1v1 BASKETBALL vs Miss Thotiana's Ex Boyfriend! (If i win i get her Number)
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  • Zalen Saafir
    Zalen Saafir

    15,000 fouls

  • jose guillen
    jose guillen

    I would of punch the f**** out this guy he push so much all talk no action

  • DarkWolf32235

    10 or 20

  • Tometta Goode
    Tometta Goode


  • Byron Harris
    Byron Harris

    This is how many times Mrs.Thotiana’s ex fouled P2 👇🏽

  • Marcus the missile
    Marcus the missile

    64 fouls from his thotianas ex

  • Yandel Martinez
    Yandel Martinez


  • mensen401

    He fouled u 1,037,748,627,736,900,000 times

  • Kenyotta Beasley
    Kenyotta Beasley


  • X Mus
    X Mus

    excuse my language

  • X Mus
    X Mus

    he did a whole up and down the hell with the foul

  • RM F
    RM F

    This nigga broke his on ankles then hit the side of the backboard,that part had me diying but yet he calls p2 trash

  • NBA 2K18 AND 2K19 GAMEPLAYS And vlogs
    NBA 2K18 AND 2K19 GAMEPLAYS And vlogs

    He is so salty because your with miss thotina

  • Jayden Isaiah
    Jayden Isaiah

    It’s always the fat people that try to act hard🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mystical Mirage
    Mystical Mirage

    He said “nigga” even tho he white 😭

  • Yandel Rosado
    Yandel Rosado

    Tel hime dad I seed too live you alone

  • Yandel Rosado
    Yandel Rosado

    Bro ame so so whana bit Hime up bro ame so so angry ad hime bro

  • Infinite Pulse
    Infinite Pulse

    Like if this guy is drunk and gay

  • Malik Joseph
    Malik Joseph

    P2 you a pussy after this video 😂

  • mattbrian

    Im a real p2 fan but I think that he cant play ball he's a little bit trash but at least he's great at shooting

  • Pred_Aiden9

    You know how much he fouling his fat ass weight that’s how much

  • Zylique Jenkins
    Zylique Jenkins


  • Julian Monteneri
    Julian Monteneri

    40 times

  • Jayden Jones
    Jayden Jones

    This is how many brain cells I lost watching ex boyfriend play 👇

  • BarryTalesIsLife

    He plays like a post scorer on 2k

  • Violetta Mendoza
    Violetta Mendoza


  • Riley Baldwin
    Riley Baldwin

    The camera cost more than the ex’s life

  • kareena goudeaux-smith
    kareena goudeaux-smith

    I mean he found you that many times

  • kareena goudeaux-smith
    kareena goudeaux-smith

    Miss Tatiana's boyfriend is so trash bro you don't even know bro he called you like almost 20 times bro

  • Finn's Koala
    Finn's Koala

    1 like= i have do to 5 pushups

  • Gaming with Jr.
    Gaming with Jr.

    this is how much times he fouled (uhmm probaly a mill)

  • Anime Reaper
    Anime Reaper

    P2 through the whole video but just in the game he fouled 43 times at least

  • Deacon Thompson
    Deacon Thompson

    He’s a fouler

  • Deacon Thompson
    Deacon Thompson

    That men is trash

  • Kevin loves cats
    Kevin loves cats

    4:20 😂😂

  • Elijah Bonner
    Elijah Bonner

    bro im 16 iv'e would of blown that nigga out he got no handles

  • DeShawn George
    DeShawn George

    5000 times

  • Abigail Rosales
    Abigail Rosales

    Is he saying the n word?

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris

    You shoud just fight him i bet ms thotiana would love dat

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    he Fouled 20 times

  • AB Gwuap
    AB Gwuap

    that boy travel skip to this minute 9:32

  • Anthony Casas
    Anthony Casas

    I counted it's 27 fouls my man

  • sky patrolla
    sky patrolla

    This is how many percent that Ms thotiana ex bf Trash Infinite

  • Aaron David Vargas
    Aaron David Vargas

    Go meet Ms thotiana in person

  • surpreme master
    surpreme master

    ms. Thotiana's ex fouled so many times i lost count.

  • nicole morton
    nicole morton

    He foulin all day

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith

    HE NEVER HAD A GIRL bitch not you p2

  • mya sulzbach
    mya sulzbach

    yo is he stopied

  • mya sulzbach
    mya sulzbach

    i can even shot a 3 and im only 7

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez

    He was not playing right at all but frlz P2 could whoop him if he wanted to

  • Lakendrick Johnson
    Lakendrick Johnson

    He put that on his life you going to hell her ex

  • Chelsey Dean
    Chelsey Dean

    Man he fouls

  • Alice Harris
    Alice Harris

    He literally needs to stop fouling

  • Julien Drake
    Julien Drake

    Y’all soft

  • YvngMxlo

    4:20-4:32 Had. Me. Weak.

  • Calvin Sanson
    Calvin Sanson

    100 trillein times

  • Rice U_U
    Rice U_U

    There both bad it’s pretty funny 😂

  • D.Jones Outdoors
    D.Jones Outdoors

    5:10 his form bruh😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Afair


  • Triniti Thomas
    Triniti Thomas

    This is how many times he fouled him 👇🏾

  • CEO x Jj
    CEO x Jj


  • Fortnite Gaming And More
    Fortnite Gaming And More

    So were not gonna talk about how fat he is

  • Cam Atkins
    Cam Atkins

    He said Nigga lemme 1v1 him in basketball he wont score

  • Jenny Bangu
    Jenny Bangu

    P2 don’t u realise he’s saying the word nigga? Y’all ain’t thinking that racist

  • Demarius Bean
    Demarius Bean


  • carl gray
    carl gray

    I think you push your like 30 times he's so stupid brother he has sex with girl bro you you better just break up with Ariana he cuz he fat

  • Malachi Hesse
    Malachi Hesse

    25 times

  • Malachi Hesse
    Malachi Hesse

    Just like ddg vs fredo

  • Malachi Hesse
    Malachi Hesse

    Y all both trash but p2 is way better

  • Tracy Allen Kaufman
    Tracy Allen Kaufman

    Ugliest jumpshot i ever seen in my life

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