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  • Clumsy

    *subscribe* if you're vaccinated

    • Amelia Lopez
      Amelia Lopez

      But what if im not vaccinated and have been subscribed for a year??

    • temmie reviews !!!!!!!!!!
      temmie reviews !!!!!!!!!!

      I want multiple good lucks tho not just a good luck

    • Madalynn Muse
      Madalynn Muse

      *Unsubs* *Subs*. Yes my parents were smart

    • Deismic-Shogun

      i have a mutated gene and vaccinations can possibly hurt me or even worse, i still took them till 16, anti vaxxers have no excuse.

  • Kimchi Tuttie
    Kimchi Tuttie

    7:34 I don't get this one.... Will you help me?

  • ExtremeRotoms

    If they turn 18

  • Big ChUnGuS
    Big ChUnGuS

    #DDM Me: IT wasn’t that scary Pennywise: Am I a joke to you?

  • Blurange Boy KM's see
    Blurange Boy KM's see

    #DDM 😑✋ Article 13 😀👌 Nord VPN

  • Peyjam1

    You got the first one from amazing world of gumball

  • Indah F. Freztiyana
    Indah F. Freztiyana

    I really want that *Rumblr* app in 08:16... XD

  • Junior Romero
    Junior Romero


  • Panic! At The Toaster
    Panic! At The Toaster

    #ddm Y Yo You Your Your g Your ga Your gay Your gay b Your gay bu Fu ck you You thought this was going to be co

  • Rosered00 7
    Rosered00 7

    I will i could fly

  • Samantha Gravener
    Samantha Gravener

    Nothing Me: offended taradactal noses Everyone: ;-; BITCH WTF #DDM

  • Epic gammer 19
    Epic gammer 19

    Nobody: Racist Asian jokes: let’s take over the world

  • Lindsey Gerlach
    Lindsey Gerlach

    8:52 I love that it was jk Rowling said that

  • Ruben Marin
    Ruben Marin

    Tik tok is good

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King

    Bananayonet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Thats me
    Thats me

    0:00 that's funny because one exes is called Samantha

  • xd itsimoozry
    xd itsimoozry

    roses are red, violets are blue #DDM notice this will you?

  • xd itsimoozry
    xd itsimoozry

    #DDM parents: you spend to much time on electronics also parents: *telling me this as their on their phone* me: am i a joke to you?

  • Maxx Cattz
    Maxx Cattz

    If you arrange the letters in icup you get icup #DDM

  • Snubby Clipsy
    Snubby Clipsy

    7:53 is the cat with the gat

  • Brayden Jadulang
    Brayden Jadulang

    Defeating thanos with plain Nokia 😂 #DDM

  • Thefrog Man
    Thefrog Man

    #DDM Dogs are great and all but the toaster is broken

  • empty container of bleach
    empty container of bleach

    holy doggo, thank you for visiting me this Easter.

  • Dean Animations
    Dean Animations

    7:35 *kid is me* running from my mom.

  • Dean Animations
    Dean Animations

    LOL 6:57

  • canal mais variado/ most random channel
    canal mais variado/ most random channel

    #DDM Literally nobody: *nothing* memes like this: *are truly good* Mortality rate : *drops to 99.9999999999999%*

  • ready player GARRETT
    ready player GARRETT

    oh no no

  • AlmightyPoptart OfTruth
    AlmightyPoptart OfTruth

    7:32 I just saw my location icon turn on

  • Campbell Szmitz
    Campbell Szmitz

    Man: *finish cigarette and throws it away * Everyone else on the plane: *confused Tom and Jerry * #ddm

  • Pumpkin Purrfect
    Pumpkin Purrfect

    1:53 Need I say more?

  • Oysasumi?

