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Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are, including The Revenant, Cast Away, Point Break, Titanic, Bird Box, and more. Bear talks about his experience sleeping inside the carcass of a camel, dealing with a malfunctioning parachute, and almost freezing to death. Bear Grylls hosts Nat Geo’s six-part series Hostile Planet, premiering April 1, at 9/8c.
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Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair

  • Lavender Bleach
    Lavender Bleach

    The big bang: *happens* Bear Grylls: yh I've been in this situation before

  • unseenmatter

    **Last clip with Michael Scott** *Bear Grylls: Well, First of all, I've actually been in this situation before."*

  • The Progress Report
    The Progress Report

    Bear Grylls is such a fraud. Dude was eating at hotels and sleeping in suites for his "survival show"" and gave horrible "survival" information that can kill you.

  • Jan Hemmer
    Jan Hemmer

    It appears bear grills is immune to danger

  • nao

    shiuld've got les stroud to do it, he's he person to talk to if you want realism

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies

    I'm bear grylls and I don't believe in evolution.

  • Amy W
    Amy W

    Bear Grylls is actually wholesome though. Always so optimistic

  • Katie Claire
    Katie Claire

    Mufasa: dies in a stampede while son watches Bear Grylls: I’ve actually been in this situation many times before

  • Tmp866

    The Holocaust: *Happens* Bear Grylls: *Been in that same situation before. Poland winters are truly frigid.

  • Minh Nguyen-Ba
    Minh Nguyen-Ba

    *Woman suffers a miscarriage* Bear Grylls: “I’ve actually been in that situation before”

  • Charlie

    "we had this camel... That had died"

  • Zesty Gaming
    Zesty Gaming

    O ya free falling over a volcano and getting attacked bye a bear in the middle of the sky “O Ya I’ve been in that situation”

  • dat calculation tho
    dat calculation tho

    Man, what a legend of our times!

  • I don't post
    I don't post

    What about the life of pi?

  • KingBanana

    Watches child birth Bear: I've actually experienced this many times.

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana

    I'm watching his show on Netflix It's interesting

  • Renegade Gamez
    Renegade Gamez

    Makes a tent out of a dead f*cking horse Bear grylls: Now I have actually done this with a camel in the desert once...

  • Kaiser

    He’s a fraud

  • Izabella Benedek
    Izabella Benedek

    Bear Grylls is as fake as Jimmy Fallon’s laugh

  • Digital Made
    Digital Made

    (Spoiler For End Game) !! Thano’s head gets chopped of and iron man has Thano’s Rock things on his armour. Bear Grylls: I have been in this situation 100’s of times before

  • EpicDoggiez

    9:48 Lmao “Lack of knowledge”

  • Troy Thomas
    Troy Thomas

    Bird Box should've been called Bird Brain, and that's discounting a bird's intelligence. How it got the green light?

  • Sir Borkington
    Sir Borkington

    Great dude, great video

  • Charissa 's Crazy
    Charissa 's Crazy

    I didn't know I needed this so badly.

  • Adrián Andrade
    Adrián Andrade

    The definitive video doesn't exi-


    *(SOMEONE DIES)* I have actually experienced that before in the special forces

  • im seel
    im seel

    I come back to this video every now and then just to read the comments

  • Helena francis
    Helena francis

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

  • Spudie TV
    Spudie TV

    I bet he was in the special forces catering corp

  • Molly Rostek
    Molly Rostek

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Bear grylls: I’ve been in this situation before

  • Dietrich Lecher
    Dietrich Lecher

    Man vs wild is as fake as the movies

  • Give me some weed
    Give me some weed

    No urine was consumed during the filming.

  • Ultra Lord
    Ultra Lord

    I grew up watching this guy

  • mountain prepper
    mountain prepper

    How is the office in this ?😕😕😕😕😕😕

  • ALEJOwhatever

    Bear Grylls: *reads book of Revelation* Yeah, I've been in that situation before

  • I reckon I can build that
    I reckon I can build that

    Sleeping inside a camel, or was it a hotel????

