Danny Garcia vs Adrian Granados | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX
Danny Garcia KO'd Adrian Granados in the 7th round to give 'Tigre' his first KO loss.
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Danny Garcia vs Adrian Granados | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

  • Struggle4aName

    3:51-3:53 - the way Garcia leans left, feints a left hand then throws the right is really impressive

  • Bles

    Go to sleep with my daughter haha

  • Kenneth Walton
    Kenneth Walton

    Big mouth got tapped 😁

  • Tony Edwards
    Tony Edwards

    We need Garcia vs Crawford both 140 pound champs at 147

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star

    Danny 🇵🇷

  • MagooTV

    It's not even a sold out event . I feel sorry for danny.

  • killumikun dominguez
    killumikun dominguez

    dany garcia es un boxeador de usa asi que es mexico vs usa dejense de colgar de boxeadores extranjeros balceros pendejos

  • Jackeline Santamaria
    Jackeline Santamaria

    That's what happens when Garcia fight a nobody Garcia looks like a killer lol he's still a nobody


    It’s all mental with Danny if he’s locked in & got u beat mentally then he’s got u beat but if he has any doubt or unsure then it’s up in the air wid his game pretty obvious that’s one of the cons him & broner share smh it’s sad cuz brah a lot better then what he show’s...

  • OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo
    OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

    man they saved Granados to fight another day .. Right thing to do . DSG RULES ...

  • OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo
    OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

    Garcia needs to fight all future fights like MONster . dont give none of these fighters a break ... $real

  • Ifthekar Hussain
    Ifthekar Hussain

    🤣😂 grenades!!

  • Smoky Donuts
    Smoky Donuts

    Still flat footed.

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner

    Thurman really wooped him quit it😂😂😂😂

  • Hector Albertorio
    Hector Albertorio

    Mikey garica don't want the smoke

  • RP2017 HTX
    RP2017 HTX

    Where in the world is Adrian Granados??!! He doesn't post anything on social media. No interviews no nothing.

    • Ryan Turner
      Ryan Turner

      Hes ashamed of himself so hes w his mom

  • TmacDaFuckingGreat

    That was a beautiful counter punch 🥊

  • Chris Shanklin
    Chris Shanklin

    Just another journey man vs a ranked fighter

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star


  • Mark Posadas
    Mark Posadas

    Granados looks like walk in the park tho. Garcia needs another legit and more challenging fight for his career.

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia

    Yeaaa That's how the Garcia's get down..

  • Jaime Flores
    Jaime Flores

    Danny should fight AB


    granados look like a beginner

  • K

    Granados was flat out a chump no match

  • Mosley Shoahs
    Mosley Shoahs

    Garcia's Left Hook is probably my favourite punch in boxing

    • Mosley Shoahs
      Mosley Shoahs

      @Maestro L.O.G I fold

    • Maestro L.O.G
      Maestro L.O.G

      @Mosley Shoahs Hahaha the Duke huh? Well played my friend, raise you even more tho how bout David Tua?

    • Mosley Shoahs
      Mosley Shoahs

      @Maestro L.O.G I'll raise you Tommy Morrison

    • Maestro L.O.G
      Maestro L.O.G

      Then you probably haven't saw Miguel Cotto's left hooks or Dela Hoya's

  • VII Central
    VII Central

    Danny beats spence !

  • Andi lim Andi
    Andi lim Andi

    Garcia strong

  • Aldo Medrano
    Aldo Medrano

    And to think Broner struggled with Granados lol all the other top welterweights would eat Broner alive

  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza

    Easy money...cherry picking...

  • Brooklyn

    Still a bum

  • LurkerDood

    BUM! Still afraid of 40 year old Pacquiao 😂

  • Dwayne23 Tusli
    Dwayne23 Tusli

    Good job by the ref.


    Lo hizo garras Danny mi gallo !

  • Ali

    Lennox Lewis is lame at commentating lol

  • Letho Knuckles
    Letho Knuckles

    Danny should fight collazo or Jeff horn for Shawn poter rematch both swarmers in poter & horn & collazo

  • Jay Esparza
    Jay Esparza


  • ernesto solis
    ernesto solis

    why is danny garcia fighting there?? where are the people?? always in the thousands of people..

