Adam Morrison was the NBA’s next Larry Bird.. What Happened

  • Matthew Waddell
    Matthew Waddell

    That is awesome that he was smart with his money and has a lot of perspective on his basketballs journey

  • Marvin Allen
    Marvin Allen

    I could be wrong but we haven't really had a great white American player since Bird which tells me Bird will always be in a class of his own

  • Kombaiyashii

    I don't care if he was an nba bust, to accomplish what he did with type 1 diabetes was incredible!

  • Casey28f02

    Your making t1 diabetes sound a lot worse me and my brother have it and I play in the youth sbc league (the Scottish bball league) if I'm playing a big match or doing some hard training I just eat something before it like a chocolate bar to boost my blood sugar and you only need to take insulin if you are eating something like a meal or a snack with more than 15 carbs.

  • Jeovany Rojas
    Jeovany Rojas

    Adam Morison is a NBA champion

  • Shadysif

    I remember his retirement ceremony. The NBA was never same.

  • Michael Schoel
    Michael Schoel

    he's obviously not a failure you know making it as a college player of the year and to the NBA and you know a couple championships with the LA Lakers he's definitely not a failure in fact he he did rather well

  • wesley priddy
    wesley priddy

    Gonzaga played garbage back then. What i remember most about him was getting free throws for running over his own player, while the nearest defender was 10 feet away. That won him a tournament game. What i saw was refs giving the kid with diabetes crap fouls to make him look better.

  • Adam P
    Adam P

    sports is all about the system. will tom brady be a GOAT if he had played for the Browns or anywhere without Belichieck? Look at all the QBs that were good with Beliechieck and sucked after they left him. Look at all the NBA stars that failed after they left their all-pro team. Same can be said with Hockey players too. baseball is the only sport that an individual can succeed by being selfish. Even then, Its still predicated by management. Just look at baseball and Bryce Harper. $400 million for a strikeout machine that I can get for $100 in Mark Reynolds or Chris Davis. Its all about being in the right system that can bring out the best in you

  • Jonni Zeal Stetsa
    Jonni Zeal Stetsa

    Damn .. Seeing this only made Me wish He was as successful as they hoped ..

  • Phil Ill
    Phil Ill

    i should choke you out for even mentioning this dude in the same breath as larry :(

  • Iconhulk

    J.j is a punk..

  • Eisen lois
    Eisen lois

    Everyone talkin about him and bird but all I see is Dirk in him

  • JPMoron

    So his real name is Adam "Stingky-Dinky" Morrison?

  • 1v1NoDebuff

    10:03 wtf he was 6-8 and 198 pounds

  • ryvrdrgn16

    Magic Johnson cast a curse so that there would never again be another Larry Bird.

  • InfamousTuber

    kinda looklike steven adams for me lol

  • Pradigy Musicman
    Pradigy Musicman

    WAIT, I watched him in Preseason his 2nd season . He was actually looking really good before he tore his ACL. You could tell mentally he was weak though, and Larry Brown didn't help that either.

  • Bananas Ooh nah nah
    Bananas Ooh nah nah

    I have a 40 inch vert. I’m only 5’7” though. So I can only reverse windmill off two feet.

  • roylynn wall
    roylynn wall

    I honestly do not recall that, at all. The dude had nothing in common with Bird. Well, not true, both had terrible staches, and low melanin. His only discernible skill was dribbling with his right hand, while looking at the ball.

  • Assistant

    “Larry Bird, with a 40 inch vertical!”

  • Matt Schneider
    Matt Schneider

    Yo I’m type one what a great representative for our kind lol

  • Raymart Mercado
    Raymart Mercado

    He refused to use the shower

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    How did you fail?

  • Dhruv Subramanain
    Dhruv Subramanain

    shout out to TKE lmao

  • thekornreeper


  • 74kjohnson

    Labeling a kid the next Larry Bird is more of a kiss of death than labeling them the next MJ

  • CopperMan Arrowz
    CopperMan Arrowz

    Trash Jordan's Worst Pick ever ....


    Meh, I guess. He made his money and won 2 rings so i'm sure he's happy.

  • Paul Seay
    Paul Seay

    He was not, nor would he ever have been anything close to Larry Bird! He and Bird shared the same skin color that's all. That is a pretty stupid reason to draw any comparison!

