1v1 BASKETBALL vs Miss Thotiana\'s Ex Boyfriend! (If i win i get her Number)

  • Karter Bobo
    Karter Bobo


  • Red Scouter
    Red Scouter

    Good players were probably watching you guys like what is this *Garbage!?-* all they see are two people who are booty at basketball

  • silas Holloway
    silas Holloway

    Bruh hes fat as hell thats why she left him for p2

  • Toxic Worldstar
    Toxic Worldstar

    Boi thotionas ex's jumper broke asf

  • Xzavier Rutherford
    Xzavier Rutherford

    He needs to go to talk school he said pull out you phone

  • ItzFrankie

    He fouled 1,000,000,0000,00000000000000000000000 times

  • Rachel Tebe
    Rachel Tebe

    P2 needs to woop his a word

  • nikepro hater
    nikepro hater

    He fouled you 80 times

  • Zerxoo

    If I play for you p2 he'll lose

  • Zerxoo

    P2 do you play basketball?

  • E'Lyshja Land
    E'Lyshja Land

    He fouled like 1b times the hole game

  • Alain Perez
    Alain Perez

    I wish I can beat that burnt marshmallows ass

  • YouTube Nxstykids
    YouTube Nxstykids

    He fouled 30 times

  • Tcbosses Polk
    Tcbosses Polk

    #ddg jr with the fail shit

    • Tcbosses Polk
      Tcbosses Polk


  • RainbowPatatoChip 7
    RainbowPatatoChip 7

    All things he did 1.Double Dribble 2.Rough the Player 3.Charge 4.Reach in Foul 5.Infinite Air balls

  • Rey_KingLuis

    He's Butttttt😂😂😂😂

  • Eltorrous Bellamy
    Eltorrous Bellamy

    Ddg vs deestrowing lol

  • ptthegod 21
    ptthegod 21

    This is how much he push p2 👇🏽

  • Enrique Anaya
    Enrique Anaya


  • Eddie Mangual
    Eddie Mangual

    He fouled u like 30 times

  • Harzel Hammye
    Harzel Hammye

    21 fouls

  • lauren blaise uwizeye
    lauren blaise uwizeye

    P2 got 200 times fouled

  • Jayden Trainer
    Jayden Trainer

    Ex boyfriend is trash

  • Jayden Trainer
    Jayden Trainer

    He Fouled you 10+times my guy

  • Zihon Wells
    Zihon Wells

    He fouls a lot

  • Roger

    This guy jumpshots

  • D Pedroza
    D Pedroza

    Miss thotiana ex boyfriend is trash at basketball

  • D Pedroza
    D Pedroza

    Miss thotiana ex boyfriend almost junked himself

  • Omarion Thomas
    Omarion Thomas

    I’m not gon like I never see some one foul so many time in one game

  • xXD_O_P_EXx 99
    xXD_O_P_EXx 99

    this is how many times P2 said FOUL

  • FunnyPro Gamer
    FunnyPro Gamer

    How many time he said nigga even though he white ⬇️

  • Phase S6x
    Phase S6x

    dis how muck people crossed ms thotiana ex bf 👇🏽

  • Phase S6x
    Phase S6x

    me : his fouls are ove 9000000000000000000000

  • Solomon Perkins
    Solomon Perkins

    He is like that 2k player that needs to push to win games


    this man needs help


    get over it. its done alright


    this man needs help

  • RMG XxMykidzrsleepinxx
    RMG XxMykidzrsleepinxx

    This is how many times he said the n word 👇🏿

  • Cam Davis
    Cam Davis

    17 fing times

  • yellow like mellow youtob
    yellow like mellow youtob

    39 time fal

  • samaiia spencer
    samaiia spencer


  • Yoboikam Hood
    Yoboikam Hood

    Bruh p2 I called him like 5 mins ago and hung up he is a trash can and he a pussy🙀

  • The Popularmmos and Gachalife fan Fan
    The Popularmmos and Gachalife fan Fan

    If you wanna jump him let’s go.......... jk but he’s an ass

  • RiceGum Extra
    RiceGum Extra


  • Cheetah

    Mna that guys saying Nigga he's not even Black.