  • Hali Stokes
    Hali Stokes

    I swear he doesn’t age

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J

    *cue film 127 Hours, Aron Ralston is having to cut off his own arm to escape a fallen boulder* Bear Grylls: I've actually experienced this many times before

  • FB0102

    I was expectim him to say he was on the titanic too, and survived

  • Kai

    Bear Grylls should make a hotel review...

  • Som Dood
    Som Dood

    Letting bear grylls review survival movies is like letting a McDonalds emplyee review high end resturants.

  • SharkRule 64
    SharkRule 64

    Movie:Jurassic park t-Rex pulls of toilet while guy was pooing Bear Grills : been there done that

  • john Oliver
    john Oliver

    Well this is ironic

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah

    Lion attacks man: Bear grylls :been there done that

  • Kolano Pigmeja
    Kolano Pigmeja

    i love how he explains how to put a knife in croc's skull.

  • An Individualist
    An Individualist

    In soviet Russia, Bear hides into you.

  • SLLM_NewGamer 597_2
    SLLM_NewGamer 597_2

    Sub to pewdipie

  • Phil Tate
    Phil Tate

    "you can only get it wrong once with salt water crocodiles...but I've got it wrong many times".

  • fetuso fetuso
    fetuso fetuso

    i hope that poor camel didn't die on purpose. On second thought, Di Caprio is lucky a Grizzly didn't pass by the horse carcass. Imagine that. A stuffed horse :)

  • JRB vvd
    JRB vvd

    Is this guy the same guy on the Netflix series you vs wild

    • Sir Borkington
      Sir Borkington

      Yeah, used to ve in the SAS and makes some light hearted survival shows

  • ColdieHU

    Watching Bear Grylls talking about how realistic survival movies are, is like listening to Trump explaining how to be a good president.

  • Sean Mc Donald
    Sean Mc Donald

    Where safety is number one priority 1:27

  • Batman King
    Batman King

    *Memes everywhere in the comment section, It's getting really annoying and stupid. Just comment some nice words and Respect this dude for his survival skills.*

  • L B
    L B

    I wonder if had they shown Jaws where it jumps on the boat, Bear Grylls would have mentioned being in that situation before.

  • You People Are Crazy
    You People Are Crazy

    Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are? His own television program wasn't real.

  • A Free and Simple Life
    A Free and Simple Life

    Universe contracts to nothingness. Bear: "Experienced this a couple of times actually."

  • Jakob S
    Jakob S

    *dairy cow being milked on a farm* “Yeah I can relate, I’ve been there before.”

  • Alastair Corsair
    Alastair Corsair

    Follow this mans advice you'll end up dead, and he faked lots of his show, search it or click here! some facts, the crevasse jump fake lava vs real lava Bear 'Grills' simply walks into NO

  • Woken Artist
    Woken Artist

    *sleeping in animal carcass* Bear grylls: yea been in that situation.... *cold river surviving* Bear: yep, many times *meteor shower* BG: personal favorite... *thanos snap* BG: was fun, i vividly remember i was in brit force... *earth 🌎 sinking in black hole 🕳* BG: tell me about it... 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    The Big Bang: happens Bear grylls: yeah so I’ve been in this situation quite a few times before

  • Loulydollx3

    Best comment section hahaha

  • justin taylor
    justin taylor

    you guys picked the biggest FAKE in all of survival to chime in on this, smh.

  • Connor 1
    Connor 1

    lol hasn't this guy been outed for staying in hotels when he was claiming to be "surviving"?.


    bear is a total hack

  • 10,000 subscribers With zero videos
    10,000 subscribers With zero videos

    I need a meme wear there is a horrible accident and then he pops up in the corner of the screen saying “ I’ve actually been in a situation like that.”

  • PretzelKnowsBest !
    PretzelKnowsBest !

    Is Bear Grylls okay?...

  • Ben Duerksen
    Ben Duerksen

    “This is a situation I’ve been in many times before. It was solved easily enough by going back to the hotel.”