  • Meredith Leavitt
    Meredith Leavitt

    Isnt this the dude that had the most annoying voice in his videos ever?

  • Da Sh
    Da Sh

    He did not take showers. Ask Gerald Wallace.

  • Da Sh
    Da Sh

    And who drafted Adam Morrison? Hint: an individual that is praised as an NBA great (rightfully so) but is a terrible owner and has ruined Kemba Walker's career. Again, DRAFTED ADAM MORRISON!!!!

    • ian isaac
      ian isaac

      The same man who thought Kwame Brown warranted #1 pick status LOL!!!!

  • Nick Paz
    Nick Paz

    Shawn may

  • David Norris
    David Norris

    Bobby Clarke was a diabetic and all he did was go to the NHL HOF

  • ericlogos

    Let's face it- he was a nut, an emotional basket case. That's why he was an NBA bust.

  • Jamar Smith
    Jamar Smith

    Do a what happened to former Seattle Supersonic Robert Swift.

  • SuperBoomshack

    The black men held him down

  • PlatinumState

    It was all mental with him

  • Eris Azani
    Eris Azani

    Never even heard of this dude

  • t- milt
    t- milt

    Larry bird wouldnt cry on the court if they got knocked out of the tournament.

  • Joel Tucubal
    Joel Tucubal

    To much crack

  • Robby Mulvany
    Robby Mulvany

    Eddie Guerrero can hoop

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe

    atleast adam gotta ring.. jj still dont

  • Richard Brooks
    Richard Brooks

    Maybe he just wasn't that good. College and Pro are totally different.

  • Roger T Groh
    Roger T Groh

    Living in a bunker......??? Who are you........??? ANYONE who listens to the GU games on the radio can hear Adam cause he is the Sportscaster... Dipshit.........

    • jon snipe
      jon snipe

      atleast adam gotta ring... jj still dont

  • A.I. Online
    A.I. Online

    Provocative title, but entirely untrue. Next Larry Bird? Larry Legend was light years better than this kid at the same age.

  • whatever_it_takes

    My man wouldn't shower

  • K-Ron Hay
    K-Ron Hay

    He chose Weed over Basketball!

  • SEXY유남생TV

    never heard of him before

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine

    Morrison had a bigger vertical and a smaller heart than Larry Bird.

  • Edwin Lindley
    Edwin Lindley

    Do a Danny Ferry video. He was going to be the next big thing. So big that when the Clippers drafted him. Ferry went to play in Italy instead of playing for the Clippers. Then Cleveland traded for him. Gave Ferry a big contract. And then Ferry turned out to be a giant bust of a player.

  • Carl Elder
    Carl Elder

    How do you not have a job at NBA channel? best researcher ever

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    U are a racist

  • Big ol poppa Bearz
    Big ol poppa Bearz

    Still has 2 rings.

  • purelystellar0824

    Hey Shoutout to Gerald Wallace

  • Bevis Butthead
    Bevis Butthead

    That was way too much time spent on Adam"no shower" Morrison.💩🔥💩🔥

  • panklog2006

    So sad for him :(

  • Jay Reno
    Jay Reno

    He failed because of that dirty stache

  • anything goes
    anything goes

    How was i unsubscribed? Glad i found your channel again.

  • Richard Soto
    Richard Soto

    It was college!! Jimmer Ferdette anyone?

  • smokythecameraman

    It's nice to see he has a family of his own and is doing well, he's not still an nba player; but he's living the dream - being able to take care of his family with a job he loves

  • ShanaroTV

    I don't care, he got ring

  • Ben Real
    Ben Real

    I work at Costco :(

  • ryan48888

    I heard he smelled really bad. And guys didn't want to be around him BC he stank

  • iRant4Food

    "You cant help but to feel bad for him." yeahhh I dont feel bad for him. It's not like his diabetes became aggressive and prevented him from being a dominant force in the league or some other tragedy happened. He had a good college run and was given a good opportunity to make a run in the league and just couldnt deliver. He won 2 rings, made millions, invested and like he said...he isnt working at costco.

  • Raymond Fowlkes
    Raymond Fowlkes

    I knew he was gonna be a bust from the beginning, no athleticism

    • Raymond Fowlkes
      Raymond Fowlkes

      +Edwin Lindley you right about that, it ro compare gim to larry bird no way no how lol in my rob parker voice lol

    • Edwin Lindley
      Edwin Lindley

      He was a classic twinner. To slow to play small forward. Not strong enough to play power forward.