  • The BrotherHood
    The BrotherHood

    Danny send that mf flying lol

  • Trunks moh
    Trunks moh

    try beat odds

  • Trunks moh
    Trunks moh

    lengendy got duces keep leauge out ya Son7

  • Trunks moh
    Trunks moh

    yo dude came out donkey kong ape was eatting was discussed and 1st told about it knocked 7th round rite danny little taught cant silde alman could got 1st round

  • Darryl Stokes
    Darryl Stokes

    Thia fight was too easy

  • william Rupert
    william Rupert

    Garcia is one of my favorite fighters..........but this kind of win doesn't do him any good. He needs an opponent.............he should knock out Adrien Broner.....

  • Stephanie San Luis
    Stephanie San Luis

    How about Pacman Danny?

  • Isai I.R.C
    Isai I.R.C

    What a joke jajaja are this people serious that was a punching bag ....not impressed👎

  • Ismael Barrera
    Ismael Barrera

    At 6:38, Danny stole that slip from Canelo. Canelo does it all the time.

  • Chelo Figueroa
    Chelo Figueroa

    Danny Garcia, very good underrated fighter, inmo, he's the one representing PR properly. Good luck to you DG, keep doing what you do best. Wining#PR

    • Chelo Figueroa
      Chelo Figueroa

      Hehe! That's ok, you get what I mean.

    • John Bryan
      John Bryan

      You won't be *winning any spelling bees!

  • H,s Hendra sidauruk.
    H,s Hendra sidauruk.

    Dany Garcia vs spend . Best fight

  • street boxing
    street boxing

    Danny vs mike August 31

    • Toño Bicicleta
      Toño Bicicleta

      Yep is happening,I'm Puerto Rican and Mikey is one of my favorite fighters but I gotta go with Danny on this one

  • JFL- Headz Factsquad-gng
    JFL- Headz Factsquad-gng

    In my way... DSG redemption coming soon... dsghaters keep same energy

  • Miguel Villarruel
    Miguel Villarruel

    Flor de paquete le pusieron a garcia hacia falta eso????

  • Pete Humphries
    Pete Humphries

    Big dicks in Philly one name angel Garcia!

  • sea ocean
    sea ocean

    danny garcia is a first class boxer. where is now?

  • primepants

    Perfect timing for the stoppage 👍🥊

  • Luis anibal2
    Luis anibal2

    Garcia vs hurd!

  • um me
    um me

    Lol garcia fighting a nobody. His stock must be way down now.

  • Arturo Sosa
    Arturo Sosa

    The wannabe black Puerto rican

  • Patrick McCall
    Patrick McCall

    Crawford will beat him again..

  • Roderick Powell
    Roderick Powell

    Them two losses on Danny's record are questionable. Danny's a beast.

    • Son Goku
      Son Goku

      @Adrian Lagos herrera yea but not peterson


      Shawn porter beat him 100%

    • nasir kincey
      nasir kincey

      @Victor thats what i meant. I thought thurman won.

    • Victor

      @nasir kincey Nah Thurman definitely won that one

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus

    Danny shuld be ferocious n killing like this. The two losses hv bn caused by his too tentative n counter-style. He punches harder than he thinks he does.

  • Erik Miramontes
    Erik Miramontes

    Vs Canelo Álvarez????

  • jinmo Douglas
    jinmo Douglas

    García vs Canelo

    • JFL- Headz Factsquad-gng
      JFL- Headz Factsquad-gng

      At 154!!

  • mr nonviolence
    mr nonviolence

    Al haymon is making a joke of his fighters

  • PositiveLastAction

    Wow what a big surprise

  • Jason Nguyen
    Jason Nguyen

    Ain’t no match against Crawford or Spence. If Crawford and Garcia happens Crawford can simply outbox Garcia on the outside and outpoint him

  • Jaffé Domo
    Jaffé Domo

    Spence Jr V Garcia?

  • Turan Türkistan
    Turan Türkistan

    Good job Referee

  • Ramon Cintron
    Ramon Cintron

    Tanta mierda que hablo el mejicano y no aguanto a Da nny

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia

    They shouldve zoomed in on the twins! 😍

  • Bert Buenaventura
    Bert Buenaventura

    mis match

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