Disney\'s Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

  • Ferdinand Putra
    Ferdinand Putra

    👇👇👇👇👇👇 de-my.net/watchvideo/video-hsXxD0JI4rk.html

  • Gabriel Cardona
    Gabriel Cardona

    Is that lea's voice? In a whole ne world??? Still I wish jasmine's hair is like in the cartoons

  • rasw27 Gaming
    rasw27 Gaming

    Apakah ini backsound dari isyana? Or zayn?😅

  • Jennie ruby jane
    Jennie ruby jane

    1:48 My God!

  • Gary Magsael
    Gary Magsael

    I feel like im going back to my childhood. Lion king and Aladdin are so popular in 90's

  • Vani Rana
    Vani Rana

    He actually sounds like Aladin

  • Gerontius Ishady
    Gerontius Ishady

    Is that Isyana and gamaliel voice?

  • Ruby Malfoy
    Ruby Malfoy

    The best T-Series video I've seen so far

  • della nur hartanti
    della nur hartanti

    Iya suaranya isyana banget ini lagunya

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong

    Who the fuck is Zayn

  • Mr. Abbas
    Mr. Abbas

    Can't wait... From indonesia

  • arab man
    arab man

    Arabs aren't indians, and of that time, were white

  • Jazuki

    I'm really excited for this movie! I was named after Princess Jasmine! Plus I get to go to theaters for this! :3


    The trailer is 😍😍so good ,except jasmine outfits ,yuck🤮 I hate those colors of outfits.

  • Satyajit Mistry
    Satyajit Mistry

    i am terribly angry on that moment . where's the zayn and Zhavia ?🤬😡🤬😡

  • Seri Kinar
    Seri Kinar

    Marjan syrup vibe

  • A J
    A J

    Just Reminds me to my childhood in 1992 Cartoon Version.

  • Rhaiza rv
    Rhaiza rv

    Can wait

  • Rifdah Nd
    Rifdah Nd

    Haduhhh.... Gak sabar nunggu jam tayang nyaaa^-^

  • Husna Wafiyah
    Husna Wafiyah

    Why they speak in english

  • Sas Mita
    Sas Mita

    Suka suka sukaaa. Gak sabar nunggu tayang 😄😄

  • da don
    da don

    I'm a simple man I hear "A whole new world" And I cry and sing and sob with nostalgia.

  • Artsy Palette
    Artsy Palette

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Mossetano
    Sabrina Mossetano


  • Sabrina Mossetano
    Sabrina Mossetano


  • Dandeliondart

    Aladdin: what Westerners think the Middle East looks like

  • Angie elisabet
    Angie elisabet

  • 5.000 subscribers without any videos challenge
    5.000 subscribers without any videos challenge


  • Kyle Lindo
    Kyle Lindo

    Wait I thought Zayn was playing Aladdin

  • gabriel alva
    gabriel alva

    Make a live action of The hunchback of notre dame!

  • dirk raj
    dirk raj

    I'm too old to watch this in cinema LOLz

  • Efrin Apriandi
    Efrin Apriandi

    Who singing "A Whole New World " on the Trailer? Zayn?

  • じんくらテオファミ


  • Paola Filiberti
    Paola Filiberti


  • Hazza styles
    Hazza styles

  • Gaby De lacruz
    Gaby De lacruz


  • Nal Zechariah
    Nal Zechariah

    I have to say: I like Naomi Scott's voice better than Zhavia's. And Aladdin's voice is very close to the original version of Aladdin. I do not know what happened with the people who designed the costumes or with that "Jafar", BUT that little piece of "A whole new world" makes me want to see the movie

  • LunarSpace

    *At the end when the title disappears is a hint. They dusted away too*

  • Gary Newton
    Gary Newton

    Going to see this soon can,t wait The Fresh Genie of Agrabah.

  • Fun4learn 24
    Fun4learn 24


  • steprockmedia

    And we're back! This trailer looks SO MUCH better than the previous one. We were all wondering, I think, what the heck you guys were thinking.

  • Jessie Hernandez
    Jessie Hernandez


  • Vikram C
    Vikram C

    I can't fucking wait for this Friday!! Also, holy shit this new version of A Whole New World sounds fucking amazing!!!!


    I got this trailer when i was watching After in the cinema

  • Anushka

    Zayn only ❣

  • Sundas Rafique
    Sundas Rafique

    this is so inappropriate, clearly disney doesnt knows the difference between the arabic and indian culture

  • Cassidy Winters
    Cassidy Winters

    Why did the Genie have to be Will Smith 🙄😒

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter

    I will highly expect the vast Fourth Wall breaking and Easter Eggs from Genie

  • Daimatul Inayah
    Daimatul Inayah

    I hope new worlddddddd

  • John Ver Sosas
    John Ver Sosas

    Is that Morisette's voice? Please confirm. Bring back childhood memories for that voice.

  • Joshua Medina
    Joshua Medina

    This was the movie I wondered why it's not titled "Aladdin and Jasmine 😅"

  • crypto power
    crypto power

    1:48 a whole new world💞

  • Bakhtawar Rehman
    Bakhtawar Rehman

    1:32 this is how i take dupata (veil) when nobody is around.

  • Awanda Gita
    Awanda Gita

    anyone think the same thing with me? that alladin is look a like noah centianeo

  • Mariam Almtereen
    Mariam Almtereen

    I'm heart to see how my country look like in Disney movies

  • Sunday Binge
    Sunday Binge

    A whole new world... My childhood ... can't wait 🤞👌❤

  • Jimena Roa
    Jimena Roa

    I don't like this version of Aladdin. I think Disney lost the essence of Aladdin. I like Will Smith but not for this movie.

