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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • niqiki

    is no one else upset, not because it's focusing too much on "girl empowerment" but that a genuinely GOOD character has been stripped of her background, personality and backstory just bc Hollywood said so or... why has this been a trend for DC lately? they're taking away so many things from their characters that they seem like new or different people...

  • Snake1989

    And even seeing how much the trailer is hated ...the producers will be dumb enough to air this smoking turd anyways.

  • The idiot alien
    The idiot alien


  • kristian johansen
    kristian johansen

    Batman gave up on you? Uh no he didn’t he’s just too busy dealing whit the joker constantly all the time

  • Daddy Joe
    Daddy Joe

    No one can replace Bruce Wayne, especially some cheap Netflix show.

  • ihate DEREK
    ihate DEREK

    This should tell you something, this ain’t it.

  • Notu Mii
    Notu Mii

    Token Token Token

  • Good Hunter
    Good Hunter

    I'm just gonna re-watch Gotham all my life and ignore the fact this exists

  • lil Jaymew
    lil Jaymew

    🎵im a woman🎵

  • Al AA
    Al AA

    I made the account just so I can dislike this trailer


    Fuerza internet! Mantengámonos coherentes!

  • Cillver Bullet
    Cillver Bullet

    Let me add one more dislike.

  • Gustavo Adolfo Ramírez Apache
    Gustavo Adolfo Ramírez Apache

    It's not clear to me, is it a woman?

  • ShutUpMichael

    (everyone disliked that)

  • Sir Tiddlesworth
    Sir Tiddlesworth

    This comment section has a lot more hate than when Batwoman was revealed to be a lesbian back in 2006.

  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski

    WOmon attack

  • Aldo Kasimi
    Aldo Kasimi

    2:00 Did she really have to say that?!

  • Itz Talon Productions
    Itz Talon Productions

    I like how the song in the back of the trailer says “IM A WOMAN” if it isn’t already clear that she is a woman by the name of the show, Batwoman

  • Itz Talon Productions
    Itz Talon Productions

    Batman:Aw I need to take a vacation man..this crime fighting thing is hard work.. *Batwoman Trailer is released* Batman:Maybe vacation can wait..

  • Aaron Sadowsky
    Aaron Sadowsky

    This movie gives feminist a bad name

  • charles hedrick
    charles hedrick

    Who writes “It’s perfect once it fits a women” and says, “Yup this is good.”

  • Joseph Squared
    Joseph Squared

    -Tries to look like a man -Tries to act like a man -Wears similar costume as a man -Complains people think she's a man

  • dr. bombbay
    dr. bombbay


  • Fart Juice
    Fart Juice

    If batwoman gets messed up this badly what’ll happen if they try to do BATMAN (they’ll probably make him black and gay with Alfred and a trash detective)

    • BrickStudios 105
      BrickStudios 105

      That makes me scared just thinking about it😲😮

  • Gershwin Quintyne
    Gershwin Quintyne

    Batwoman gonna flop so bad. Lots of man hate in that series. They should show it on lifetime!

  • Gregory Ross
    Gregory Ross

    But the age old question must be answered.... Can she make a sandwich?

  • B_BaD

    When thanos snapped it should have wiped this trailer from existence

  • Bubby Dubby
    Bubby Dubby

    I sometimes wonder why God has abandoned me, then I see this trailer and I know why and don’t blame him.

  • Pei Pei
    Pei Pei

    Wow, soo... They can't come up with original heroes for women? As a woman, this was so painful to watch. Def. Won't waste my money to see this

  • Jay steven
    Jay steven

    Batman turned into a lesbian?

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man

    Tolerance mothefucka.

  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen

    Main Character: Is a man Everyone: Main Character: Is a woman Everyone: Wait, that’s illegal

    • darkshao51

      So, Alita Battle Angel was illegal? Mulan was illegal? Buffy the Vampire Slayer was illegal? Come on dude!

  • Keith Batista
    Keith Batista

    Batman would never give up on Gotham City that's the stupidest plot I've ever heard

  • aprilapirlipat

    What is all this about gender swapping traditionally male characters 😕 things are getting silly

  • Arjun Jain
    Arjun Jain

    How low has the CW stooped to

  • Copper Fox
    Copper Fox

    Wow, who gives this garbage a thumbs up?

  • Matt Scott
    Matt Scott

    Embarrassing Hot Garbage.

  • Korben

    OMG this is so bad, major SJW fail. So many great and original strong female leads, why create this bull crap.

