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Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman's Beard for Charity
In a daytime TV exclusive, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman sat down with Ellen to talk about helping the New England Patriots win their 6th championship, posing naked for a photo shoot, and he even offered to let Ellen shave his much talked about beard to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. The wide receiver also got a special gift... he finally received his coveted trophy for being named MVP!

  • zach WIMMER
    zach WIMMER

    Ellen gets a bit straight in this video

  • Ali and Maddie, role plays.
    Ali and Maddie, role plays.

    Is that god

  • A Person
    A Person

    The population of Ellen's crowd is 1/20 male to female

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel

    freakin stud and MVP either way...

  • LedZep's X
    LedZep's X

    Future HOFer

  • Jobin John Mathew III
    Jobin John Mathew III

    Am I the only who feels that Ellen always is rough with her guests? Imagine what would happen if a man was to shave a head of a woman on a talk show? Wonder what would be the reaction then!!!!!!

  • C Snow
    C Snow


  • Drop_out173YT

    Ryan reynolds

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    what a face

  • Nameless

    He looks way better without that hideous beard.

  • TheDLitch

    It’s okay for men to be shirtless on Ellen, but women can’t. That’s sexiest.

  • Genevieve Bond
    Genevieve Bond

    he looks v hot without the beard

  • Nelson Beltran
    Nelson Beltran

    Hats off to both! I wish Tom Brady will also be invited by Ellen. Great show!

  • 64gatorboy

    He’s not the most important the lineman are like if u agree

  • Jason Shan
    Jason Shan

    did she practice this?

  • chuy lopez
    chuy lopez

    He looks like Tom Brady

  • Tricia Harmon
    Tricia Harmon

    I love you so much ❤️🙏💕💗

  • Sean Jordan
    Sean Jordan

    Jules is the man that Ellen has always wanted to be! (The same goes for me also) lol

  • Kevin Clausen
    Kevin Clausen

    Julian Edelman is a class act the most underrated receiver he deserved MVP and also 2yrs ago but Toms heroics were too much that day but do you notice that how the Patriots players are very respectful its like when you want your kid to hang out with the right crowd well they are just GREAT ROLE MODELS GO PATS I love how they never give my guys any credit there not talented they are slow. MAN, they have the NO1 thing and that's pure WORK ETHIC good upbringing P.S Lets see if LEBRON offers them to come to the SHOP OPPs that's not gonna happen because KING Bron wouldn't invite him.

  • Carter Franzmeier
    Carter Franzmeier

    I like you

  • Taco Gato
    Taco Gato

    *Jeff just left the chat*

  • NomadX7

    That Getlemen is a Legend. A Real hero. Those are the sportsman we love. And I'm European.

  • Nathan Troy
    Nathan Troy

    J. Eldelman looks like James harden but white

  • Kweku Wilson
    Kweku Wilson


  • David Lam
    David Lam

    She was cheering for the eagles last year, now look what happens this year

  • vm3m m3mv
    vm3m m3mv

    The look of regret

  • Pretty Kapas
    Pretty Kapas

    He looks great with a beard.

  • Luke Hall
    Luke Hall

    This planet needs more Julian edelman's

  • Mariam Khan
    Mariam Khan

    Did someone else came from Jeff's video or it just me

  • KevinCummings Fitness
    KevinCummings Fitness

    Do LeBron next

  • janay Williams
    janay Williams

    I love y so much Ellen I wish I could be on your stage

  • Ava H.
    Ava H.

    wow he's handsome

  • Hope 8 Cupcakes
    Hope 8 Cupcakes

    Omg Feb 8 that's my bday!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Much better.

  • Jeff Man
    Jeff Man

    When ever Tom Brady gets MVP you never bring him

  • Gila Monster
    Gila Monster

    He looked so good with the mustache

  • Jamie Scott
    Jamie Scott

    He looks 30 years younger

  • George Adkins
    George Adkins

    Should have kept the pornotache

  • Imran Tariq
    Imran Tariq

    Great guy

  • TNP'R sheepodog
    TNP'R sheepodog

    Rip beard its been good. 😢

  • Wyatt Hitchcock
    Wyatt Hitchcock

    Neither of those teams should not have been there

  • Eric Morgan
    Eric Morgan

    I wouldn’t let this b**ch come near my face with a electric razor..I shave my own face..I don’t care what other people say about my post so y’all can go shove it..

  • MetalFan 1
    MetalFan 1

    So if he said no then Ellen wouldn't have donated the 10K? Pretty messed up by Ellen if you ask me.

