2019 Building the Browns: Episode 3 | Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns
In this episode Odell Beckham Jr. arrives in Cleveland, learn what planning goes into the off season workout program, meet Myles Garrett's new puppy, and follow Head Coach Freddie Kitchens as he talks to high school coaches in Alabama.

  • DannyT 28
    DannyT 28

    Die hard Chicago bears fan here... looks like I just found an AFC team to root for. This is absolutely genius by the browns to build a new nation wide fanbase, this is good stuff right here.

  • Sergio Galvan
    Sergio Galvan

    Myles Garrett a DBZ fan and wearing a Yoshi hat. Legend.

  • DDizzel34492

    Im so excited , takes me back to being that little kid watching Bernie,Webster,Kevin Mack exc .

  • Vyrez Beatz
    Vyrez Beatz

    Bro... "I wish you were my quarterback"... What!!!! 😆😂😭😁

  • King David
    King David

    Can you imagine how BAkers confidence has sky rocketed! he just got Kareem Hunt and OBJ smh....

  • cuban52

    Jarvis n obj sus asf

  • D Marreux
    D Marreux

    lol. i swear every black person greets each other the same in this country. much luv.

  • sid stewart
    sid stewart

    UK rugby fan here...got into NFL few years ago and decided to choose a shit team...picked the Browns..so excited for new season!

  • Jack Morrissey
    Jack Morrissey

    Texan fan, but looking forward to seeing the browns thrive. Lots of positive changes and hope it serves the loyal pound proud.

  • Anti Business Guy
    Anti Business Guy

    9:36 weirdo

  • Adrian Bailey
    Adrian Bailey

    Giants done Effed up! Go Browns!

  • Anthony Greene
    Anthony Greene

    Is Cleveland gonna fucking torn into the monster that kills and devoures all the other scary monster? It's gonna be good to watch. I'm a Buccaneer fan. Bucs vs Browns Superbowl let's fucking go!

  • Anthony Greene
    Anthony Greene

    The crazy dynamic that is a football locker room. It's awesome because it's almost to many personalities. It's to many racial issues, it's to many economic differences, people really brought together from too many demographics. So it's a setup for disaster right? Nope none of that shit I mentioned matters. There is no hate it's actually a love fest amongst the most alpha mfers on the planet. How does this happen? How?

  • Tanner Menegay
    Tanner Menegay

    Coach kitchens=Po Coach Saban=Shifu

  • omieg89

    Love everyone on this team but I truly have so much respect for Juice. The guy is such a great teammate and leader. Hope he finishes out his career as a Brown.

  • Dr. Fell
    Dr. Fell

    Hmmmm I don't know man... this looks too Hollywood for me bro. A lot of egos, even Freddie the Kitchen can't stop talkin about himself... can't believe he's a head coach, he says... neither can I.

    • Dr. Fell
      Dr. Fell

      @The Roach Den whatchu mean, I don't understand?

    • The Roach Den
      The Roach Den

      Omg all the stuff he says to the media? Like that's what matters right, not the locker room stuff.

  • jeff wingo
    jeff wingo


  • mason woods
    mason woods

    Never thought I'd be considering jumping on a browns bandwagon

  • Clay G.
    Clay G.

    Millenials in the locker room kinda awkward...like looking at their phones then teasing eachother then looking around then back to the phones...

  • 123Aballer

    Song @ 17:42!?

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry

    Week 1 vs the Titans is going to be so great!

  • Robert Palatsky
    Robert Palatsky


  • Jhordin Graves
    Jhordin Graves

    That Alabama connect is going to come in clutch for the future. Watch and see. I’m happy for the Browns.

  • Shifttube

    well of corse everyone is happy there all millionares getting payed to play a sport crzy tho just thinking about it

  • Shifttube

    Baker is 1 weird dude

  • Brian Crawford
    Brian Crawford

    Niner fan but browns are a close second for a couple reasons. They seem to have a lot of quality guys on the team

  • YG__UNO

    “I wish you were my quarterback” 😂😂 damn Odell don’t gaf bout Eli 😂

  • MarcDshort108

    This team is about to be my favorite sports movie 😂

  • Elian Mohi-Henare
    Elian Mohi-Henare

    Song?? @16:00

  • Yardvarks Lawn Care
    Yardvarks Lawn Care

    Myles is such a good dude

  • Iam Bricito
    Iam Bricito

    I keep thinking of Freddie Roach lol

  • Son of a Gun
    Son of a Gun

    8-8 in 2019 ... because it‘s all about the QB. Mayfield can‘t handle pressure. I would bet my whole money if their QB would be Rogers, Brady or Brees ... but they are O V E R H Y P E D

  • Callme Ishmael
    Callme Ishmael

    Every team needs to be doing this

  • Nick Smallwood
    Nick Smallwood

    Coming from a titans fan Cleveland is stacked but let's see how they play together but regardless I cant wait to watch them esp week one against my team they will be fun to watch for sure

  • Amanda allesgut
    Amanda allesgut

    Obj probably will love his team and fans, he loves fame and the big city but he loves winning more then anything I think.

