2019 RUM | FINALB12 | McBeth, Leiviska, Freeman, Barela
You're watching the Men's Final Round Lead Card at The Rumble 2019 presented by Discraft & Clint's Draft House.
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Lead Card:
Paul McBeth
Cale Leiviska
Joel Freeman
Anthony Barela
Commentary by Cale Leiviska & Paul McBeth
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  • Benjamin Pike
    Benjamin Pike


    • Dan Pike
      Dan Pike

      bUT Do U sTILL HaVE pANTs?

    • Ethan Suits
      Ethan Suits

      Yeah I’m

  • uncle benis
    uncle benis

    Cale must have Finnish roots. Correct me if im wrong!

  • Calvin Kelly
    Calvin Kelly

    Go jomez

  • Mikey Seibert
    Mikey Seibert

    Why is it that if two people tie for second the next person is 4th not 3rd?

  • Joseph Dowden
    Joseph Dowden

    Great RUM finish.

  • MyOpinionMatterss

    Great coverage and commentary

  • Tom Walters
    Tom Walters

    Freakin A man

  • Mike Strand
    Mike Strand

    Congrats, Paul!

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter

    Thanks as always for the awesome coverage and commentating.

  • jlroberts316

    Love seeing the pros play in thst WIND!!!!

  • Tj Terrazas
    Tj Terrazas

    Disk golf is awesome but what's the deal with the views I don't get it embarrassing

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    It's a pleasure to watch these guys. They're too good, though, so maybe they should try playing in some wind next week.

  • WannaBe Senior Pro Disc Golf Guyth
    WannaBe Senior Pro Disc Golf Guyth

    Thanks for posting. Congrats to Paul and much respect to all!

  • Michael Nielsen
    Michael Nielsen

    Earth day stamp!!🤘🤘✌🌏 great job out there everyone!

  • Bronson Mintun
    Bronson Mintun

    What an awesome course. These guys made it look easy but it's just 24 holes of puckering up and hoping you don't lose a disc...excellent coverage.

  • Robert Rauh
    Robert Rauh

    Really enjoyed watching this coverage.

  • Mikal Morris
    Mikal Morris

    Love the commentary boys!

  • Hannes Kari
    Hannes Kari

    Cale is smooth criminal!

  • John Michael Nimmo
    John Michael Nimmo

    Yaaaaaa Jomez

  • BattleStation

    Great job again

  • Travis Buchner
    Travis Buchner


  • Cody Hargis
    Cody Hargis

    Love your channel, always great coverage of the greatest sport ever.

  • Connor Heise
    Connor Heise

    Watching disc golf never gets old! Keep the awesome coming!

  • Ken Bradley
    Ken Bradley

    Fun to watch. Thanks Jomez and thanks Cale and Paul!

  • swimtolearn

    Definitely digging the McCale commentary team!

  • Meatball Meatball
    Meatball Meatball

    He makes it look so easy... insane!

  • Robert Pozek
    Robert Pozek

    Thx for super coverage

  • Tapani Vaahervaara
    Tapani Vaahervaara

    Does Cale have some Finnish roots?

  • Jacob Ottesen
    Jacob Ottesen

    That wind woulda rekt me

  • outlookgrim

    Great coverage, love seeing other players on the lead card.

  • Dafttruite

    Good job Jomez !

  • Maxsurlek

    I have all day to cath up on my Jomez. I think I can say it will be time well spent.

  • Jordan Pike
    Jordan Pike

    P McB doing his thang

  • Conrad Norwood
    Conrad Norwood

    Well Played and Well Commented Upon.

  • Randy B.
    Randy B.

    Great job guys! Ever thought about adding how far the disk went with the Follow Flight?

    • Randy B.
      Randy B.

      Or show how far the disk is traveling in feet as its in the air with the Follow Flight. That would be cool!Then follow up on how far the the pin is.

  • J Mannixx
    J Mannixx

    Cool Airborne stamp disc. Almost has an opaque look. I have a question. If a player's disc bumps another player's disc into penalty, does that player suffer a penalty. like I said before Paul has a second calling.

