Celtics sweep Pacers, Nick Wright doubts Boston can challenge Milwaukee | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Chris Mannix joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to discuss the Boston Celtics eliminating the Indiana Pacers in round 1 of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. Hear why Nick and Mannix are on opposite sides on if the Celtics can make a run against the Milwaukee Bucks in round 2.
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Celtics sweep Pacers, Nick Wright doubts Boston can challenge Milwaukee | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    Will the Celtics win the East this season?

    • Mike, H
      Mike, H

      @Mir 2x Yep

    • Mike, H
      Mike, H

      @Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown Looks like they did

    • Mir 2x
      Mir 2x

      Bo Rood still think that

    • Mir 2x
      Mir 2x

      carlosthepir stop being a Celtics fan please we ride or die

  • rizdraver


  • Robert OReilly
    Robert OReilly

    Nick at 8:10 calls it exactly right.

  • Fin6as

    Nick was right !

  • Connie B
    Connie B

    You look so dumb Nick. Nada.

    • Haja Rakotoarivo
      Haja Rakotoarivo

      Not so dumb now, huh?

  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish Patel

    These guys aren't that good of analyst to right of the Celtics, especially after last years post season run. Its clear me while the bucks are good they aree very simliar to the 2010 Lebron let CAVS that won 66 games and lost to the Celtics who where considered underdoggs. The bucks have good shooting because of Gianni is just that good and creates open shots but when you put great Celtic defense on him it will essentially make the bucks role players into 1-on-1 players while taking Giannis out of his comfort zone. Celtics have 8 players that can dribble, pass, shoot, and play defend.. They doubted the C's last year and for them to just dismiss them this year is Blasfamy

  • nazdalaan

    Celtics is better team than Bucks...

  • Kevin Faison
    Kevin Faison

    Beantown 1-0 so far.

  • Scott

    Nick wrong

  • TheRealtalk617

    His Brook Lopez opinion was 1000% correct. Horford and Baynes violated him on the pick n pop. Specially Horford.

  • PuRe_ HaYeS
    PuRe_ HaYeS

    This why these stat geeks and the analytics nerds fail every single time how about u watch the games and actually study the game nick wrong..

  • Early Steals
    Early Steals

    Nick Wright A HATER!!! FACTS!!!

  • jd2616

    I wonder how Nick Wright and Will Cain feel about the Bucks getting past Boston now, looks to me like game 2 is really game 7 for the Bucks

  • Clinton Brown
    Clinton Brown

    Came back to laugh at this fool

  • Nelson's Rudolph
    Nelson's Rudolph

    Nick eat crow !!!

  • Michol Tello
    Michol Tello

    Im gonna go back here when the celtics beat the bucks. HAHAHAHA

    • Fin6as

      Michol Tello what’s up

  • Sherman Dudley
    Sherman Dudley

    Who else is waiting to hear the bs excuses Nick Wrong will give about Game 1

    • Raynard Williams-Martinez
      Raynard Williams-Martinez

      He already did

  • outoftime

    man this girl lookin hot evertime i keep forgetin her name

  • Jp Sylvester
    Jp Sylvester

    Just hear waiting on the see Nick Wright to eat his words.. consistently sticks his root in his mouth... 2-0 for the bucks huh, celtics need to win 4 out of 5 huh. If you sit down somewhere with that bs!

  • Jp Sylvester
    Jp Sylvester

    Nick Wright there 6 games left... oh btw the 2 games you said celtics couldn't take 1 of. Huh 22 points sir. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Only undefeated team in the playoff this far.

    • David Michael
      David Michael

      3-1 homie and we’ve blown your team out every game since game 1 😂

  • pecador


  • Suade Legend
    Suade Legend

    Nick Wright!! You're way off lol

  • OhItsJustMe

    nick,..i have a bad news for you..Celtics will be this season Champions..call me if ilm wrong...so i can set with you and together talking non sense,,,lol

  • OhItsJustMe

    this nick has the greatest job in the planet.....setting and talking non sense.....lol...celtics are sweepers

  • Joseph Howard
    Joseph Howard

    Nicks comments did not age well 😂

    • Fin6as

      Joseph Howard they actually did

  • Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson

    Nick its called peaking and that is what he Celtics are doing. Don't count the Celtics out, that would be a mistake.