  • rhanlon91

    Does anyone know Larry Jackson, the S&C coach’s Twitter and or Insta handle? Cheers

  • Julio L.
    Julio L.

    When all four of them sat down the only thing i could thing of was: avengers Assemble

    • omieg89

      Julio L. Instead of “we have a hulk”, it’s “we have a Myles”.

  • Nate Ford
    Nate Ford

    www.theunitband.weebly.com just here to pitch my band as the official live band for the brownies after 16 plus years of community service in and throughout NE ohio.. PS we are the band that can make the browns dance ......go browns

  • Carter Gaming
    Carter Gaming

    Odell still seems hurt lol

  • George Young
    George Young

    I’m now a Myles Garret fan

  • Tibitrames Wantewe
    Tibitrames Wantewe

    Is it just me or do Baker and the other guys don't seem like they're actually impressed with the new uniform designs?

  • Jaysen Blackman
    Jaysen Blackman

    Is it just me or odell doesn't really seem that interested being with browns, I mean he probably is excited but whoosh seems like his personality stayed in New York

  • Ronnie Patton
    Ronnie Patton

    Baker is a unique QB because he's truly one of the guys. Ben R. can't measure up to Baker's leadership. 👋 Goodbye Steelers.

  • 1 Turo
    1 Turo

    Good luck to the Browns next Season! Pumped for you guys, feels like the time is right!

  • Don’t Fall 4 The Hype
    Don’t Fall 4 The Hype

    Yo this episode is what I’d like to call “BIG LIT”🔥

  • Trey Bens
    Trey Bens

    Baker , Hunt , Chubb , Odell , Landry , NJoku Them boys gonna be electric

  • Romnys Gonzalez
    Romnys Gonzalez

    5:26 ODJ like BRUH! Im know im great, but you dont have to be THAT EXCITED ahahahaha

  • Francisco Vasquez
    Francisco Vasquez

    damn not gonna lie im worried to see OBJ and Landry on the same team they got college chemistry and they've both been fairly successful at the pro level some young guns along with bake

  • Stork on Hudson
    Stork on Hudson

    WTF why would they trade Joe he runs the defense not w/ u on this move Dorse

  • Paul K. Gill
    Paul K. Gill

    Im happy for you Cleveland !! Looking forward to a great year for you guys!

  • Greatly G
    Greatly G

    We shall see...Ego aside...hmm.

  • Julian Bennett
    Julian Bennett

    Genuinely might become a browns fan just because of how exciting this team looks plus it’s just great to surround myself around Odell

  • joe


  • Conner Lamphier
    Conner Lamphier

    Im a chiefs fan till I die but damnnnnnn!!! This team will be fun to watch. Happy for you Cleveland

  • Telly Gst
    Telly Gst

    Myles garret need a fresh cut or sum he need to get clean freshen up.

  • GeekdOut PUBG Mobile
    GeekdOut PUBG Mobile

    No one mentioned the schedule? 7 hour eating fest... like wtf

  • Marco Lomeli
    Marco Lomeli

    I’m calling it mules Garner is going to be better than Arron Donald in the future and the Browns got to the super bowl

  • Matt C
    Matt C

    Eagles fan here and I’m rooting for you guys to kill it this year. What’s an exciting squad

  • Peter Salth2o
    Peter Salth2o

    How long before Odell throws his teammates under the bus?

  • Soulja281

    What song is that tho 5:35 .? 👀

  • Adriaan de Waal
    Adriaan de Waal

    Victory is in the Kitchens

  • Shawn Robertson
    Shawn Robertson

    Garrett's dog dope as hell

  • Adolph Ryanheart
    Adolph Ryanheart

    Yo is it jus me or Odell and Jarvis seem sus

  • Jaclyn Couch
    Jaclyn Couch

    Love Myles and the Browns! Does anyone know the title of the song when they showed Myles at the dog park??? Thanks!

  • the vault hunter gamer _________________
    the vault hunter gamer _________________

    Welcome To The Dawg Pound get out if you are a fan of any other team WOOF nah i’m playin but don’t be talkin bout my team....

  • Justin Nesmith
    Justin Nesmith

    as a Miami dolphins fan I hated to see Jarvis go but I'm glad to see where's hes at right now. I wanna see the browns do good things n im rooting for them

    • Justin Nesmith
      Justin Nesmith

      also have been really enjoying these videos

  • Mike5

    Cleveland browns going to the Superbowl, with this new corner back pick.

  • Paul Chism
    Paul Chism

    1:25 - Love them bird-legs....ROFL!!!!

  • Romell C
    Romell C

    I forgot Hunt is there

  • Adrian McNally
    Adrian McNally

    I saw Kareem hunt. I’m a chiefs fan and I cried. If we got frank clark then we should have kept Hunt

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