Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2
Danny Gonzalez
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Guys these are some bad ads. These are some bad awful ads.

Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on DE-my, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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  • The Gay Hat
    The Gay Hat

    she didn't say hi back... *[start mass genocide and kill many]* *[d i v o r c e]*

  • Mr. Anteater
    Mr. Anteater

    You are living Option 1-Pee in ur parents mouth Option 2- slap him Option 3- *d i v o r c e*

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson

    Dan: not to mention that there all dead Me: that’s deadcist (it sounds better than livecist)

  • worms

    people do die on the toilet a lot. if you're trying to shit really hard, and you have heart issues, it can exacerbate those issues.

  • Cassidy Mills
    Cassidy Mills

    *You need to take your dog on a walk.* -Eat him -Kiss his face -DIVORCE

  • Sarah Cosentino
    Sarah Cosentino

    Who else died when the bare started spanking the bear 😂

  • Alecc Oof
    Alecc Oof

    6:05 you’re welcome

  • lokimia

    8:51 that laugh tho

  • ramu n
    ramu n

    That bear thiccccc

  • aislinn murphy
    aislinn murphy

    oh no! your out of eggs! A. cry B. D I V O R C E

  • DANNY PLEASE DO AN EPISODE SERIES WITH DREW. Please like this comment to he can see this shit

  • Quacamole Window
    Quacamole Window

    Dead people can’t play mobile games - Danny

  • ayshhehrhdjw Lada8riwi4jur
    ayshhehrhdjw Lada8riwi4jur

    Danny I think it means (this is a joke) you need to fuck off and stop trying to judge innocent mobile games jk jk you are one of my favorite youtubers UWU Episode be like What should I do? Yeet him off a bridge Kiss him 25💎

  • bruno Sipo tengo
    bruno Sipo tengo

    The morce code says: fuck all kids that don't understand

  • Jay

    I painfully tried to translate the Morse and got H A R B E R T S T H I N M It’s actually supposed to be harder than you think

  • Emily Binns
    Emily Binns

    I straight up played matchington mansion until level 300 and it's a good game, I started noticing these Ads after I'd already deleted it THANK GOS

  • pastel bunny
    pastel bunny is a Splatoon ripoff

  • Olive Cuadrado
    Olive Cuadrado

    Y O U R T H E S P E C I AL ONE

  • FastDarkMatter

    No this is patrick Slap his face Kiss him

  • Galaxy Hogwarts fan
    Galaxy Hogwarts fan

    This is how i remember this series' name... *Ba Dads*

  • KerezyMaii

    Elvis died on the toilet

  • Izzy Michaud
    Izzy Michaud

    _'You just deciphered morse code!'_ -Slap his face -Kiss him

  • IndigoCheesecakeMaster

    I GOTS TO PEE -hit your child -DIVORCE

  • Shattered Lily
    Shattered Lily

    7:35 Uhh...

  • not a spy
    not a spy

    "Dead people can't play mobile games" -Danny Gonzalez 2019

  • Alex Outlaw
    Alex Outlaw

    Pie in English is pie

  • Mr. Woof Woof
    Mr. Woof Woof

    First ad is called Paper.Io. I play 2. They're both by VOODOO Btw

  • Unknown_Gigamates

    Yes...I live in the USA AND Canada...logic danny, logic

  • eva diaz
    eva diaz

    If you don't watch the video the comments make less sense than the ads

  • Chad Leftwich
    Chad Leftwich

    10:32 i was just thinking about slaping her

  • Alchemic Minimalist
    Alchemic Minimalist

    The one true love she was referring to was herself, and then he put a mustache on it to poke fun at her BUT I LIKE YOUR VERSION BETTER TBH

  • Osctrich

    The “only 1844 kids will get this” probably means only 1844 kids will get the game

  • Osctrich

    I was in China and the pronunciation of the words were written next to then, and it said “Long men..............”