  • Farrdawg Joker
    Farrdawg Joker

    It's so good to learn that he didn't blow his money and end up broke and miserable like Latrell Spewell and others. Morrison wont admit it but his medical troubles are what stopped him. He looked depleted and more like a shadow of the man who played at Gonzaga.

  • francis p
    francis p

    he did get a ring with the Lakers for riding the pine.

  • Brick House33
    Brick House33

    Only one Larry Bird

  • Dominique Osorio-Davis
    Dominique Osorio-Davis

    It was Batista's fault.

  • Austin Mark
    Austin Mark

    how come we can only compare players to other players of that race? in my opinion KD is the closest the to Larry Bird we have ever had but nobody will ever make that comparison but me.

  • Ridge Lembke
    Ridge Lembke

    You really call Lonzo Ball Steph Curry with a 40 inch vert... that really happened

  • Harley Peterson
    Harley Peterson

    Meet Steph Curry. Lonzo Ball without a 40 inch vertical

  • Steven Stritenberger
    Steven Stritenberger

    You do realize you don't have to emphasize the word by pronouncing it "thee" with emphasis, every single freaking time! Do you tell your girlfriend, "hey babe, I'm going to "THEE" store, be right back", lol.

  • pitbulkid

    One of my favorite college player at that time

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker

    At least he made it to the nba made the money I’m sure he fucked plenty of hoes for having all that money he made it at the end of the day

  • Yeniel Mentality
    Yeniel Mentality

    Make a video about Felipe Lopez!!!


    I remember when some of the analyst were saying that Danny Manning was going to be the next Larry Bird . Please do a video on Manning's career .

  • william carter
    william carter

    ANOTHER great white hope turned out to be ANOTHER great white hype !! HOWEVER Larry Bird was one bad MOFO!!

  • Andre The Giant
    Andre The Giant

    Motherfuckas got two rings! Who cares how !

  • Dat Dude Deonte
    Dat Dude Deonte

    Wasn’t that the dude who they forced to take a bath 🛀 🤔

  • Crispy as fuck
    Crispy as fuck


  • Jeffrey

    Really quality video! Thanks

  • Jeyaram lol
    Jeyaram lol

    Do the number one pick andrei

  • neoslasher09

    He wasn't good. Mystery solved.


    Big Charlotte basketball fan here. We all knew he would be trash.

  • Nobunaga Takanaga
    Nobunaga Takanaga

    once you are drafted by bobcats, you will be a nobody

  • Vickie Ross
    Vickie Ross

    another dumb Jordan pick

  • Roy Got Hops
    Roy Got Hops


  • Santino -
    Santino -

    That redneck role in the NBA? Bye Bye.

  • ripperduck

    Diabetes + ripped up knee = NBA wasn't in his long term future....

  • Dumisa Tony Johnson
    Dumisa Tony Johnson

    Inconsistent play & Severe injures cost him his NBA career

  • EraPrestigeX

    Kobe Bryant once said that one of the best defenders he ever faced was adam morrison (in a lakers practice pickup game though)

  • Jeff Simmons
    Jeff Simmons

    Mike look like he’s been drinking quite a bit

  • sinicalypse

    I'm just picturing Gerald Wallace walking up to you with a towel + soap + shampoo like "c'mon dog... you know what it is" and you try to be all like "naw man I'm good" and gerald's like "but we're not... Don't make me go all rub-a-dub-dub on your ass" and you try to figure out how you're not gonna piss off Gerald Wallace, who's even got a shower cap on for added effect.

  • Romnys Gonzalez
    Romnys Gonzalez

    Back in the day i used to turn Adam Morrison into the 2nd coming of Jesus Adam Morrinson and DJ Mbenga curse the Lakers for cutting them

  • Anthony Xiong
    Anthony Xiong

    Long story short. He tored his ACL

  • Harrison Rahajason
    Harrison Rahajason

    awesome video but what's up w the "would" tense, man? you say would too many times when instead you can just say "after that season, morrison was cut" instead of "he would get cut"

  • EdgelessShark The God
    EdgelessShark The God

    Adam Morrison- shorter Steven adams

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