  • Danny Richards
    Danny Richards


  • siri

    this man has done everything

  • Cameron Winch
    Cameron Winch

    Reading I have been in this situation before jokes Me: "I've been in this situation before"

    • Roughshark, angular
      Roughshark, angular

      Cameron Winch Now that i read your comment, i realize i can say that i experienced reading this before when someone comments that again.

  • YourFace

    Bear grills: oi mate, that's not how you survive.... you're supposed to get a hotel after the camera crew leaves for the night.....

  • M Realzola
    M Realzola

    I love this

  • Keebs

    Why is this hack even famous where's survivor man at?

  • BRad From THe Valley
    BRad From THe Valley

    one mistake was bear assuming he was as powerful as Mick Dundee. "as you can see I've tented my pants"

  • John uh Jacobs
    John uh Jacobs

    that office clip was the most realistic. they especially nailed the lack of knowledge part

  • Odi Mort
    Odi Mort

    He is just actor. Not survivalist ... its show, all is set.

  • Let’s Duel! Yugioh Duel Links
    Let’s Duel! Yugioh Duel Links

    On the crocodile one all she had to do was lean her head forward lmao dumbass

  • maxcr

    What hasn’t bear grylls done

  • Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood

    What about when Han put Luke in the Tauntaun? That was almost years 40 before Leo climbed in a bear haha.

  • Bryce Bordelon
    Bryce Bordelon

    Does he have a single lame story?!

  • Lipton

    Is no one going to mention that bOTH OF THEM COULD HAVE FITTED ON THE DOOR??????

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    "You gotta be careful with salt water crocodiles, you can only get that wrong once" wise words

    • Roughshark, angular
      Roughshark, angular

      Jack Smith Yeah well, you get wise after a lot experience. And we know he did experienced stuff before...

  • MrXsanX


  • Alpaca Danny
    Alpaca Danny

    isn't bear grylls dead? 0_0

  • Toaster Boy
    Toaster Boy

    No one : I have cancer and AIDS Bear grills : I have been in that situation

  • Mshamba

    What does Bear Grylls know? Michael Scott is the ultimate survival expert.

  • BuBBLe GiO
    BuBBLe GiO

    *Pruichs* and that’s the end of the crock

  • James Christopher Cirujano
    James Christopher Cirujano

    12 hours for a fire? This guy doesn't watch primitive technology often.

  • Big Jims Shed
    Big Jims Shed

    How much they paying you

  • Christiaan van Driel
    Christiaan van Driel

    “And I cant get it in” I have been in that situation before lol

  • MinorAccident

    Me and my friend created our own characters based off Bear Grylls and we used to film animal documentary type videos using stuff toys and other bedroom items, I was the main character, a genderless slightly Australian-accented 'Barbecue Grylls' who always ended up getting attacked by the featured animal in the video, but would always survive somehow for the next, and she was my sister 'Rusty Grylls' (Yes both pun names) and i would always mention my hatred for my cousin, Bear Grylls. Cringey, good times.

    • Lubova Videa
      Lubova Videa

      Barbecue Grylls, what an awesome name! :D Thank you very much for making my day :D

  • Yeet

    He looks like Gendry

  • Pimmas040

    Well, Bear should know, he has been in heavily scripted survival scenario's before.

    • Sir Borkington
      Sir Borkington

      Plus the special forces, climbed Everest.

  • sacha paternotte
    sacha paternotte


    • sacha paternotte
      sacha paternotte

      +Lipton Lipton yeah! I thought the whole commentsection would be filled with that, but instead it is filled with memes about what Bear has experienced

    • Lipton


  • 0g Trans Fat
    0g Trans Fat

    What an absolute legend

  • Mark Marquez
    Mark Marquez

    Women: *giving birth* Bear Grylls: been in this situation coup.. ... ..wait a min! _You just read more._

  • kuoinc

    What a legend! He’s been through it all. He must have no regrets in life

  • Rachel Waters
    Rachel Waters

    *literally dies in the harsh environment* Bear Grylls: believe it or not, I've actually experienced this

  • Charl H
    Charl H

    "Titanic is sinking and teen heart throb saves Rose" Bear Grylls: I've actually been in this situation before

  • asim GameplayZ
    asim GameplayZ

    Why everyone making memes

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