Every Team Makes Its Case to the Lottery Gods for Zion | Game Of Zones S6E6
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Game of Zones Season 6, Episode 6: The Lottery. Teams make their Zion pitch to the lottery gods...and LeBron is drinking through it all 😂
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  • FoshoGotFlow

    “Beanie Melo” after the credits 😂

    • Lap Kiu Fan
      Lap Kiu Fan

      @Habeev07 How did GOZ disrespect the Blazers and Paul Allen? So giving them a cave is that disrespectful? Well, the Nuggets didn't even get an episode.

    • Fraser O'Rourke
      Fraser O'Rourke

      "But it's merely a pump fake..." is honestly the best joke this year

    • andrew rose
      andrew rose

      yo, that was lowkey the funniest thing in this episode. "Merely a pump fake ..." insanely funny.

    • aaron berhane
      aaron berhane

      FoshoTheOne 😂

    • John Marston
      John Marston

      But it’s a PUMP FAKE

  • Duffy Vlogs
    Duffy Vlogs

    “Knights only meetings”😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Branden Allen
    Branden Allen

    Will there be a season 7?

  • Omari Prince
    Omari Prince

    Trae Young seems lost 🤣

  • Surgical

    Glad the Grizzlies got rid of Chandler Parsons!!

  • Garrett Bradley
    Garrett Bradley

    Dear Bleacher Report, Please make a special episode about this free agency period. It was truly the most wildly historic NBA event in recent memory. The people shouldn't wait until April to enjoy your comical interpretation of it. Please give us this gift! Sincerely, Faithful GOZ fan.

  • Nat Buskirk
    Nat Buskirk

    where is chandler parson's rib? UwU

  • Dave Trachtenberg
    Dave Trachtenberg

    The roasting of Vlade Divac at the beginning around trading away draft picks was priceless lol.

  • Brandon Cetta
    Brandon Cetta

    I think Trae Young.....Trae : huh what? 😂😂😂😂

  • Junior Ribeiro
    Junior Ribeiro

    Great The GOAT make pup on the floor. LeBron: Excuse me? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Suck it anthony hahaha

  • Mark Best
    Mark Best

    Let’s just take a moment and appreciate Mark Tatum😂😂

  • N P
    N P

    Funny how so many of these players are not on the team they represented

  • Nick Hagelgans
    Nick Hagelgans

    Triple Dirks live on

  • Ricardo Menendez II
    Ricardo Menendez II


  • Joe Cochran
    Joe Cochran

    Trae tho..

  • JoKe ToNg
    JoKe ToNg

    every teams doesn’t want first pick..., sad AD

  • ShantyGaming

    Woo! Mark Tatum!

  • Eye Of The Thriver
    Eye Of The Thriver

    Why is the suns a goat?

    • MegaRayland

      Eye Of The Thriver (I’m copy pasting what I replied to someone else) The Suns owner (don’t remember when) got a few goats and placed them in the GM’s office as motivation for the team to find their “GOAT” player. The goats pooped all over the office.

  • Joshua Al-Chami
    Joshua Al-Chami


    • Donna Walker
      Donna Walker

      Not really...there's an episode showing alternate endings for each team

  • The 2 Savage Boys
    The 2 Savage Boys

    5:40 trae young’s eye 👁😂

  • Ou Dat Boy Spinnin
    Ou Dat Boy Spinnin

    Commissioner: Great, *sigh* the goat may poop on the floor. LeBron: Excuse me? 😂😂😂😂

  • EY 19
    EY 19

    Lol 😂 this shit was funny

  • Ryan Clark
    Ryan Clark

    Grizzlies: “Sir Gasol is gone, but Chandler Parsons And his stupid contract remain” 😂😂

  • N P
    N P

    I love Triple Dirks. Funniest thing. Other than the Silver Lord being too good for lottery teams

  • R7productions

    This aged really well

  • Allan Joseph
    Allan Joseph

    what's ad thinking at the end?

  • Ron Alexander
    Ron Alexander

    when's the next E coming out

    • shareef ghafour
      shareef ghafour

      Its the finale, because the season ended.

  • B Bop
    B Bop

    Winner of the ZION lottery😭😭😭😭

    • shareef ghafour
      shareef ghafour


  • Killer Dank Law
    Killer Dank Law

    And Davis ended up being traded to house lakers

  • James Sitarski
    James Sitarski

    What are these amazing backing tracks that go with the pleas to the gods? Do full versions of them exist, cause they're amazing

  • Stormy


  • Dan Jimenez
    Dan Jimenez

    Oh yeah, and why is that? Maybe instead of looking to the gods, you all should be looking at yourselves. Rubbish houses with uninspiring Lord Commanders, foolish masters of trade, arrogant lords.These are things a knight, no matter how great, can't overcome. I learned that the hard way Zion may be the Prince who was Promised, but he will not save you. Because if you don’t give a GOAT the support he needs, then he’s gonna walk out the door and all you’re gonna be left with is poop on the floor.