    • Anirudh Nataraj
      Anirudh Nataraj

      Scott Gibson he’s Gonna look mad silly when we win the series

  • 9some

    nick is always wright, yet never right and that guy is the white carlton

  • Sharp Shooter
    Sharp Shooter

    It 1-0 lol

  • Rocky Bocky
    Rocky Bocky

    Nick Wrong didn't get it again lol didn't see that coming or did I

  • Alexis Sarkasia
    Alexis Sarkasia

    Fortunately for Nick, it is possible to have a successful career being wrong. Game 1, Celts blowout Bucks on their home court. It's only one game but go down the lineups 1 thru 8, except for the Greek Freak do not know where Bucks have an advantage. Problem for Celts has been chemistry and getting working line-ups. IF the Celts have truly that worked those things out, they have more talent which makes the Bucks the Underdogs.

  • Iloveprettyfeet Women
    Iloveprettyfeet Women


  • NO B.S
    NO B.S

    Nick is a Celtics hater...No matter how well the Celtics do....He still won"t give them credit.....I know it is only 1 game but so far so good right Nick ??? Celtics 1-0

    • Javi Chulo
      Javi Chulo

      Jajaja. You mean Bucks up 2 - 1

  • Mr. Wright
    Mr. Wright

    Celtics got game one...

    • AL112476

      Mr. Wright by 20 points too🤦🏻‍♂️

  • jacqueline walsh
    jacqueline walsh

    This gentleman was right the guest

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Looks like Nick was wrong.😂🤣😭

    • Fin6as

      David Smith nope

  • Chris Hamlett
    Chris Hamlett

    I came back here to laugh at Nick Wright. Boy was he confident in the Celtics not stealing home court or what? 😂

    • Chris Hamlett
      Chris Hamlett

      @Fin6as I came back to laugh at my comment as well. Boy, Boston played like trash after the first game. It's alright though, even the great ones gotta be wrong once in awhile.

    • Fin6as

      Chris Hamlett I came back to laugh at your comment

    • Michael Hering
      Michael Hering

      So good!!!

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez

    Celtics won by 22. Their biggest lead today was 26. Horford DOMINATED Giannis. Giannis had 8 points at the half. He did hit 3 uncontested 3 pointers though.

    • Substitoad

      Jesus Rodriguez this didn’t age well

    • Nelson's Rudolph
      Nelson's Rudolph

      They want him to shoot 3 's

    • Jp Sylvester
      Jp Sylvester

      Say it a lil Louder for those in the Back

  • Osezua Olear
    Osezua Olear

    Nick Wright: "So do i think they're going to go to a rested Milwaukee with a probable league MVP and steal home court advantage in the first two? NO I DONT" hahaha these guys are clowns. Until Giannis gets a better jumper i cannot crown best player in the league, let alone the east (my vote goes to Kawhi). Same for trash jumpshot Ben Simmons!

  • jlabsteinc

    Celtics 1-0 so shut up

    • David Michael
      David Michael

      Bucks up 3-1 so shut up.

  • Michael Turley
    Michael Turley

    Has Nick ever been right about basketball?

    • Shay Butta
      Shay Butta

      he's anti anything that hurt Lebron. He's speaking from emotions

  • Noah Martinez
    Noah Martinez

    I'm not saying the Bucks are overrated, but they are untested. They swept the Pistons without Blake Griffin. I think the Celtics are underrated here, but this is a pretty good matchup between the two teams.

  • Nathan s.
    Nathan s.

    The Celtics in 5

  • Ben Griffith Productions
    Ben Griffith Productions

    Celtics are not overmatched nor is Milwaukee.

  • chiko gaming
    chiko gaming

    celtics will be beaten by bucks😂

    • Raynard Williams-Martinez
      Raynard Williams-Martinez


  • Cringy Stuff
    Cringy Stuff

    Can ppl stop using regular season stats in the playoffs it means they were that good or bad til April 14

    • Cringy Stuff
      Cringy Stuff

      April 13

  • Drew11Winegarden

    Nick Wright hates Boston so much lol

  • Huden Ray Bungubung
    Huden Ray Bungubung

    Playoffs is different on regular season, celtics is more composed on scoring outside shots and defense on the paint,.. Celtics on 5-6

    • Konnor Sosnowski
      Konnor Sosnowski

      Bucks are 2nd in the league in made threes and are first in the league in points given up in the paint...

  • Mir 2x
    Mir 2x

    Who is going to guard kyrie you see what TERRY did to dude last year

    • Konnor Sosnowski
      Konnor Sosnowski

      Mir 2x I did unfortunately

    • Mir 2x
      Mir 2x

      Konnor Sosnowski did you watch the game ?