    If they can turn 18 psHhhhhhh 4 y e a r o l d f o u n d d e a d i n b e d

  • Game Logic
    Game Logic

    7:35 little kid ice cream truck person riding bike fat kid



  • Andromeda Planet
    Andromeda Planet

    #DDM Nobody: Penguin: quacks Dumb Inukshuks: looks in confusion like its a duck

  • Auto Kill101
    Auto Kill101


  • Danny PlaysGamez
    Danny PlaysGamez

    2:36 that's 7th graders

  • Y' know JustSomeone
    Y' know JustSomeone

    0:00 *E A T T H I S !*

  • Naruto BOI
    Naruto BOI

    Andy look hotter and cuter in the toy story 4 movie now rather than the old demonic thing

  • Rhiann Zulfer
    Rhiann Zulfer

    #DDM FRiend: I am now an atheist *gets visited by holy doggo FRiend: wow

  • Snipercor 13
    Snipercor 13

    Right when you said the saliva one I was in the middle of choking on nothing

  • Ryan Ashby
    Ryan Ashby

    Anti-vax kid: Diseases: I’m about to end this mans whole career #DDM

  • wayne william
    wayne william

    #DDM ME : Frick Religious Kid : You just friked you last frak

  • that one soul owo
    that one soul owo

    #DDM MY FACE ;w;

  • Yur Gurl
    Yur Gurl

    Subtitles: [Scary music] Deaf people: 😨😨😨

  • Wantlesssquid 68
    Wantlesssquid 68

    2:09 I need that

  • Hubix BrawlStarsPL
    Hubix BrawlStarsPL

    #DDM dark web is the most dangerous thing on the internet Duolingo bird:Hold my beer

  • Alex

    DDM# Kids are free and can do what ever they want Vaccination rate jumps to a 100%

  • Kasia Krahulic
    Kasia Krahulic

    video:when antivax kids turn 18 me: if they live to that point #DDM

  • Chi Mito
    Chi Mito

    2:03 this will actually help me with my anxiety attacks, thanks clumsy!

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown

    #DDM Karen took the kids

  • Cheerioq Cheries
    Cheerioq Cheries

    *The Holy Doggo just made my day better. *


    I was today years old when i found out that pizza comes in a SQUARE box, is a CIRCLE and we eat it in TRIANGLES #DDM

    • Madison Clevinger
      Madison Clevinger

      oh god you are right

  • Hellfire

    You have been visited by the holy doggo. Me- watches out for priest pedophiles. Moto Moto #DDM

  • Alex Pitney
    Alex Pitney

    I'm not sure un-vaxxed kids can live to 18


    5:27 Jojoke Kill me

  • Kelvin Clement
    Kelvin Clement

    #DDM how many words can you make? ukyemgdhdmhghfsdngagdaavfshfgdafjsdjgjhfzhmfsshfjkhfshajdngxaGJDbcagjfznhgdgidjlggmjsfmhakhcsjkgsjlvstudgxojihgsusirgyitstuoeyi5wyreutiyeyitsykguziugsigsffizfygzyfskdtjaryiaetaryesursydruursuursryrdtrtu

  • Jennifer Samms
    Jennifer Samms

    When your on a plane and some one screams ala ho ack bar

  • Khaled Hammoud
    Khaled Hammoud

    6:57 has got me dead

  • Kim Tandrup
    Kim Tandrup

    0:19 me when i join a game full of girls and im the best in the game

  • Gut Grinder
    Gut Grinder

    #DDN a BTW this is not funny I just want to make #DDN say fuck me

  • Pamela Hayes
    Pamela Hayes

    Teacher: we learning about dem virgin niggas #ddm Me: oo I now dat answer nigga its jimjim Jimjim:🕴 His niggas:🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴

  • wommy •
    wommy •

    8:49 6969 retweets

  • Mariosam100

    That quote from the intro is from the amazing world of gumball!!!!!

  • Allyson

    0:28 I know that girl...should I tell my friend she has become a meme

  • Lukas Sciukas
    Lukas Sciukas

    0:18 i hope this boi christian

  • Avara The Sans Fangirl
    Avara The Sans Fangirl

    #DDM If you think about it, people with airpods can't afford the wire

  • tyler Dragon tamer
    tyler Dragon tamer

    1. I breathed in for 4 seconds. 2. I held my breath for 7 seconds. 3. I exhaled for 8 seconds. 4. I did this 3 times in now I'm high. 1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a coke war

  • ToTeon Gaming
    ToTeon Gaming

    The holy doggoooooooo!!

