen Donsbach

    “Look at that HACK JOB!”

  • Bholmes11 l
    Bholmes11 l

    4:44 its AGT's Jon Dorenbos

  • Lucas Tofa
    Lucas Tofa


  • Anumi _W
    Anumi _W

    dang it’s like he’s been hot all along

  • glassman204

    Such a genuine guy. As much as I dislike the Patriots props to him.

  • Olivia Marsh
    Olivia Marsh


  • Allison Dixon
    Allison Dixon

    Omg he looks so handsome 😍😘😻🥰

  • frank hargreaves
    frank hargreaves

    Julien's a BEAST! He dealt with Ellen's inanities with grace.

  • Jahaziel Noyola
    Jahaziel Noyola

    Jules went from “your daughter calls me daddy” to “I’ll bring her back by 9”

  • R Ryan
    R Ryan

    She's a pig

  • scott carter
    scott carter

    go trump its only fair for real america

  • Emily Walters
    Emily Walters

    10:33 had me dying🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Malin ( Student )
    Gabriel Malin ( Student )

    I saw his shave at the Grammy’s

  • Nomega92

    Man if that was me, I would have yelled while she was trimming my beard. You know, give her a taste of her own medicine 😋

  • Deidra Rockers
    Deidra Rockers

    I had him on my fantasy football team this year and grew to really appreciate him and his talent despite my firey hatred for the Pats, plus he is just a beautiful human to look at.😍

  • Imagination EX
    Imagination EX


  • Marcela Alvarez
    Marcela Alvarez

    So cute Edelman. Class act!!

  • Jack Lyons
    Jack Lyons

    How he look older without the beard.

  • Pam Dangelo
    Pam Dangelo

    He is so adorable!!

  • josh houser
    josh houser

    The Super Bowl was rigged search up on DE-my rigged by the NFL

  • Andrew Hayes
    Andrew Hayes

    Love ya Julian. Keep it up☝

  • Andra Speer
    Andra Speer

    I now have a newfound respect for Julian Edelman. Class act!

  • Sam Of The Moran
    Sam Of The Moran

    Memes am I right.

  • Rishard Woody
    Rishard Woody

    I love Ellen but she likes dudes

  • Lil Muffin G
    Lil Muffin G

    Omg , finally , a inteligent person !


    Should've kept the Don Frye stache...

  • nick guerra
    nick guerra


  • LizR003

    Class act

  • 10,000subs without a Video
    10,000subs without a Video

    Okay now shave my balls

  • Sophia Hamid
    Sophia Hamid

    He is cute 😍

  • hussein rashid
    hussein rashid

    The Beta got played smoothly. 😎

  • gggggggg

    hope it gets sent to some lab for testing............... just to check if he is still a DRUG CHEAT

  • Dean Mendoza
    Dean Mendoza

    This guy is attractive!

  • diz dizz
    diz dizz

    Class act

  • Christopher Robin
    Christopher Robin

    He’s a true professional, on and off the field. 100%. But who can argue with the obvious changes in his breathing once she started talking about shaving his beard!!! 😂

  • Nba2k Samurai
    Nba2k Samurai

    Lol edelman didn't wanna cut that thing 😂😂😂

  • Two4 K
    Two4 K

    the fake sentiment?

  • Dany Vue
    Dany Vue

    How do u pernoce Edelman

    • H Ma
      H Ma


  • Noah McKnight
    Noah McKnight

    He kinda look like a young Tom Brady buh pats nation

  • Esteban Kozak
    Esteban Kozak

    Further proof that the New England Partriots are all "Alternative".

  • Matthew Borell
    Matthew Borell

    She’s funny

  • Ken li
    Ken li

    What the f...His wife not gonna recognize him. He better get home before dark.

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel

    i'm not a fan of football but after watching this i'm a fan now. He's a good a guy! he shave his beard for ellen WOW

  • Aiden Yeah!
    Aiden Yeah!

    I can’t spell

  • Aiden Yeah!
    Aiden Yeah!

    Go cots

  • CityBoi DJ
    CityBoi DJ

    Is ellen Lesbian?

  • Louis Spinelli
    Louis Spinelli

    Funny how people forget he was banned for 4 games for steroids

  • 2112Nightshift

    "How 'bout I match the ten?" And just like that, I'm an Edelman fan.

  • Yinyangpapi

    Edelman MVP on n off the field

  • mtnmann72

    MVP of life. Great sport.

  • ADAPPJ28

    The Chiefs blew the Championship game,he's lucky he had the chance to win mvp.Oh well he seems like a good dude.

  • humble stallion Beats
    humble stallion Beats

    Your more attractive when you have a baby face.Having a mustache,or a beard,makes you unattractive I know from a experience.for the longest time I didn’t wanna shave my mustache,until one day I was looking at picture someone took of me,with a friend and realized that my mustache made me look unattractive in the picture. So I shaved my mustache, then after that I took a few pics of myself and for the first time in a long time I looked attractive again,it was because I now had a baby face.I got this baby face thing from my cousin,he used to say it’s all about the baby face.

  • SillyBanana19

    THANK GOODNESS FOR ELLEN! Julian is SO SEXY without that beard! WOW!

  • Gnorf

    Leave it to these people to care more about the beard being shaved off than the superbowl

  • Michael Ashley
    Michael Ashley

    Looks 100% better WITH the beard.

  • Vivian Dellheim
    Vivian Dellheim

    Love him! What a sport guy!💋❤️👍

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta

    8:45 welcome

  • uhohhhsteven

    Imagine Conan oBrien putting up nude pictures of a model on the screen when interviewing her... oh the outrage lol

  • Agent Xp6
    Agent Xp6

    I mean he just can't refuse, almost bullying or blackmailing him in a way. But he still looks very handsome and the dude has a sick jawline.

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