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly

    Soooo many lame 'women are better than men' comments. We get it... its BatWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melon Dash
    Melon Dash

    Oh man, 2019 has been something else

  • Alonso Sotomayor
    Alonso Sotomayor

    Whatever man, didn’t give a f*ck about a female 007 (will give it benefit of the doubt by watching Bond 25) until I realized that now Batman is a 100lb lesbian vegan with basic combat skills that will for sure be invincible against rivals twice her size. That would be alright if she didn’t sh*t all over Bruce Wayne’s/Batman’s legacy in the trailer. Don’t F*ck with the Bat! Let’s put this show out of its misery by NOT watching it.

  • storm skye
    storm skye

    Why is she asking a guy to fix the suit? She’s a female, grab your sewing machine girl and get to work!

  • IronFromIce Y
    IronFromIce Y

    I think she is a woman?

  • Florin Alexa
    Florin Alexa

    the amount of hate this trailer got.... im so happy... i hope the show is going to get cancelled! this cave man writing: man bad woman good... what a joke

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3


  • Juicy Smellit
    Juicy Smellit

    The music is horrific. They should have used 'I'm not a girl, not yet a woma'am ' instead.

  • Flamesphere

    “The suit is literal perfection” “It will be, when it fits Steve Harvey”

  • Flamesphere

    So I have this thing with rules.. I stick like glue to them so I get good critic’s consensus on Rotten Tomatoes.😂

  • loki katzbalger
    loki katzbalger

    Why do I have the urge to shot this batwoman in her spine just for shits and giggles?

  • Exosydius

    guess bad guys ain't the only thing that invaded Gotham city them SJW's too fuckin hell

  • Kronny McTrakher
    Kronny McTrakher

    Wtf is this boy?? Barbara, WHERE ARE YOU???

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed

    The trailer is quite nice and we will get to see the story of Bat woman.

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit

      It's Batma'am!!

  • 5AM Gaming
    5AM Gaming

    Omg this show is going to tank so hard...the cringe is real.

  • KrÎştoph Pîäték
    KrÎştoph Pîäték

    I love how feminism work a women can insult men and KT called freedom and brave and independent while a man can't and if he do he is a misogynistic mama boy

  • Дмитрий Дмитриевич
    Дмитрий Дмитриевич

    Феминистки не нужны

  • Артем Мирочник
    Артем Мирочник

    Срань господня, ну и говно

  • Florentman Fish
    Florentman Fish

    "The suit is literally perfection" "It will be... when it fits a woman" DCs Captain Marvel?

  • Ophiel666

    Come on, this gotta be a B Series movie...

  • Jest Jest
    Jest Jest

    We need Thanos again...

  • Phontheva Pholsena
    Phontheva Pholsena

    The suit is fine the way it is. Just make yourself a new one.

  • Piter Pain
    Piter Pain

    ДС пробивают дно

  • Roger


  • Tammy

    I wonder how this show would have been like if they didn't drown it in toxic sjw crap

  • Ricardo Murillo
    Ricardo Murillo

    A feminist proposed batwoman in Hollywood. Nobody dared say it was a bad idea to avoid lawsuits. The movie fails but it's the public's fault. batwoman will request equal pay. Sounds like the American women in soccer.

  • Aadon Sahadeo
    Aadon Sahadeo

    Uses Batman's suit and technology but says "im not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work" this is serious bs. The feminazis are taking over.

  • Jarod Smith
    Jarod Smith

    If Ruby Rose identifies as "gender fluid", isn't all this "I'm a woman" stuff completely hypocritical and completely contradicting the whole "How dare you assume my gender" bullshit? And if she's gender fluid, can't she just become the new Batman? So, basically, Ruby can be Batwoman one day, and decide to be Batman the next? And then, if the mood catches her, she can be simply "Bat-Person" or "Non-Binary Bat-Human"? I'm so confused.

  • Kyle Lurz
    Kyle Lurz

    Wait till the new 007 comes out it’ll be worse than this

  • Rafe Stewart
    Rafe Stewart

    Look how they massacred my boy

  • Hemanth Mtv
    Hemanth Mtv

    Trailer is good! Actually

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006

      Hemanth Mtv the lying serum is working

    • Juicy Smellit
      Juicy Smellit

      Very convincing.

  • Voenise Tandoc
    Voenise Tandoc

    Does cw know that they can make a show with a strong female lead without shoving some social commentary about women being stronger than men?

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