5 Amazing Inventions for Workers & Maintenance -- Next Level Tools & Equipment ▶4
Captain Gizmo
Amazing Inventions for Workers & Maintenance -- Next Level Tools & Equipment
Amazing Tools & Equipment for workers and maintenance that Are on Another Level
#inventions #amazing #tools #equipment
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  • Дмитрий Павленко
    Дмитрий Павленко

    Макс А какая у тебя кнопка

  • TheyCallmeSpider-man

    Ladder handles are dumb. It's just more shit to carry and the edge of the ladder works damn near as good.

  • Subscribe to me for No reason
    Subscribe to me for No reason

    You mean inventions for white people Like you guys really need handles to carry your ladder fuck lazy ass

  • Ismail Altun
    Ismail Altun

    7:47 😊

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson

    Big ass machine to sharpen pencils😂😂😂

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter

    That hedge trimmer is a cool looking machine, but god does it make those bushes look stupid. I'll never understand the need for square bushes.

  • favoritos jete
    favoritos jete

    aleyu maicumbu may lay

  • Faça de tudo um pouco
    Faça de tudo um pouco

    3:00 impressionante

  • Harley Hippee
    Harley Hippee

    Should put hubs in front of those paddle Wheels to keep the lilies, weeds Etc from getting tangled in them and should have put a bagger or catcher attachment to the trimmer.

  • a ELE a gloria
    a ELE a gloria

    Esse avanço da tecnologia é que será o estopim para desencadear a maior crise mundial da história da humanidade! Máquinas tomando os lugares dos humanos e fazendo bilhões de desempregados não acho nada bonitinho, muitas pessoas cegas que não conseguem ver !

  • fernimak

    Dislike for more than 2 min of a chain making machine

  • joe Moore
    joe Moore

    Need one that tears and lays shingles please.. one that I could just set up and go home. Then I wouldent have to slave all day everyday

  • Kovid Manohar
    Kovid Manohar

    World is bipolar.on oneside we have machines on other we have slaves.

    • Eduardo Dutra
      Eduardo Dutra


  • Digong DU30
    Digong DU30

    4:10 - 4:30 has the most laziest and boring job.

  • Ronaldo Carreira
    Ronaldo Carreira

    Que vídeo LEGAL interessante muito obrigado!

  • Jacob Austin
    Jacob Austin

    This is more than five inventions. Dislike!!! Lol

  • The Divider
    The Divider

    Chinese People: Invent crazy machine to make it easier to build a bridge. Also Chinese People: Still eat with chopsticks.

  • The Divider
    The Divider

    So thats why they call it the old ball and chain.

  • Krise Samiaji
    Krise Samiaji

    Very smart👍👍👍👍👍

  • Миша Огнев
    Миша Огнев

    Прикольно 👍

  • Dheeraj Singh
    Dheeraj Singh

    India kab tak manually karega yaar

  • Dalton Davis
    Dalton Davis

    That hedge trimmer was lit

  • Гудвинг

    *Pizdec syka blayt kak prikol'no*

  • sage 1516
    sage 1516

    My god that hedge is ruined, so many brown spots lol.

    • Cerus98

      Ruined how? The brown spots are from being allowed to overgrow between trimmings. It will fill in quickly.

  • Souw Ooop
    Souw Ooop

    All I see is lazy white folks non skilled

  • Yousef Sammar
    Yousef Sammar

    منقدروش عليكم

  • wArot

    I love how the music is so repetitive and monotonous as this machines 😍

  • انتصار البغدادي
    انتصار البغدادي



    Last one is awesome

  • นางฟ้า


  • AH

    If we liked the creativity of these people in making these things, how can we not wonder about the creativity of Allah in the creation of the heavens, Earth, planets and the human Allah says in the Qur'an " Taught man that which he knew not. " Subhan Allah

  • Hurrican Flow
    Hurrican Flow

    The last one its very satisfying 😍

  • Fdhj Fghh
    Fdhj Fghh

    Ok 😍😏🦄😄

  • Athar Mahmood Quraishi
    Athar Mahmood Quraishi

    That chain making machine s cool 😍

  • Van Monroe
    Van Monroe

    I appreciate the sounds of the machinery, even if is still accompanied by a generic soundtrack. That's more than many similar channels, which often only have generic music. I suggest going a step further, and only having the sounds of the machines.

