10 Dangerous Homemade Automatic Firewood Processing Machine, Wood Cutting Machine Splitting Firewood
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10 Dangerous Homemade Automatic Firewood Processing Machine, Wood Cutting Machine Splitting Firewood

  • gadgetsage

    #2 is crazy dangerous, as can be seen when it spits a 20 lb chunk of wood at the guys nuts, not to mention the explosive splintering. It also requires some pretty fast reflexes, which will diminish as he gets older. If he gets older.

  • Yaroslav

    Как у чувака на втором видео все еще две руки и два глаза????

  • bosko markovic
    bosko markovic


  • manoel francisco
    manoel francisco

    Are you crazy?

  • 101imag

    That 2nd machine is an accident in the making. One day he will come out and it will either take his hand or his head. There are probably safer ways to split wood.

  • Sambo Rambo
    Sambo Rambo

    *The one in the thumbnail was just plain fucking stupid*

  • mike n
    mike n

    How many fingers do all these people still have

  • Tony Estrada
    Tony Estrada

    guy operating the second machine is wearing the steel toe crocs ;)

  • Massimiliano Bucchi
    Massimiliano Bucchi

    Guy wlth 2 machine rip 2019😇

  • BROSKI mCduDe
    BROSKI mCduDe

    The 2nd one is so far past stupid

  • Oldman Emu
    Oldman Emu

    2nd bloke. Wearing crocs

  • lolleo

    Anybody remember the ending of Fargo. Machine no.2 (the wheel of death) would have made an nice alternative ending. de-my.net/watchvideo/video-Q6OR71VU010.html

  • Adam Brej
    Adam Brej

    Kto to kuralwa wymyślił...

  • Sean Jeanes
    Sean Jeanes

    What is the point of the last machine? Looks like all you're doing is chopping small diameter branches into 4 inch long sections

  • Peter

    Number two machine is a totally insane.. No room for even a slight mistake. If he trip or misjudge then the shock could kill him, cause him to get hit several times before he can react. Health and safety officers need to shut this one down real fast. I am surprised his friends or wife have not stopped him from operating it.

  • Patricio Carreño
    Patricio Carreño

    Que estupidez de invento. Como puede ser tan estúpido. 100 % de probabilidad de accidente.- Ejemplo de lo que no hay que hacer.

  • Олег Паевский
    Олег Паевский

    Более тупого дровокола не видел .тот что на второй минуте.

  • Robert Montanez
    Robert Montanez

    #2 is Awesome!

  • Hawraa Saeed
    Hawraa Saeed

    ثاني جهاز يجب محاكمة صانعه لانه يعتبر شروع بالقتل ههههه

  • Kris Patterson
    Kris Patterson

    Was that really ten???

  • Souless Deeds
    Souless Deeds

    2nd Machine guy is begging to get a chunk of wood straight to the dome. Or at the least broken bones from that stupid thing slinging wood at him. I will admit I see where hes coming from with it. But god damn dude engineer some fucking safety into it.

  • Hugefloppy Donkeydick
    Hugefloppy Donkeydick

    Crocks n socks rocks.

  • CHARLES A. 12345
    CHARLES A. 12345

    Should state "Heavy drinkin' required prior to operation of any of these devices" !!!!!

  • CHARLES A. 12345
    CHARLES A. 12345


  • Edward Lahr
    Edward Lahr

    Glad he is wearing the proper footwear.

  • Ted Davis
    Ted Davis

    I see dude on the second machine has his safety crocs on.. Jeesh

  • Andrej Shamin
    Andrej Shamin

    Камикадзе за колкой дров.

  • Jr Costilla
    Jr Costilla

    Number two is going to have life insurance problems making that shit. That was awesomely stupid

  • cooper cooper
    cooper cooper

    The guy running the second machine is a fucking retard with crocs on

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson

    Got to love those safety Crocs in the second video

  • tony carr
    tony carr

    The guy on machine 2 isn't going to last very long

  • Arturo Verde
    Arturo Verde

    The first was mesmerising,the second was murderous ,house slippers and shorts??that fellows definitely getting ready for oblivion,end of story . 🦖

  • Frank Potter
    Frank Potter

    We Don't need no stinking OSHA.

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins

    There are 2 types of operative for machine #2 - the quick and the dead

  • Jason Cook
    Jason Cook

    Love the crocks lmao

  • Wood-n-Yard Junkie
    Wood-n-Yard Junkie

    2 is wearing crocks with earmuffs....hahaha!!!!

    • whorton4

      I noticed that. . . Whatta dork!

  • William Barnes
    William Barnes

    The second machine showed is about the scariest firewood processing machine I've ever seen.

  • Ryan Menegon
    Ryan Menegon

    is the second guy still even alive whats wrong with getting a mull out?

  • さんサス

    3:00~ 危険以外の何でもないな。


    Того который второй, уже походу убило, во камикадзе бля 😁

  • Balagtas Hary Duran
    Balagtas Hary Duran

    This is one major blunder in design and a very unsafe machine. You can chop yourself in this. Stupid.

  • jhonson peixoto
    jhonson peixoto

    4:09 Perigoso de mais.⚠

  • Oscar Corvalan
    Oscar Corvalan

    muy peligroso ,,

  • MEH man
    MEH man

    3:14 is terrible

  • Helpful Edits
    Helpful Edits

    Everybody's raggin on #2 but I've never seen another machine that can cut apart a log that size.

  • Helpful Edits
    Helpful Edits

    Turn 2 down to 0.75 speed to experience 90% less anxiety.

  • Quink 666
    Quink 666


  • Simião M R
    Simião M R

    O segundo é um idiota.

  • M852

    A number of was to cull the herd.

