5 Amazing Inventions for Workers & Maintenance -- Next Level Tools & Equipment ▶4
Captain Gizmo
Amazing Inventions for Workers & Maintenance -- Next Level Tools & Equipment
Amazing Tools & Equipment for workers and maintenance that Are on Another Level
#inventions #amazing #tools #equipment
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  • Flavio Polito
    Flavio Polito


  • امين الخضوري
    امين الخضوري


  • MentalCatalyst

    Finally! A trimmer that can handle my Mom's bush.

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson

    I saw an orange dirt monkey-.THEY ARE COOL

  • Rene Puntigam
    Rene Puntigam


  • Seenu Aglaa
    Seenu Aglaa


  • Matthew

    At 6:19 just spay some WD40 on the nut and bolt and it will come off with the spanner.

  • Flat Foot
    Flat Foot

    That first one....really you fucking lazy aholes!!! You can't pick up a ladder without that stupid fucking waste of money piece of shit handle? Really!?

  • J W
    J W

    Word has it, the person running the pencil sharpener has an arts degree

  • Infinite Holographic Multiverse
    Infinite Holographic Multiverse

    The ladder grabber isnt needed i can carry them with my hands.

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant

    I wish they would invent something that would whack weeds away.

  • Stasy Batz
    Stasy Batz

    Последнее видео просто Кайф!))

  • Michael kors
    Michael kors

    awesome video, but I think you should use another music 🌼🌼🌼

  • skeptical llama
    skeptical llama

    Ill be damned if I'm going to store and carry a tool to carry a ladder.

    • Infinite Holographic Multiverse
      Infinite Holographic Multiverse

      For real! Just pick it up from the middle and go lol

  • Ange Brise
    Ange Brise

    Dois je voir les conneries que les autres reguardent

  • the earl of gray
    the earl of gray

    7:48 for thumbnail

  • Ron Walker
    Ron Walker


  • Fireteam Urban
    Fireteam Urban

    A lot more than 5

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    The last invention looks like your getting a medium skin fade😅😅😅

  • Marc Lozano
    Marc Lozano

    I've had to see all the fucking video to see what the miniature shown

  • ChitMinNaing Myanmar
    ChitMinNaing Myanmar


  • Luc Moi
    Luc Moi

    sympa like

  • Katapult K
    Katapult K

    Great work

  • Ernest Silný
    Ernest Silný

    ten zastrihavac na plot by sa mi teda zisiel

  • Jscott033

    John wick pencils

  • Dwayne Cocoloco
    Dwayne Cocoloco


  • Antonio Serena
    Antonio Serena

    How many people are going to lose their job, because of these machines.

    • bednar1991

      How many more will be created because of this machine?

  • 910AM Superstation Funnies
    910AM Superstation Funnies

    I could watch chain-making, all day long! lol (they should have another machine greasing the chain-maker)

  • Zosia Kiwi
    Zosia Kiwi


  • Phantom Kelgar
    Phantom Kelgar

    A machine that does your job for you isn't amazing. It's bullshit

  • Chivara Chivara
    Chivara Chivara

    Chain machine so amazing

  • Mini3005

    That`s really amazing!

  • No Wife
    No Wife

    6:50 How about good old W40?

    • Francesco Monaldi
      Francesco Monaldi


  • Bart

    7:58 Stop that rush, it's madness!

  • Diabolic Realm
    Diabolic Realm

    FACT: Chains made with gaps = 100% useless!!!!!!

    • Diabolic Realm
      Diabolic Realm

      Must be welded nicely shut!

  • Md Riad
    Md Riad


  • Bandit Bandit
    Bandit Bandit

    Are you a Power Director...M8x80

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar


  • John Goodman
    John Goodman

    "This is mens world"

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller


  • Claudio Silva
    Claudio Silva

    Manu a última maquina foi show. ..muito dahora

  • Tom Edwards
    Tom Edwards

    More shit to take up room in the back of the van.

  • md.tuhin khan
    md.tuhin khan


  • carmay3600

    These ingenious tools are absolutely fascinating...though they put a lot of people out of work. America=more productivity with less workforce. Double edged sword.

    • Fallout

      +aguyfromnothere Mm, nah my man. Not how it works at all. You can't just get rid of hundreds of employees, and replace them with machines and expect the unemployment rates to stay low.

    • aguyfromnothere

      Historically the data supports that increasing automation has not led to widespread unemployment. Of course individual jobs are displaced but on average unemployment has been minimally impacted. This suggests new jobs are created at about the same or near same rate which is great news.

  • Zahid Malik
    Zahid Malik

    Mac Malik video

  • Zahid Malik
    Zahid Malik

    Mehak Malik de video mein

  • Ecstatic Troll
    Ecstatic Troll

    7:48 for the one in the cover trimming bushes

  • قناة sss debabi
    قناة sss debabi


  • Mark Bradshaw
    Mark Bradshaw

    SJL 900 wow.

  • Ice Orange
    Ice Orange


  • ChimiChankn Arts
    ChimiChankn Arts

    The chain video end at 4:39...



  • john knowing
    john knowing

    The hedge trimmer was a winner Except you need a tow behind vac suck up the clippings get it all at once

  • john knowing
    john knowing

    As I look at the planet and mankind's inventions I think what if the white man didn't exist I dont think we see ANY real inventions especially when you look at the African nations and what they invent ...just about zero

    • Don Nash
      Don Nash

      +john knowing Inventions and ideas you use today from the Chinese include making paper, movable type setting for printing, mechanical clocks, iron smelting and paper money. They used gunpowder rockets to shoot arrows. The Chinese also had the largest navy in the 1,400's with 3,500 ships and some were huge compared what the Europeans had at the time. I get you point but there were advanced societies around the world. I agree those areas don't have much to show for recent inventions/technology.