  • 鈴木聖人

    鎖のやつずっと観てられるやつだ ( ・∀・)🔗

  • Cookinitmax

    Hedge trimmer. I just got done trimming them dam bushes they don't show you the bee hives that hang out in them things attacking you all day.

  • xxP1ST0LER0xx

    Anyone have a link on how the part of the bridge is made and loaded to that tractor?

    • 2degucitas

      And another: de-my.net/watchvideo/video-SnlYnn4XYt8.html

    • 2degucitas

      Here you are. It's the last third of video: de-my.net/watchvideo/video-2FsxRv8riZ4.html

    • 2degucitas

      That's a very clever invention. I'd like to see more.

  • earthly firefly5
    earthly firefly5

    Masses are hypnotized to the degree that they don't see nor understand the meaning of what is being done before them. Lev Tolstoy Don't Kill

  • Ninja


  • BaDeR bhr 17
    BaDeR bhr 17

    What y'all came for 7:55

  • tamta ramta
    tamta ramta

    Chain making machine sounds like knight in full armour is marching.

  • liga

    Зря время столько потерял , эти тупые изобретения смотрел

  • Angelique Slabbert
    Angelique Slabbert

    Listing to Taylor Swift and the chain making machine is exactly on beat

  • سالم محمد
    سالم محمد

    حد عربي

  • Thelegend 27
    Thelegend 27

    Number 2 the pencils 🤔 ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏ Is dangours you can get your 🖐 fingers trapped inside .

  • j joy
    j joy

    Thumbnail part comes at 7:55

    • Carter Welland
      Carter Welland

      j joy cheers man

  • Princess Chewie
    Princess Chewie

    The automatic pencil sharpener is just dying to eat the persons fingers...big accident waiting to happen

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez

    Me gusta esta página porque no para el vídeo para especificar las cosas muy buena pagina

  • Ajijul Ansari
    Ajijul Ansari

    Masha Allah

  • aram mohammed
    aram mohammed

    I counted 7 😒

  • Jenny May
    Jenny May

    The machine that makes you click this is at 8:00. Also the last one

    • earthly firefly5
      earthly firefly5

      People are unceasingly stupefied by 1) what is called the Church and 2) what is called Science. Lev Tolstoy On Insanity

  • Tahera Shaik
    Tahera Shaik

    7:50 Thank me later

  • MR. Wolf
    MR. Wolf

    There are 9 inventions 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 not 5

  • Dj fxdb
    Dj fxdb

    I'm sorry but if you have to buy a handle for your ladder your a b****

  • Mahmod Megahed
    Mahmod Megahed

    سبحان الذي سخر لنا هذا وما كنا له نقرتين الله اكبر

  • pertuclips- 00
    pertuclips- 00

    Viva Vegeta 777

  • Екатерина Оберенко
    Екатерина Оберенко

    Весьма четкасто, спасибо!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • CarlMartin Calsena
    CarlMartin Calsena

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    • earthly firefly5
      earthly firefly5

      People are unceasingly stupefied by 1) what is called the Church and 2) what is called Science. Lev Tolstoy On Insanity

    • Sajad Isam
      Sajad Isam

      Fk off ty

    • Thelegend 27
      Thelegend 27

      Amen brother +

    • Tyrone

      CarlMartin Calsena k

  • Rooted Devices
    Rooted Devices

    Aliens did it

  • matt bauer
    matt bauer

    If you cant pick up a ladder why you even working in the field where ones needed

    • ambitionsskyyyy

      I’m sure the construction workers can pick up a ladder Einstein, the design of the handle is to make picking up a ladder more ergonomic and therefore safe.

  • Md Aulad Hossain
    Md Aulad Hossain

    Shesher video ta valo laglo amazing ☺️❤️😊

  • Jabrail Mahamhanov
    Jabrail Mahamhanov

    Это же в (России)?

  • no one
    no one

    Machines has replaced us all.. pray for more jobs for human..

  • Primitive & Creative
    Primitive & Creative

    Great ideas 💡

  • Bayram Ay
    Bayram Ay

    channel support İ m new woult you be subscribe support channel

  • Cachito Saavedra
    Cachito Saavedra

    El chavonsito que iba cortando el libustrin es puto

  • Most Ali
    Most Ali

    beateful 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Тимур Сабиров
    Тимур Сабиров

    Вот за это лайк можно поставить

  • cherif mohamed
    cherif mohamed

    8:38 tooooooop

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