  • elizabeth dasilveria
    elizabeth dasilveria


  • elizabeth dasilveria
    elizabeth dasilveria


  • Seraphim Watson
    Seraphim Watson

    Robert kraft after his 6th Super Bowl became Robert shaft😂😂😂

  • CaTcHy Lyrics
    CaTcHy Lyrics

    He looks so handsome now ❤❤❤❤❤😘

  • Littleman2305 Details
    Littleman2305 Details

    Nooooo he looked so good with the beard

  • Troy the Man
    Troy the Man

    That's actually a great way to raise charitable money

  • TheKisj

    At least let the man keep his mustache

  • iiAwqaz

    Lebron Next

  • T fue
    T fue

    Pat's are amazing

  • Tayla Mackenzie
    Tayla Mackenzie

    In some of your vids there are kids in costumes I was a baked photo

  • Yeet Boy
    Yeet Boy

    That is very kind of you Ellen

  • Lawrence Flynn
    Lawrence Flynn

    the reason he's big and buff is because he did performance enhancers. Mark Ingram got suspended along with Roy miller, Mychal Kendrick and the list goes on, yet the NFL knew he did it and no suspended was given. He maybe a good person, but he also too is a cheater just like the rest of the Patriots

  • Julia Nasson
    Julia Nasson

    Good job Ellen l like the Patriots my favorite is rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman and Tom Brady

  • Lucas Masek
    Lucas Masek


  • Zachary Trohon
    Zachary Trohon

    When Edelman says it’s like a child it grows on you then he lets her shave it like what😂😂

  • pbr277

    Is it me or does he look like a hitman

  • Tb12 And bill don’t forget about gronk
    Tb12 And bill don’t forget about gronk

    He looks like my cuz

  • Grant Mauger
    Grant Mauger

    Great. She should have shaved off her own mustache

  • Drail

    That was oddly satisfying

  • Brady Smart
    Brady Smart

    He’s crying on the inside

  • Jessica Eugene
    Jessica Eugene

    Oh, he's sexy

  • Ksi

    8:15 your welcome

  • cadence8ful

    Ellen, I was wondering what the brand name on the hair trimmer is? Is it Wahl Clipper? Im from the town that those are made at. Sterling, Illinois. I live in Rock Falls, Illinois, right across the bridge and I work in Sterling right down the road from Wahl Clipper. Just wondering

  • Samu LD Khiangte
    Samu LD Khiangte

    Edelman tap vak rawh.

  • Ehriykkah

    He's such a charming guy!!! also looks AMAZING without the beard!!!

  • Migs TV
    Migs TV

    It’s probably awkward to shave your beard in front of 2000 people

  • Potrvlb

    Very cool 😁

  • Gregory J. Smith
    Gregory J. Smith

    wow you can tell a lesbian by the way she is shaving his face lol Jesus. Shes holding those clippers like a dagger.

  • The FBI
    The FBI

    We lost him Chief

  • Moises Medina
    Moises Medina

    They deserve it because of no sweet victory

  • Jackson Lovett
    Jackson Lovett

    Julian Edelman played quarterback in college at Kent State

  • Charles Toles
    Charles Toles

    another demasculination-its metaphoric for cutting his nuts off

  • Jonathan Halsey
    Jonathan Halsey


  • Gabriel Rezende
    Gabriel Rezende

    this guy is so nice

  • Monkey Jumper
    Monkey Jumper

    If I don’t wanna waste ur time through the whole thing when they finally start it’s at 8:25

  • Beatz 7
    Beatz 7

    He looks like Brady !!!

  • neighbor27

    Handsome man

  • Natalie Foster
    Natalie Foster

    So much better after it was shaved ❤️ and for a great cause too

  • Hunter Hudson Payne xannon Ninja
    Hunter Hudson Payne xannon Ninja

    Go pats

  • P8N

    The way she holds those clippers 😂

  • get wet
    get wet

    Ellen has lots of practice shaving Portia's bush.

    • Sophie Moerman
      Sophie Moerman

      get wet perve

  • Jimmy Miller
    Jimmy Miller

    Dormamu... I’ve come to bargain!

  • nicolette D
    nicolette D

    next justin turner

  • Riveriux Phenom
    Riveriux Phenom

    Kind of a trap there was just no way he could say no.

  • Randomperson 2.000
    Randomperson 2.000

    When I was watching the Super Bowl i am almost %100 sure he didn't have a beard before so my theory is his sweat grew a bush on his face.

  • BeastGamer17 BeastGamer17
    BeastGamer17 BeastGamer17

    I love the pats!!

  • Mihaela Herbert
    Mihaela Herbert

    Love you Ellen! A cute face like that doesn't need to be covert :)

  • Byrd Trevar
    Byrd Trevar

    The man

  • S Mc
    S Mc

    How about I match their 10's............oh wait I can't afford it!!

  • Mujeeb Taj
    Mujeeb Taj

    Looks good after the shave as well !!!

  • Tran Phuong Anh
    Tran Phuong Anh

    what a handsome mtf ♥!!!!

  • CornStar TV
    CornStar TV

    Hes so hot

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom

    There went the Patriots source of Power.

  • Well I agree with what you said, but
    Well I agree with what you said, but

    Looks way better

  • Trix 1975
    Trix 1975

    Ellen is an overpaid idiot

  • Hugo Schnauzer
    Hugo Schnauzer


  • Larrell Hill
    Larrell Hill

    Ooooo weee that’s tough especially after building a great Paul Bunyan beard like that lbs

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