  • Only Shanna Marie
    Only Shanna Marie

    Mena Massoud has more resemblance with Aladdin compared to Zayn Malik. Zayn is just too handsome to be Aladdin.

  • Cuttie mai
    Cuttie mai

    Lol this publish right when i have my final exams

  • Intan CP
    Intan CP

    Its cool! Awesome

  • Waqar Haider
    Waqar Haider

    Arabs and indians cultures are as different as British, scottish, french, american cultures, just bcz sharing same brown skin doesn't mean every thing is same.. original Aladdin was truely arabic themed.. This verison look like a shittiest bollywood (indian) crap.

  • joegie busto
    joegie busto

    jafar is so hot. yasss daddy haha

  • Nanda Putri
    Nanda Putri

    can't waittttt ❤❤❤❤

  • Mark Abad
    Mark Abad

    I wonder why they wear Indian sari when they are Arabic girls

  • Aaliyah Jaque
    Aaliyah Jaque

    Nice trailer

  • Sâñdêsh S
    Sâñdêsh S

    Somethings should just stay animated

  • Cookies are awesome
    Cookies are awesome

    Here’s the list of the stories from the same series as Aladdin I found: Shahryar and Scheherazade. Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp. The Three Apples. The Tale of the Hunchback. The Vizier and the Sage Duban. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The Fisherman and the Jinni. The Lovers of Bassorah.

  • Cookies are awesome
    Cookies are awesome

    Aladdin’s story is very well known and he’s a character who actually came from the One Thousand and One Nights series. But why aren’t other stories from the One Thousand and One Nights series just as famous? There are other ones too, like Alif Laila.

  • Stephany Fonseca
    Stephany Fonseca

    I look at the animated version of Jafar and instantly get Avan Jogia vibes

  • Satish Chotu
    Satish Chotu

    Will Smith as genie its really amazing

  • dayum thicc
    dayum thicc


  • Emad Al Rashed
    Emad Al Rashed

    When the Disney doesn't know the difference between India and Arab !


    The princess is not good i don't know y tara sutaria was rejected from this film 😭😢

  • Morgan Le Fay
    Morgan Le Fay

    Wow, I love fairy tales, I love Disney!

  • Emman Padolina
    Emman Padolina

    So what if the film doesn't have an Arabic vibe? It's still look dope though, especially the effects and production. Just enjoy the beautiful film instead of ranting!

  • Huma Khan
    Huma Khan

    Really why I didn’t watch that movie 🍿 nice

  • Victor Ibarra
    Victor Ibarra

    Victorladdin Ibarra (2019) Cast: Victor Ibarra as Aladdin Jaclyn Carr as Princess Jasmine Oscar (Shark Tale) as The Genie=Will Smith

  • Anuska Sukul
    Anuska Sukul

    Why does the actor looks like Noah Centigo's brother?

  • Anuska Sukul
    Anuska Sukul

    Why does the actor looks like Noah Centigo's brother?

  • tira Melinia
    tira Melinia

    I love the version of a whole new world on this trailer😍

  • Robert Saputra
    Robert Saputra

    i like this movie

  • Rina Kamila
    Rina Kamila

    The Whole New World soundtrack makes it perfect I got goosebumps

  • Shreya Thomas
    Shreya Thomas

    I lke the Aladdin guy...but not the jasmine gal🙂 🤣🤣🤣 Will smith is the Genie

  • Reginold Pathmanathan
    Reginold Pathmanathan

    i lovee that songg!!

  • Angel Renny
    Angel Renny

    I don't know why because I prefer this song is sung by Gama and Isyana from Indonesia. Maybe you have to listen it guys :)

  • Shinigami

    I'm just happy that Jasmine isn't covered in that stupid niqab.

  • Sadhana Sharma
    Sadhana Sharma

    Ooo my god suprrrrrr Nd GINI oo god i lov wilsmith

  • Tanu k
    Tanu k

    I don't get why Avan Jogia can't be casted as Aladdin when the actress playing Jasmine in also half indian

  • krish gaming
    krish gaming

    Why they had rejected Tara for Naomi?

  • dede supriyady
    dede supriyady

    Kira2 pas tayang ada gebetan ga ya 😌

  • Akash Thorat
    Akash Thorat

    Is it in 3d?

  • C.M. Diana S.
    C.M. Diana S.

    I got indian vibes here..i know it's not only me

  • jaeyeol jung
    jaeyeol jung

    Atta halilintar is dat you?🤣

  • zeron adolf
    zeron adolf

    so aladin will become a suicide bomber and in the name of blood thirsty pedophile allah he will blow himself up in the end?allah fuckbutt!

  • Claire Mendes
    Claire Mendes

    Am I the only one who believes that the actor who plays aladdin,could also play and Flynn in tangled?

  • Sumegha Tanavde
    Sumegha Tanavde

    Jasmine's outfits are boreing

  • bersama deka
    bersama deka

    Zayn = Aladdin. Where is he??

  • jsw 2525
    jsw 2525

    I cant wait for the full 2019 movie version of a whole new world... (NOT the zayn version)

  • Gunro Bus
    Gunro Bus

    Aladdin Trailer = 30+ million views Zayn Music Vevo = 30+ million views Thanos: Perfectly balance as all things should be....

  • Anish Magar
    Anish Magar

    Movie download link := de-my.net/watchvideo/video--av-UVPoq6I.html

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