Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Blueface goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about playing football in high school, his love of blue sneakers, and how he used to do meet and greets in Foot Lockers.
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    • Kassandra Thomas
      Kassandra Thomas

      Complex don’t let me go back in the game again

    • cnaasty visuals
      cnaasty visuals


    • cnaasty visuals
      cnaasty visuals

      Tay Tay h

    • Nina Peterson
      Nina Peterson

      Blueface can u please get me some shoes

    • Ryoz Vxndi
      Ryoz Vxndi

      iHazzy no one cares

  • HyDro Pizzaツ
    HyDro Pizzaツ

    Ah good I live in Texas where any thing ain’t expensive

  • StylishSquid Games
    StylishSquid Games

    Blueface baby

  • Heartbreak Richy
    Heartbreak Richy

    I just noticed no guest ever tries on the shoes before buying them

  • xmaide x
    xmaide x

    Never knew blueface knew how to count

  • Pro QuickScoper342
    Pro QuickScoper342

    Great vid!" cant wait for the english version.

  • Rdagoat X4
    Rdagoat X4


  • Noah P
    Noah P

    What he say

  • Gengi 615
    Gengi 615

    Almost $600 for some huraches?🤣🤣 mfs better come signed by blue face for that price 😡

  • Paul Chilson
    Paul Chilson

    Nobody: Blueface: hem hum hmm pemm yeh (mumbling) hemm hmm yeah telm dun guy (more mumbling)

  • NBAngel Wings
    NBAngel Wings

    6:02 He reminds me of Wiz

  • NBAngel Wings
    NBAngel Wings

    I like that blueface chain tho. Different.

  • Francisco Edeza
    Francisco Edeza

    6:10 Ohh Yeah, I Forgot Blueface Can't Really Flirt Because He Supposedly Has 2 Girlfriends.

  • Dsigbi

    Imagine if we could all just walk into a store and be like "These, these and these" without looking at 1 tag

  • Dsigbi

    I understand every single letter he pronounces so why these comments look like under a future video

  • I love To animate
    I love To animate

    Blue face:i like blue. Me:.......

  • Declan Hovey
    Declan Hovey

    Yo is he wearing fear of god cause they 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • FuRy_PyRo

    Who else wants to see melly go sneaker shopping

  • Oofer Mcooferton
    Oofer Mcooferton

    The way he says ooooo

  • Astazia Davis
    Astazia Davis

    I like jus how he grabs the shoes like it nothing

  • Makeit happen
    Makeit happen

    I wonder if he can go 20 seconds without saying yeah aight

  • Catalina Machuca
    Catalina Machuca

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not a living soul: Blueface:bOp

  • Victoria Berg
    Victoria Berg

    my dream was to own a pair of retro 11 but growing up my parents never had the money and they still don't

  • Dve123 D
    Dve123 D


  • Aleksandar Stojanovic
    Aleksandar Stojanovic

    Nobody: Blueface: Hell yeh


    Joe: are there any sneakers that stand out to you Blue face: fUgVvhNJjGgHJhGhJJkKHhhhHJhsAiGHt

  • BLAQK !
    BLAQK !

    I wouldn't pay that much for none of those sneakers...BOP!

  • iTz h3zY
    iTz h3zY

    i LiKe BlUe

  • ツFaiint

    on the deadlocs

  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez

    Do nle chappa

  • hellraisingg ?
    hellraisingg ?

    i like how this guy said rapping is a lot less work then football. cuz it is when you say “used to ride the buss round’ , now i wear bussdowns”

  • Eritx Frxst
    Eritx Frxst

    At least blue face has common decency he handed the cashier the money instead of putting it on the table

  • Jdub Moran
    Jdub Moran

    Blue face: Xuzjfjxhsjfjxhdhdh ya now idhdhsksud ya aight. Me: How the f do I know everything he said?

  • Jet Jamez
    Jet Jamez

    Everyone gotta cousin that looks like blue face 😂

  • just do it
    just do it

    What shoes do u like blueface , blueface: i like blue😂

  • Ryan Sabell
    Ryan Sabell

    Those undefeated Hauraches are beautiful 😍

  • Javonte Lang
    Javonte Lang

    When you get a text to your phone saying your direct deposit has hit (5:54)

  • Dennis Perry
    Dennis Perry

    Nle choppa should do this

  • Br0k3n_Beats

    5:54 ooooh

  • Br0k3n_Beats

    Am I the only person that noticed Jose Nike x fear of gods them hard

  • Hector Albertorio
    Hector Albertorio

    Anuel bad bunny real trap kings

  • Timothy Sanders
    Timothy Sanders

    Almost every English caption for blueface cant make out his last few words im sleep 😂😂😂

  • utsoftie

    2:31 fever dreams be lookin like:


    Oye amigo hablas Speak Spanish?? Bro

  • Blueds.

    _Please caption what blueface is saying_

  • Shampain Poppy
    Shampain Poppy

    Eh his picks were kinda ass lol

  • Simply Axel
    Simply Axel

    Blue face - Crip - ??? How u get to put on them all red shoes bro??? That’s brazzy

  • Aj_rian15

    BLUEFACE: ***sees something blue*** “Oh shit I fuck with these”

  • Li'l t Byrd
    Li'l t Byrd

    Comment down below what’s your favorite song by blue face or a song that includes him I like west coast!👍😊

  • Luis G.
    Luis G.

    was i the only one who saw how hard he tried to impress the girl at the register lmao?

  • TMA

    Blueface baby, yeah aigh

  • Thatboifinn

    5:52 OOH and 6:13 OOH

  • Choosyminions24 _
    Choosyminions24 _

    This man mumbles blueface mumbles more on complex the his music I feel bad for the other guy he’s like I burley under stand this mumble rapper

  • Ricky Page
    Ricky Page

    I might have some in the back Blueface OOOOOO

  • Dractz-

    Not being rude but Anybody see how he standing👀😭

  • Yudandir Martinez
    Yudandir Martinez


  • akaskillz zzz
    akaskillz zzz

    It’s a good thing that these people are rich 😂

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    If you have trouble understanding him when he talks you probably not from LA, cause that’s how everyone out here talk

  • Alvin Parker
    Alvin Parker

    Bluface:Imma famous crip 2 mins later buys a fully red shoe 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • JustBuildLol

    “All these is boof” - blueface

  • Interest

    I can't understand a word he sayin.

  • Abby Arguelles
    Abby Arguelles


  • L .
    L .

    He sound like he don’t want to be there

  • Mr. Misfitted
    Mr. Misfitted

    “i LikE bLuE”


    Yea aight


    Blueface "shdufudieudjdjdneifusjsjaaahhaaaahhhmmmmmmm uhhhhhh a hsi dkr jwbrjr tjejshcjdu"

  • Axiitex Idk why
    Axiitex Idk why

    Do a sneaker shopping with Tyler The Creator

  • loyd bernardo
    loyd bernardo

    do yall know what this guy is saying?

  • ZXReviveSpecial

    Fans go shopping with complex?

  • fhassqsssdewsyh YT
    fhassqsssdewsyh YT

    He spending that much money on those shoes but he should be spending it on speech class

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