  • BlackCreepers

    I would love those discs, great video

  • Jonathan Wunrow
    Jonathan Wunrow

    First time watching Rumble, and I've gotta say - those are some fun courses to watch!

  • Søren T
    Søren T

    Awesome coverage and commentary! Congrats to Paul, very well played! Picked up a McBuzz and McZone, great flyers, highly recommended!

  • Jordan W
    Jordan W

    Great coverage. Thanks Guys.

  • derfox777

    Great finish. Appreciate the commentary throughout the weekend too!

  • Ken Kw
    Ken Kw

    Nice to see the pros playing a different course in super tough windy conditions and make it look easy! Just shows what it takes to perform well! awesome coverage, great commentary! Its a win win for us viewers! Thanks Jomez and crew!

  • Blue Sky Trading Co./ Greg Hart
    Blue Sky Trading Co./ Greg Hart

    nice 100 foot putt from Cale

  • Moodjo99


  • Tyler Swanson
    Tyler Swanson

    Great 100ft throw in Cale.

  • Jason Grobbel
    Jason Grobbel

    2019, The year Paul breaks course recrods every other week. Big thanks to Jomez for the best coverage. On to the GBO!

  • Mike e
    Mike e

    Would love me one of those discs lol great coverage, as always

  • John K
    John K

    Excellent work! Congrats Paul on another course record. The year is starting off well. Good to see all the newer players mixing it up! Thanks for covering midwest courses. Great work JoMez!

  • Anders Stigsson
    Anders Stigsson

    Nice commentary by the guys, would love to have both of em back again, possible mix them up with other commentators as well

  • Don Gorecke
    Don Gorecke

    Great job on the coarse and in thd booth Paul and cale!!! Congrats to another win and hot start to the season mcbeast. Thank you jomez for the best coverage or there

  • Hoover Amaya
    Hoover Amaya

    Good commentary. Always enjoy Paul doing commentary and Cale's commentary wasn't established but great to hear. A few more rounds of Cale doing commentary and he'll sound even better.

  • Edward Claringbold
    Edward Claringbold

    Always good to hear the reasoning behind shots and disc selection. Thanks guys

  • John Tijerina III
    John Tijerina III

    Stay healthy out there boys!

  • Kelly Guizzo
    Kelly Guizzo

    Like always. Amazing coverage and commentary🤘🏻

  • Bryan Nicoll
    Bryan Nicoll

    Jomez rocks

  • j86u

    Great commentary!

  • Chris Mooney
    Chris Mooney

    Great coverage. Thanks!

  • Robert Soliz
    Robert Soliz

    Man I have been missing me some Jomez crispy videos!!! You guys set the bar so high and you just keep going above and beyond that already high bar!! Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Ken Acquin
    Ken Acquin

    Great shooting and commentary guys.

  • Allen Newlin
    Allen Newlin

    Haha another course record? Awesomeness! Thanks again Jomez

  • Mathew J Wallis
    Mathew J Wallis

    Another great win Paul and some great commentary from Cale and Paul as well.

  • Lucas Kramarczuk
    Lucas Kramarczuk

    Ooo that buzzz

  • Pierre Tellier
    Pierre Tellier

    Very good round! Loved to see a big finish for Pablo!

  • Brandon Zerfowski
    Brandon Zerfowski

    Really enjoyed walking with you guys during the round at west lake. It was fun rewatching it on DE-my. Got to say Cale you are always a stand up guy on the course.

  • Sobaka The Husky
    Sobaka The Husky

    For a commentating duo I can’t remember hearing before, truly have zero criticism. Awesome job. Informative, insightful, enjoyable. Thanks for the amazing coverage

  • David Bargas
    David Bargas

    Will there ever be a rule when a player can not hold a disc in his opposite throwing hand when she or he is throwing or putting for balance?

  • Benson Bricks
    Benson Bricks

    I like to see those Minnesota Disc Golfers!!!

  • Daniel McCachern
    Daniel McCachern

    Great shooting Paul! GBO!!

  • Gordon .Davis
    Gordon .Davis


  • Joseph Taul
    Joseph Taul

    Awesome coverage and Great round Paul and Cale!

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