    • Cheetah

      Man sorry

  • MT_Lilday1boy

    P2 trash

  • Harley 2004 Gaming and vlog
    Harley 2004 Gaming and vlog

    That guy sucks at basketball

  • Mauricio Vega
    Mauricio Vega

    Not to be mean but both of em are trash im basketball

  • Keg Reed
    Keg Reed

    Azillion fouls for the trash men thank his Stephen curry

  • Matt Drowning
    Matt Drowning


  • Huda Waw
    Huda Waw


  • Christian Duncan
    Christian Duncan


  • Huda Mansour
    Huda Mansour

    Ask her on fortnite

  • DB SQUAD Boyd
    DB SQUAD Boyd

    Follow me if her ex trash

  • DB SQUAD Boyd
    DB SQUAD Boyd

    2m fouls he trash

  • angela davis
    angela davis

    P2is the best

  • Kellan Highful
    Kellan Highful

    24 7

  • Valentin Gomez
    Valentin Gomez

    To be honest, but p2 is hoeing, cuz first middle School crush, then fortnite model, and now Ms thotiana, I don't know but that's true🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • MrIcompetent

      Valentin Gomez exactly what I was thinking

  • Cameron Brothers
    Cameron Brothers

    Ask thotiana herself

  • Leandro Pavon
    Leandro Pavon

    In the thumbnail

  • Chayce Chapman
    Chayce Chapman


  • Hey Fags
    Hey Fags

    He would say the n word

  • Ayejay Chhin
    Ayejay Chhin

    Over 9,000 fouls!!!!!!

  • Duce Chang
    Duce Chang

    10000000000009099900009909980896356898:74728837483838588383883848 times

  • Amauri Wilson
    Amauri Wilson

    I’ll cook that nigga he fuckin do do

  • Amauri Wilson
    Amauri Wilson

    P2 don’t worry he’s trash

  • Honey Marrie
    Honey Marrie

    You should have called all the p2 gang so all of us could break ancles

  • Twitch_ Plxychi3
    Twitch_ Plxychi3

    Yo I need to 1v1 him to break his ankles cuz he gay he is trash and all he wanna do is fight

  • Keeping up wit Timmy
    Keeping up wit Timmy


  • Nathan Haughton
    Nathan Haughton

    He filed you 10000000000,000000000000000000,0000000000000000000,0ⁿ00000000000000000000,000000000000ⁿ000

  • Ygo. Bill
    Ygo. Bill

    Like 1.500000000000 times

  • Kieara Dean
    Kieara Dean

    He fouled 10776555 times

  • Marieta Garcia
    Marieta Garcia

    Bruh He's Trash He Do No Know How To Play Basketball Ur Good P2 Nice Shot!

  • liamatize plem
    liamatize plem

    He's trash at basketball just like he's trash at fortnite

  • Ex0t1CxLeG3nd

    He's trash and a stupid 2 yr old

  • Freddie Gaucin
    Freddie Gaucin

    Her ex boyfriend is ass in basketball

  • Valente Huerta
    Valente Huerta

    P2 u a pussy on offense

  • SMG Sniper God
    SMG Sniper God

    This guy has more fouls than points😂

  • Zack Attack31
    Zack Attack31

    This kids stupid

  • Ash'Slay

    49 times

  • Karon Ross
    Karon Ross


  • Sara Ann Hornsby
    Sara Ann Hornsby


  • LIL FILIP Yeet
    LIL FILIP Yeet

    Guy fauled p2 100000000000000000 times

  • Christine Voller
    Christine Voller

    That guy fouled you like 25 times and gave you the wrong number she doesn't even want him bro. P2 ur the best

  • Juicy biker
    Juicy biker

    I counted 32 fouls and how much did u guys think 👇🏽

  • Juicy biker
    Juicy biker

    P2 K.O him bro p2 can snatch

  • Sub To pewdiepie
    Sub To pewdiepie


  • ali abdelrahim
    ali abdelrahim

    P2 will fuck hi up

  • Andre Teio
    Andre Teio

    The kid in the back😀

  • Andre Teio
    Andre Teio

    Well to be honest ur both trash

  • Andre Teio
    Andre Teio

    He’s fouling like at least 600 times

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis

    It's street ball p2


    The disrespect im lovin it!!!!

  • Dominic Vanegas
    Dominic Vanegas

    This kid is toxic

  • Naughty Juggler9
    Naughty Juggler9

    P2 is a God at basketball

  • XxxHunterXxx x
    XxxHunterXxx x

    This is how many times p2 got push 👇🏾

  • Jesse Tovar
    Jesse Tovar

    15 fouls

  • Eyziah Dabydeen
    Eyziah Dabydeen

    Who taught him how to play 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Decena
    Aaron Decena

    I had to restart the vid to see how many times he fouled

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi

    So If I Type In This Is How Many Times__________ I Get Likes?

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