  • Jon Hunt
    Jon Hunt

    Machine 2 is just a mutilation or death waiting to happen. At least he’s wearing his steel toes crocs in case one of those big hunks gets propelled off the table at 20 mph.

  • Damir Bartolic
    Damir Bartolic

    When ever I see ppl doing this kind of work wearing Crocs, I sincerely question their sanity.... and love for their limbs....

  • Игорь Белокуров
    Игорь Белокуров

    Эпизод 2 маховик смерти! Работать только самоубийцам.

  • CaseyJones

    2de vdo = playing with an automatic guillotine!

  • discoverytube

    Wheel of Misfortune!

  • Николай Симанчук
    Николай Симанчук

    Второй агрегат точно для самоубийц

  • Grizzly Addams
    Grizzly Addams

    Now we know why they call it, "#2". Holy crap that thing looks like an accident waiting to happen. #3... Should be wearing a condom.

  • Gregory Sell
    Gregory Sell

    OSHA ?

  • gds gdslev
    gds gdslev

    ебать самоубийца!!!

  • onill onill
    onill onill

    N° 1 and 3 are the best worker

  • Виталий 54
    Виталий 54

    Интересно, этот долбоеб с большим колесом ещё жив или на паштет уже порубало?

    • telek214

      Оторвется колун и прощай башка. И зачем дрова без головы когда?

  • Dave Le Valley
    Dave Le Valley

    I had a horrible pain between my legs whilst watching that second machine there.

  • slava semerikov
    slava semerikov

    Бля, а если по ебалу прилетит?

  • Magare Govedo
    Magare Govedo

    3:41 not save at all...You would rather risk your life,than pay 10 dollars a hour for a guy with proper machine to do it...

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis


  • Adam Sims
    Adam Sims

    2nd machine operator is pretty fast considering he is carrying 50 lbs of balls around with him

    • MrMisterMan

      Lol the video is sped up

  • Евгений Шарапов
    Евгений Шарапов

    мужику с большим колесом раз в неделю прилетает в ебало

    • Дарго Мур
      Дарго Мур

      не только по ебалу но и по яйцам прилетает :)

  • Rick Hubanks
    Rick Hubanks

    Does anyone know the purpose of #4? Besides the obvious double amputee

  • Rick Hubanks
    Rick Hubanks

    #2 must be an engineer, it's a beautiful setup and it works perfectly, but what the fuck were you thinking?

  • Perry Luvr
    Perry Luvr

    Y'all crazy. Holy crap!!! Use an Axe PEOPLE!!!

  • Сергей цу
    Сергей цу

    Пипец машина смерти на 4й минуте

  • Hien Ha
    Hien Ha


  • mike x
    mike x


  • Kerych Kerych
    Kerych Kerych


  • J. Ryan
    J. Ryan

    #2 is definitely not the sharpest flashlight in the crayon box.

  • ameunier41

    What I learned today is: "For added protection you must wear wool socks in your crocs."

  • rogerwalsberg

    #2....OMG! He has surely been killed by now. My dad had a similar one, but ran much slower.

  • deepsquat600

    The one with the spinning paddle wheel I could see that one taking an arm off of a body

  • michaelxwhite

    Yes, the first machine is brilliant.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    Woah, these are some fucked up ideas. cmon, how stupid are they?

  • JCPC

    machine 2 is this plank still alive

  • KaTM

    5:52 Am i dreaming or the hole where the spike comes out is a cylinder of a 2Stroke engine ? 😂💪

  • Piwosz

    3:35 Ale pojebany typ. Weź rób w takim strachu. Yno raz jak odda.

  • Impulse

    some of the machines I have seen here are the most stupid fucking dangerous reckless... injury will occur in time idiotic design.

  • Sergei Bablakov
    Sergei Bablakov

    Поржали! на 3,40 минуте сказочный долбаеб

  • mladen zdravkovic
    mladen zdravkovic

    I can't believe how stupid those people are. If you don't know how to do it look at how people in Europe do it

  • mladen zdravkovic
    mladen zdravkovic

    So stipid.

  • valley boo
    valley boo

    what is wrong with the second guy?? Does he not value his body parts? I've never seen such a stupid idea for a wood splitter.

  • Darrow for the Prosecution
    Darrow for the Prosecution

    People who use the second type of machine are the ones needing Obamacare. THAT is a lot of work for such stupid results.

  • Jiří Šmidák
    Jiří Šmidák

    Is the guy by the first machine still alive...? LMFAO ROFFL

    • onill onill
      onill onill

      no problem with the first, look, it's the second that is crazy

  • Liam Howard
    Liam Howard

    That is the stupidest machine I have ever seen. Gambling every time he wants to cut a piece of wood

  • Юрий Ефимов
    Юрий Ефимов

    *The 2nd thing is an invention of Ren & Stimpy*

  • bro ker
    bro ker

    ахуеть не встать

  • Dumne Cat
    Dumne Cat

    Big up for the 2nd guy, 7b ppl bit too much

  • антон антонов
    антон антонов

    Адская машина)

  • Mc Filthy Mc Nasty
    Mc Filthy Mc Nasty

    The guy running the 2nd machine is on his way to becoming an amputee , at the least. WTF ?

  • Władysław Pękala
    Władysław Pękala


  • Scot Marechaux
    Scot Marechaux

    Is #2 still alive? love the crocs on his feet. good protection. did not realize they made them. in steel toes.

  • Lowrider Smith
    Lowrider Smith

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 1:49 🤞

  • Сергей Дан
    Сергей Дан

    1:50 как он ещё до сих пор жив

  • Paul Marshall
    Paul Marshall

    The owner of the second machine looks terrified of it....Understandably!

    • John Ernest
      John Ernest

      I had shit in my undies just watching him.

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