  • jasmine rose
    jasmine rose

    American people:speed limits exist every where Lao people:im i a joke to u

  • Imvu Production
    Imvu Production

    #DDM If u buy 20 bucks with 10 bucks you get 10 bucks /insert that’s how the mafia works/

  • T M
    T M

    7:52 made me laugh so hard idk why

  • Deku

    #DDM Nothing

  • Aly

    Who else looked up “United Breaks Guitar”

  • Samantha Durand
    Samantha Durand

    My name is Samantha. The beginning already had me dead lmao

  • Deathbynewports

    Come for the memes, stay for the feels

  • Jonathan Murphy
    Jonathan Murphy

    #DDM Hello class today we will be playing Kahoot (: Please your real name ):

  • MangleGamerGirl_319

    1:46 my mom always told me to use this as a trick to fall asleep quickly. I ended up not getting any sleep at all because I almost suffocated each time I did it.

  • Nugget Appelget
    Nugget Appelget

    4:00 Its 2019! almost there!

  • :3

    #DDM He attacc He protecc But most inportantly... U no use ur voice

  • Bailey Piwinski
    Bailey Piwinski

    #DDM Me: **Drinking hot chocolate in the middle of summer** Friend: What in the actual fuck are you doing

  • HybridBuilds

    #DDM what if when thanks snapped and there was an odd number of people in the world at that time

  • DatPumpkinHead IsHaunted
    DatPumpkinHead IsHaunted

    #DDM DuoLingo:I'll turn Spanish into vanish

  • soild 5
    soild 5

    I remeber i had to poop one time and it smells like egg and after that meh somch hurt be careful sont eat eggss trust me this is a war #DDM

  • Midnight Manot
    Midnight Manot

    When i go to golden coral i eat 4 plates. Im not pregnat. Im fat. #DDM

  • DabbingCat4Life Kitty45
    DabbingCat4Life Kitty45

    DDM:oh no my mom got a iPhone. Me:I now have 11111111111111 broken Android cords

  • Roblox Wall-E
    Roblox Wall-E

    I was having a panic attack and the breathing thing does help.

  • Marty Clinger
    Marty Clinger

    Did anyone else notice at 8:50 it had 6, 969 retweet’s and 420,000 likes👌🏻😂👍🏻

  • Lost in My memes
    Lost in My memes

    9:14 mods are gay

  • Shad_ ow
    Shad_ ow

    Anti vax parent: I hate vaxinations Kid:*chuckles* I'm in danger Seven years later: Breaking news: kid dies of ligma

  • Jehad Jehad
    Jehad Jehad

    #DDM me:what hot woman should I take super hot woman:hey me:am I a joke to you

  • Papa Gooby
    Papa Gooby


  • Sana Sama
    Sana Sama

    *#DDM* * when my friend says the have no friends* *me:BISH WHAT THE FRICK AM I?!A RAT?!AN UNKNOWN TYPE OF BACTERIA?!AM I EBOLA?!? THE FRICKK*

    • Lizzy J
      Lizzy J

      Have you tried parole

  • Ethan Quarles
    Ethan Quarles

    Doctor Dogo and safety dogo exists. Holy dogo: appears. A challenger appears

  • _Noodles _
    _Noodles _

    Everyone gangsta until wee wee in your pants at the meeting #DDM

  • thetruemilofiles gaming and climbing
    thetruemilofiles gaming and climbing

    10:37 those aren't even the same size robes actually

  • Asher Feinberg
    Asher Feinberg

    Pregnancy causes childbirth

  • Liam Gattey
    Liam Gattey

    3:59 anti vax kid chuckles I’m in danger

  • Gamer481 9
    Gamer481 9

    #DDM When your non bearded friend goes into bathroom and hear the razor turn on but yo know he has penis hair

  • Ayla Stinks
    Ayla Stinks

    0:16 When I’m in class Everyone looks at me like that

  • Karma The wolf
    Karma The wolf

    #DDM Me: Nobody: People who don’t understand this:

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