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  • Knox

    This looks like the fakest crap ever

  • Basketball Plays
    Basketball Plays

    Didn’t know ninja could play basketball

  • Lo 1X
    Lo 1X

    Def needed multiple balls

  • M Sb
    M Sb

    Cash highkey the worst shooter out of all of them 😅❤

  • Richard Ortiz
    Richard Ortiz

    Damn man I’ve seen plenty of videos and it’s just facts cash had NO STRAP and a C- ball player

  • Iplaygamesforfun

    I’d miss on purpose cause I love hot wings too ☺️😎


    How you dit dat bro

  • Lorenzo Urena
    Lorenzo Urena

    Mopi go hard

  • Jonny C
    Jonny C

    Nobody Cash: 100 shots a day

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Cash and airballing = cashballing

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    That be shooting from half court instead of taking a layup

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes

    Mopi is secretly white mj

  • Justin K
    Justin K


  • Tyrone Ngae
    Tyrone Ngae

    Look at 11:15 t jass running away from a bee. Lol reaction pricelesd

  • Abenzio Apolinar
    Abenzio Apolinar


  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson

    You should do a game with thons on custom with everything on 100

  • Zozososweet

    I smell the wings through the video

  • NJKid T
    NJKid T

    11:16 peep tjass running from a bee

  • FRN Instinct
    FRN Instinct

    The only reason tjass lost is bc cash he sucks

  • Raven Awesomes
    Raven Awesomes

    CashNasty's shot freaking me out 🤣 idk whyyy 🤣💀

  • Denis Lepelenko
    Denis Lepelenko

    dudes be sleeping on mopenis

  • Kukisi

    Should’ve done ghost pepper...

  • Blacktyga 07
    Blacktyga 07

    Anyone else notice how Curry’s left handed in the thumbnail

  • Malcolm Tegman
    Malcolm Tegman

    Cash shots like its 2k lag

  • Iraq Lobster
    Iraq Lobster

    I would purposely loose I love hot wings

  • Frosted Flake
    Frosted Flake

    I'd be trying to miss negl

  • Bean

    Why is curry shooting with his left hand🧐

    • Zilo FN
      Zilo FN

      Your Mom its flipped

  • Dylan Willams
    Dylan Willams

    He said Jalapeaneo

  • Kevin Coe
    Kevin Coe

    That yeet at the end killed me ngl

  • iamthebest intheworld
    iamthebest intheworld

    Cash got that 2k19 quick release 😂😂

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom

    Blueface baby

  • xavier benoit
    xavier benoit

    “4 point line” man that’s just a normal 3 in the nba sir

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen

    This is a regular nba 3 lmfao

  • YBS Miguel
    YBS Miguel

    Marcelas Howard?

  • Christian Harvey
    Christian Harvey


  • Luis Murillo
    Luis Murillo

    Cash be lookin like 2k lag

  • Michael Campisano
    Michael Campisano

    Cash out there with brooms for legs

  • SupremeTube

    In the thumbnail the one that was shooting the ball I thought was NLE Choppa 🤣

    • XVTRP

      SupremeTube fr tho💀

  • Lil Eyes
    Lil Eyes

    handle it like real men, rock paper scissors

  • Josh Farrell
    Josh Farrell

    I want some wings now

  • Ibraheem Farha
    Ibraheem Farha

    Cash fix that fugly jump shot

  • xDrippy KB
    xDrippy KB

    @9:14 tjass threw that pass mad hard to cash☄️😂

  • iiam Puma
    iiam Puma

    Anyone noticed in the thumbnail that dude with the ball looked like nle choppa😂?

  • Miguel Aragon
    Miguel Aragon

    You should of got the toxic ones from ATL wings

  • Supersavage __808
    Supersavage __808

    Why cash sound like someone uncle at a cook out?😂😂

  • Dequarius Sullivan
    Dequarius Sullivan

    All im sayin theres wings here in lexington kentucky from joellas its called the fire in the hole my fav food is hot wings n they r nun to play with