  • C A
    C A

    MOM IM HUNGRY >Burn the house down >DIVORCE >Make dinner (30 diamonds)

  • Andis _X_ Rofl
    Andis _X_ Rofl

    u have to see the german ads for coin master XD

  • Dylan T-harris
    Dylan T-harris

    The Morse code is saying, " subscribe to PewDiePie"

  • Jayson Lim
    Jayson Lim

    U NEvEr kNOw our GOnNA dIE

  • Jayson Lim
    Jayson Lim

    The sPaaAanKInG BeAaR

  • Sophia ouǝɹoɯ
    Sophia ouǝɹoɯ

    My mom plays machinton

  • ひびき 山垣
    ひびき 山垣

    8:07 This is one of the famous LINE stamps in Japan🙄

  • Dominus Ducky
    Dominus Ducky

    "Extinct animals have no rights"

  • doc potterywood
    doc potterywood

    14:01 this is just actually what straight men think lesbians are like

  • redwolfcbz

    dunno why I went through the trouble but...4:00, its bobs glass. nice video, and keep up the good work.

  • Robert V
    Robert V

    You are traveling in the desert and you need water! - [Die] - [Revive Hitler]

  • Brooklynn Ennen
    Brooklynn Ennen


  • Zipporah Terpstra-Liske
    Zipporah Terpstra-Liske

    The Morse code says jk sub to Danny Gonzalez and become greg

  • Stain razor
    Stain razor

    apperently the morse code translates to " if you can survive for 2 minutes, you are legally spongebob" with a smiley face!?!?!?!?!

  • PewDiePie4ever

    Omg the bear🤣🤣🤣

  • Xander

    Don’t people die on the toilet beccause they are having a heart attack and they think they just need to poo?

  • kim namv
    kim namv

    Friend gets you present >say thank you (20 diamonds) >DIVORCE

  • Khanh Duong
    Khanh Duong

    10:57 😂😂😂

  • Mr_real_lama __
    Mr_real_lama __


  • PoluX

    You found a stray dog. [Slap his face] [Kiss him]

  • brookiepoo 2.0
    brookiepoo 2.0

    Kids born in 1844.......would be 175................

  • Teh Sweater Bruhs
    Teh Sweater Bruhs

    Petition for Danny to begin every vid with "What's up Greg, I hope you've had a *GREG* day..."

  • Dora Flame
    Dora Flame

    The German Ads for Coin Master are even worse. They're filled with like German DE-myrs/Celebrities and weirdly lip-synced.

  • B.B.S the husky
    B.B.S the husky

    Danny makes a new video Do you: Slap his face Kiss him Pee in his mouth D I V O R S E

  • Just Daysia
    Just Daysia

    Me:watching on TV Danny: help me decipher this Me:gets on phone to look through comments

  • Jk Tolosa
    Jk Tolosa

    Sultan? More like Satan

  • SilverSaxophonist

    Can you made a video on “Partymasters” ads

  • Arcanine-Espeon


  • Angryaviator Games
    Angryaviator Games

    *HELP* *SOMEONE* *CALL* *911* (slap his face) (Kiss him)

  • People against HINT water
    People against HINT water

    i’m feeling kinda sad -divorce life -pee in life’s mouth

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    6:16 Is no one going to talk about how not only do her breasts get gigantic AFTER HER PREGNANCY (implying...yeah, I don't even want to say it) but that the image on the left of the Classmate is showing her G STRING over a _black-colored stomach_ and then you realize that on all three girls under their clothes appears to be some kind of _black skinsuit?!_

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    Mwah! EXQUISITE! *Cool Cat wants to: **_know your location_*

  • IGIVEUP123321 hihhi
    IGIVEUP123321 hihhi

    At 10:13 I thought the he was going to piss in her mouth EDIT TA FUCK AT 10:33 I WAS FUCKING RIGHT

  • Stef The Cat
    Stef The Cat

    8:22 his forehead crease looks like a frowny face :(

  • Smoldering Tires
    Smoldering Tires

    Guys this is just cringe

  • The Francis Family
    The Francis Family

    I ship him with Emma Chamberlain

  • Ghoultiful Hag
    Ghoultiful Hag

    Step 1: Step 2: DIVORCE

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