  • Justin Wright
    Justin Wright

    “Read This and we will trade you to House Lakers” Welp it happened lmao

  • Trevor Bode
    Trevor Bode

    I’m glad Kuzma is still on the Lakers to push Lebron

  • Retr0sp3ct

    Sorry but AD isn’t representing the pelicans anymore

  • Jay Mata
    Jay Mata

    6:18 . . . gaddamn XD

  • cotillion

    lol Lebron and Davies


    We will trade you to house Lakers, who’s here after the AD trade?

  • meh m
    meh m

    just noticed tht 1st bit on the letter im dead "we will trade you to house lakers" man this shet tells futures

  • Ismail Mohamud
    Ismail Mohamud

    Kuzma AD and Bron lol

  • Maulen. IDC Florez
    Maulen. IDC Florez

    Bruh love is salty.

  • Kiel Linatoc
    Kiel Linatoc

    Who's watching this after the AD trade to the Lakers?

  • NE Patriots 25
    NE Patriots 25

    4:11 They Predicted It.......

  • Kaykaykay

    who is here after AD is traded to the lakers

  • Helpimfrom Florida
    Helpimfrom Florida

    Who here after the AD trade ?

  • FC Halo
    FC Halo

    Who’s back here after AD got officially traded to Lakers?

    • Gaming Vine
      Gaming Vine

      FC Halo I’m sayin 😂😂😂

  • Norman John Sioson
    Norman John Sioson

    I can't believe Bleacher Report predicted when the AD to the Lakers will happen...

  • Yufan Yan
    Yufan Yan

    Who here after Davis Trade

  • Ayo Adewuya
    Ayo Adewuya

    Whos here after the AD trade😂

  • joshua williams
    joshua williams

    Anthony Davis and LeBron same team now let's go

  • Mysterious Ways
    Mysterious Ways


  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang

    Game of zones right once again

  • coolserver lake
    coolserver lake

    4:09 "Read this, we will trade you to House Lakers"...."not that part!!!, dont read that part"...these writers are brilliant and good at predicting future moves in nba

    • Norman John Sioson
      Norman John Sioson

      Agree... they got a lot of parts predicted accurately... Next season of GoZ would be interesting..

  • Gandek

    Spot on Lakers

  • King Benny Garcia
    King Benny Garcia

    this aged well

  • Young boneless
    Young boneless

    They weren’t wrong when they said if ad read that he would’ve got traded to the lakers

  • ixi xix
    ixi xix

    Lebron is not the goat

  • ixi xix
    ixi xix

    Lebron is not the goat

  • LJ Cool
    LJ Cool

    I love how they openly just Mock tampering and how the league chooses to abuse it 😂

  • Dan Raul
    Dan Raul

    I'm like Cuban sitting in the corner laughing at the grizzlies as soon as I saw how much they paid parsons for lol

  • kenneth levy
    kenneth levy

    Can someone explain the ongoing goat metaphor

    • MegaRayland

      kenneth levy The Suns owner (don’t remember when) got a few goats and placed them in the GM’s office as a joke and motivation for the team to find their “GOAT” player. The goats pooped all over the office.

  • Ian Sallee
    Ian Sallee

    Does ANYONE want to talk about the mascots playing the music at the start???

  • Will Papania
    Will Papania

    “Oh yes, suck it Anthony!”

  • Matthew Yip
    Matthew Yip

    Love the LeBron take: "if you don't give a goat the support he needs then he's going to walk out the door... And you know what you'll be left with ? Is 💩 on the floor. Sorry Cavs! Err. Lakers too! -- also loved the goat sounds and Trae yelling in the background when the Pelicans won the lottery

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith

    6:24 might have been Lebron's best speech ever!

  • TJ Matthews
    TJ Matthews

    Lol this is funny one of the funniest episodes yet , keep up the great work on these videos , every Thursday

  • LA Victa
    LA Victa

    AD be like: Hey King James, looks like our team won the Zion lottery. How about I hitch a ride with you to the House Lakers. King James: *YES!!!!* Bring Lonzo, Kyle and Josh the House Pelicans!!!! Both: (In unison) *NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!*

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson

    Probably not trading AD now

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson

    AD and Zion would be awesome, so I wonder if the Pelicans would be willing to trade AD now

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