  • Non

    CashNasty lookin like a midget clint capela/odel hybrid 😂😂😂

  • shay allen
    shay allen

    Bootleg NLE CHOPPA

  • KvngDark

    Chash nasty sold out Tristan

  • Ninger Fortnite
    Ninger Fortnite

    Its just an nba 3

  • Yulian Davalos
    Yulian Davalos

    Look at his foot

  • Yulian Davalos
    Yulian Davalos

    Mophi cheated

  • Kayla Hurst
    Kayla Hurst

    Jebron lames

  • Artur Eranosian
    Artur Eranosian

    Or no 2K 19 animations

  • Artur Eranosian
    Artur Eranosian

    You guys are you doing like 2K animations

  • JoshTheRealest /WeebBoiYancie
    JoshTheRealest /WeebBoiYancie

    Cashnasty has the most earliest release ever

  • Jeremiah Ortega
    Jeremiah Ortega

    CashNasty is the only black person I know that is absolute shit at basketball

  • Jordan Wazup
    Jordan Wazup

    It needs work

  • Jordan Wazup
    Jordan Wazup

    You shoot from your chest

  • The Gaming Wolf
    The Gaming Wolf

    Why does every video i see tristan in he always looks just happy to be there

  • -_ -Clutch4clout
    -_ -Clutch4clout

    Cash's jump shot looks like when you lag on 2k 😂😂

  • i SaucedUrGirl—
    i SaucedUrGirl—

    Cash almost sold

  • OrangeGamer

    Hey I have the same limited Wilson ball

  • Oof God
    Oof God

    My Mexican parents tried them and my mom ate them and didn’t do shit, my dad either lol, they ate they like a snack

  • Emery Palm
    Emery Palm

    Who else noticed curry was left handed in the thunbnail

    • Flake

      That image might be reversed.

  • Adonis Fogg
    Adonis Fogg

    Am I the only one that laughs when cash shoot

  • Exon Justin YT
    Exon Justin YT

    Ray Allen shot base at 4:10

  • ItzGrav_ YT
    ItzGrav_ YT

    ngl cash got the laggiest jumper I EVER seen

  • Ras De Guzman
    Ras De Guzman


  • cRaIgThE bEaSt Sub to braydino
    cRaIgThE bEaSt Sub to braydino

    Anyone see Jiedels jumper 👀

  • Gamers And Sports Talk
    Gamers And Sports Talk

    Mopi and LSK came out unstoppable But MOPI BE CARRYING

  • 張牧恩mark


  • Bunter xdxd
    Bunter xdxd

    T jass got the lyrical lemonade shirt

  • Jonevan Martina
    Jonevan Martina

    The With Guy With the pink hair look just live professor live

  • SkullDestroyer

    what we learned today is that white people cant eat spice

  • RainTrigger Sharanken
    RainTrigger Sharanken

    TJay carries cash

  • Janna Paculba
    Janna Paculba

    I subscribed I'm hyped

  • Ryan Wong
    Ryan Wong

    I would purposely lose just to eat the chicken

  • wasswess hajaa
    wasswess hajaa

    12:14 bon appetit 😂😂 you are a jocjer

  • Taesif Kabir
    Taesif Kabir

    T jass is the best player

  • Malcalm Davis
    Malcalm Davis

    Where’s Mal

  • Malcalm Davis
    Malcalm Davis

    I was taking a dookie and when you said look down to see the 4-point spot i looked at my depressed peen

  • Steven Oyler
    Steven Oyler

    My guy jiedel riding a scooter 😂

  • 2Fresh4you YT
    2Fresh4you YT

    thought that was NLE lmaoo

  • Zavion Hawthorne
    Zavion Hawthorne

    Great job everyone

  • F I S T
    F I S T

    Mopi a goddamn 3 point god

  • Slurp central Two
    Slurp central Two

    300000 not bad

  • Ronix Milk
    Ronix Milk

    U know me and the other black ppl watching 1 clicked case the thumbnail (chicken) 2 cause we wanna see the chicken

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi

    Cash never skips legday


    Who else thinks T Jass should join 2Hype Like if u agree

  • Nancy Vandehei
    Nancy Vandehei

    That is dome

  • Ronel Joseph
    Ronel Joseph

    I have those shoes

  • Ronel Joseph
    Ronel Joseph


  • lil chicano
    lil chicano

    cashnasty a try hard🤣

  • Arrion tn
    Arrion tn

    Cash been choking all is life or sum 😭

  • Sun knee The noob
    Sun knee The noob

    I kinda fuck with James jumpshot not bad at all

  • funnymike cjsocool biggest fan
    funnymike cjsocool biggest fan

    Bro your selling cash

  • who cares??
    who cares??

    Men wtf is that thumbnail curry is right handed not left

  • vission blurry
    vission blurry

    Bro I've had those before my taste buds don't taste hot Cheetos no mo

  • Mike Cramer
    Mike Cramer

    No he didn’t

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