    • Konnor Sosnowski
      Konnor Sosnowski

      Who’s guarding Giannis?

  • abet mata
    abet mata

    After this semi play off..... Nick Wright will change his name to nick wrong bwa ha 😂

  • kram twain
    kram twain

    Nick Wright is just sour...knowing that Celtics 2019 is much better than Lebum's Lakers 2019. Chris Mannix is more credible than him. Don't expect that this no.1 Lebum's fan will pick Celtics over Bucks, besides he's a certified Kyrie hater let that sink in.

  • Klayton Heiman
    Klayton Heiman

    CC literally makes no sense.. he spits out words that don’t correlate with each other at all😂

  • ᴀᴠɪᴇx

    This is my outlook; In my opinion the undermanned Celtics last year have played better ball than the current roster despite the talent difference. The reasons the Bucks lost that seven game series can be summed up as, Giannis' lack of aggression at points of the game, lack of consistent shooters to space the floor, and a lack of a great coach to make use of that spacing and the talent that is Giannis. So while I think Boston has the talent to make the series interesting, even another game 7. If the Bucks ran through them in 4-5 games I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.

  • David Ozeruga
    David Ozeruga

    Let's just put it into perspective this way... If Milwaukee was playing Indiana, those games would never have been as close as they were with Boston. Milwaukee is just on another level.

  • Garrett Guthrie
    Garrett Guthrie

    Nick wright pulling a Carron Butler??? 🤔

  • Big Bucks
    Big Bucks

    Nick Wright you are such a delusional man at times, Boston is the most equipped team to take down the warriors in the east and that includes being able to take down the Bucks prisoner of the moment Giannis need to be able to hit the 3 at a high rate to even beat Boston superstars win games and if Giannis has a bad game who else on the bucks is gonna step up?

  • Bruce Bateman
    Bruce Bateman

    Nick Wright so angry cause his nose is massive and disgusting.

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz

    Nick is comparing the regular season to the playoffs. That’s where his argument loses value.

  • Avantion

    Bucks in 6, they will struggle against Boston, but Giannis will step up like he did multiple times this season and crush them. Although I’m inclined to give Boston a decent chance of coming out on top, I’m still on the Bucks for this one. It will be a very exciting series for sure, I do believe whoever wins this series will also make it to the finals

  • JarJarrellBinks Pokémon
    JarJarrellBinks Pokémon

    this series is pretty even so I think you gotta give it to the team with more homecourt games. Sorry Boston, but this is why you try to win more in the regular season #Bucksin7

  • terrorofsesameST

    Nick never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

  • Bill Togas
    Bill Togas

    So Chris Mannix biased towards Boston? That's the first time we see this, I swear...


    Nick Wright is wrong again. Get this clown off the air. Nick Wright and max kellerman should join up together and call their show. The idiot podcast.

  • reeseseater12

    I think Nick is over exaggerating the difference between Milwaukee and Boston. Milwaukee was better this season but in their head to head match ups they were close. We haven’t seen Milwaukee face adversity. What does happen if Boston steals a game? Like Chris said, the C’s are getting better. If the click and play a complete game they can compete with anyone. Not saying C’s will win but to write them off as if they don’t have a shot I think is a bit ridiculous.

  • jonnygreco

    I will agree that experience plays a big role. I don't agree that Milwaukee needs ''more'' experience in order to get passed Boston. The fact that the Bucks have changed so much since last year and have glued together better then any other team in the NBA is just proof that they know what they are doing. The only way Boston can beat the Bucks is if nothing goes in from one team and everything goes in from the other. If Kyrie and Giannis don't play who will win? There is your answer.

  • pikachu Reynolds
    pikachu Reynolds

    Boston is always better suited as underdogs. We will see once this series starts.

  • Edwardo Cariter
    Edwardo Cariter

    bucks in 3.

  • Frankincensed

    Celtics have that championship pedigree and that leprechaun 🇮🇪 💚 🍀 ☘️ ☘️ 🍀 🍀💚🇮🇪

  • Ben Grimm
    Ben Grimm

    Boston in 5.

  • KiddKlutch3420

    Bruh still hating cause kyrie left bron

  • Jim Floyd
    Jim Floyd

    Nick Wright is making too much sense for Mannix. He doesn't know how to respond.

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