    • john knowing
      john knowing

      Don Nash What inventions did the Egyptians ,Incas, Mayans and Aztec. create that you use daily, name 10 things You cant do and don't come up with a thing like a clock etc Im talking cars trains planes medical equipment Asphalt etc The Chinese aren't that impressive Hell they invented gun powder and just made fireworks, The stuff they produce now is stolen from the white man..

    • Don Nash
      Don Nash

      The Chinese were and still are impressive. Egyptians not to shabby. Incas, Mayans and Aztec.

  • Fabian G
    Fabian G

    The music so annoying

  • Mahmmed AIShamare
    Mahmmed AIShamare


  • tiếntuyên

    8:38 great

  • Amer Basim
    Amer Basim

    حلو هذا الفيديو أنا أمير الصف الخامس و أخت الصف الثالث

  • Abdullah Hussein
    Abdullah Hussein


  • أبومنصور المنتصر
    أبومنصور المنتصر

    Very nice

  • little crazy little hash
    little crazy little hash


  • Bill Benson
    Bill Benson

    Had to turn off sesame street music to enjoy

  • Unknown YouTuber
    Unknown YouTuber

    Oot who likes sml

  • ironsights4me

    Why would you need a separate handle tool thingy to carry a ladder? It's basically a giant handle made out of a bunch of smaller handles...

  • rich5817

    The pencils shapener scared me, must be voodoo magic Cheers from N Korea

    • Fallout

      +rich5817 I think it was clearly a bunch of soft noodles from our great lord and savior, the spaghetti god!

    • rich5817

      +Fallout No its thousands of tiny little hungry demons with sharp teeth

    • Fallout

      Lmao, it may be voodoo if you have no brain. The pencils were running over a grindstone.

  • Rakesh kumar 9818
    Rakesh kumar 9818

    if anybody like any machine hit like.

    • M C Ratliff
      M C Ratliff

      Wkriururuduruejdudjrjdusurirueururuururu4u3u3uu4uejeuriejru urjdjjdjkjjjjjjjjjjjjj juju

  • Mehedi Media
    Mehedi Media


  • 郭恒


  • Byaheng Pinay
    Byaheng Pinay



    That happiness and satisfaction when that irritating long hairs pricking in your ears being trimmed by trimmer long after months!

  • ricardo andres cuesta cordoba
    ricardo andres cuesta cordoba

    increíble lo que hacen las maquinas, pero es más increíble que diseña esas máquina para facilitar el trabajo

  • Emon Akon
    Emon Akon


  • Michael Reilly
    Michael Reilly

    Fucking Robots.

  • Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea
    Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

    0:12 when teachers get ready for STAARS Tests!!!💙🐝💙

    • Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea
      Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

      +Justin Davis The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, commonly referred to as its acronym STAAR (/stɑːr/ STAR), are a series of extremely difficult standardized tests used in Texas public primary and secondary schools to assess a student's achievements and knowledge learned in the grade level. But when I was in school I took the TAAS Test. The TAAS, or Texas Assessment of Academic Skills, was the third standardized test used in Texas between 1991 and 2002, when it was replaced by the TAKS test from 2003 to 2011.

    • Justin Davis
      Justin Davis

      Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea what's that

  • I am Tommy
    I am Tommy

    6:52 കേരളം ഡാ.

  • jds hempfarm
    jds hempfarm

    I wonder if the dude operating the pencil sharpener would be cuter with pink fingernails? No one will ever know being there are 59 genders thanks to the antifa movement.

  • Лаки Арт
    Лаки Арт

    И что тут НЕВЕРОЯТНОГО???!!!!!! МЛЯ!!!!

  • I’m very gay but,
    I’m very gay but,

    Men are amazing

    • MentalCatalyst


  • Caner Aktug
    Caner Aktug

    Sharpaner perfect

  • Sarkis BETA zone
    Sarkis BETA zone

    Last one 👍

  • Tayyub Husain
    Tayyub Husain


    • Miss Liza
      Miss Liza

      Tayyub Husain o

  • Douglas Compton
    Douglas Compton

    I need to buy a long chain , I have to supplement for something from somewhere else I'm lacking . AAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA

  • Đình Sơn
    Đình Sơn

    I have subscribed your channel. Welcome to my channel

  • Andrei Grozav
    Andrei Grozav


  • Mayhem

    1:47 Mongraal keyboard 😳😂😂

  • Prosen Roy
    Prosen Roy

    great innovation! World needs such like innovation more.

  • Zheqiang Yang
    Zheqiang Yang


  • Mr. Collier
    Mr. Collier

    pencil sharpener that you need safety glasses and hearing protection for.

  • Fabric Bond
    Fabric Bond

    Ok.. which 5 machines are you referring to in the title? Lol

  • Jazmyne Ford
    Jazmyne Ford

    Go plant a tree it will help the Environment more than you think

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme

    07:47 Thumbnail

  • Larry Jojola
    Larry Jojola


  • Router Projetos
    Router Projetos

    Sensational !

  • Sarge Z
    Sarge Z

    5 Mexicans just lost there jobs

  • fia

    Why is this so unsatisfying

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    Saulo Augusto


  • عمر حسن الجموعي
    عمر حسن الجموعي


  • Kallam Sinatra
    Kallam Sinatra

    7:53 hemat kuota Likenya kaka

  • Róbert Máni Ólafsson
    Róbert Máni Ólafsson


  • Johnny Exama
    Johnny Exama

    So that’s how chains are made

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