10 Dangerous Homemade Automatic Firewood Processing Machine, Wood Cutting Machine Splitting Firewood
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10 Dangerous Homemade Automatic Firewood Processing Machine, Wood Cutting Machine Splitting Firewood

  • Greg Romex
    Greg Romex

    My ex wife uses a wood machime for her dildo

  • Allan Close
    Allan Close

    You cant fix stupid. # 2

  • Andrew

    3:40 the fool nearly trips on the piece of wood, hope his wife has his life insured for a large amount. I have a feeling she might be collecting sooner than she thinks.

  • George M
    George M

    the operator of the second machine needs to have his fn head examined.idiot # 3 a bit scary for sure.. # 4 still trying to figure out why he is doing that.. ??? #1 was pretty safe I feel. the best of all

  • ka2804

    2cond machine inventor must surely be invalid now. (don't hope so, but.....)

  • Mike Geros
    Mike Geros

    That first one was a winner. Would not be surprised if the others are missing things like fingers , hands, arms, life

  • Bodes Bodes
    Bodes Bodes

    #3 and #4 Why are people going to such extreme lengths to create machines that merely turn sticks into kibble? I really don't see the point. Are they supplying firewood for midgets living in mushroom houses?

  • Bowtie41

    I'd love just the engine form #3,neatr'n'shit!

  • František Zimolka
    František Zimolka

    Až ho to jednu vezme spalkem pres rypak,tak se bude divit

  • Clifton Torrence
    Clifton Torrence

    I did 47 years of professional woodworking, and ran millions of dollars worth of machinery of every description. Even had an uncle who had a saw mill that ran 5ft to 7 ft diameter open rip blades. I thought I'd seen everything by age seventy. Now that #2 Thunk Wacker is just the dumbest and most unpredictable thing I ever saw. What an idiot.

  • martin gardener
    martin gardener

    Is No 4 a machine for making pulp for the paper industry?

  • lunhil12

    Is the operator of the 2nd machine still alive I wonder?



  • scott margerison
    scott margerison

    First machine needs another blade

  • Ludwik Sikora
    Ludwik Sikora

    You all wrong. The second machine operator for sure has some arrangment with The God, if He let him do things like that :-)

  • ron donelson
    ron donelson

    WOW the 2nd one you just want to keep watching to se if a body part goes flying . Love the comment Idon;t think I've laught so hard in my life .

  • Bruce Ross
    Bruce Ross

    block of wood in the nards and he still doesn't get it.... FFS

  • Abba Dabba
    Abba Dabba

    No2 must have been invented by the Flintstones? Health & Safety 0.

  • Marián Majdiš
    Marián Majdiš

    Dosť nebezpečné stroje

  • The Gauvinator
    The Gauvinator

    second guy is suicidal

  • Edge Fan
    Edge Fan

    The 2nd. guy is working on the deathwheel. 😅

  • thebestia

    3rd one......Paige NO!!!!

  • rajmani rai
    rajmani rai


  • Василий Королев
    Василий Королев

    Идиот придумал и робит

  • David Flather
    David Flather


  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse

    Second guy probably dead now

  • miksal26

    Bloody Hell !!! It would have his hand off in a second. 😱

  • Renaud Cliche
    Renaud Cliche


  • Brendan Fraser
    Brendan Fraser

    FUCK THAT !!!

  • BB B
    BB B

    Is the guy in the steel toed crocs and camo shorts still alive? I would like to buy him a beer. You don’t meet many guys anymore with a pair of stones of that magnitude.

    • BAPCON

      Stones in the head maybe!

  • AmericanWoman1964

    I just thank all the commenters... so laughing ....

  • Marvin Macon
    Marvin Macon


  • Alec Rintoul
    Alec Rintoul

    Looked like a lot of time trouble expense and ingenuity went into finding ways of splinting wood that was harder than whacking it with and axe ! The chap operating the second machine must be a feking nut job

  • Michael Menges
    Michael Menges

    Aside from #2, the only thing dangerous here is the posters counting ability. I counted only 4 machines total. Thumbs down for misleading title.

    • Nick Hammer
      Nick Hammer

      But seeing the moron on machine # 2 was worth the time, I laughed my ass off , cant believe he thought this was a viable means of splitting wood.

  • dst

    I wonder if guy #2 is still alive?

  • Owen Thomas
    Owen Thomas

    1st is OK, 2nd is insane, an accident waiting to happen, 3rd reminds me of a sex machine seen on a porn site. 4th more like a chipper than a firewood machine.

  • Дядя Гарик
    Дядя Гарик

    Самый путёвый номер один !

  • Range Man
    Range Man

    Make that (11) ways.........de-my.net/watchvideo/video-wRw5TmCGdlg.html

  • Jim Austin
    Jim Austin

    LOL!!! guy in second machine should not have any teeth (or face)!

  • Rodrigue Nadeau
    Rodrigue Nadeau

    I would suggest the guy in the second video wear a cup, but do we really want him to reproduce.

  • Adam Owen
    Adam Owen

    Second bloke is a twat

  • Хусейн Узаков
    Хусейн Узаков

    О долбаеп это убьют тебя

  • Macaco Macacão
    Macaco Macacão

    3:42 what a psyco

  • Bill Bright
    Bill Bright

    The Split-A-Palooza patented wood processing companies. One Two better not Sue! We’ve gone 1 day with out a lost time accident.

  • Trace Fisher
    Trace Fisher

    I love the steel-toe crocks

  • Bishnu Bhandari
    Bishnu Bhandari

    You have to safet first.

  • Dylan thevillian
    Dylan thevillian

    #2 has a lot of lead in his drinking water.. and mercury

  • Muskrat Outdoors
    Muskrat Outdoors

    I don't see anything wrong with that first one.....the second one? Yeah, that could go bad fast! The third one...I like that "Poppin' Johnny"! It doesn't seem dangerous. The forth one, homemade wood chipper.....a guard would help!.....Hey, where's the other six?

    • Muskrat Outdoors
      Muskrat Outdoors

      The third could get ya for sure. The best one I think is the first one.

    • Muskrat Outdoors
      Muskrat Outdoors

      OH, I didn't notice that! That's a little better then.

    • Steve the Pirate
      Steve the Pirate

      The third is the worst for me because it moves fast while having both your hands right in around the pinch point.

    • Steve the Pirate
      Steve the Pirate

      The second clip is running at 2x speed, still hella dangerous, but looks more manageable slowed to normal speed.

  • Chuck Buhl
    Chuck Buhl

    Well works for them who cares what you think 😱🤗

  • sugar19 labarre
    sugar19 labarre

    This dangerous machine it's not safe

  • Dula Johnstone
    Dula Johnstone

    Machines 1 and 3 seems fairly ok Machine 2 designer needs to join Trumps staff..😂😂

    • Muskrat Outdoors
      Muskrat Outdoors

      The Obama head lopper?

  • Robert Schwegler
    Robert Schwegler

    The 3rd machine could also be an odd sex toy.

  • Stuff and Things
    Stuff and Things

    That second machine is the stuff I have freaking nightmares about! WTF???

  • ArgentOrangeOK

    Second machine should be named The Darwinator. Will he lose both arms before he can scream or hang himself while pulling a log up?

  • Joe Guilfoyle
    Joe Guilfoyle

    #2 came out and touched him wait, till it cripples him .

  • Hanh Tham Huyen
    Hanh Tham Huyen

    Nguy hiểm lắm

  • Luciano Rech
    Luciano Rech

    O primeiro é o melhor o segundo é suicídio..

  • Gabriel Valdez
    Gabriel Valdez

    Que maquina tan ordinaria

  • Tom Mann
    Tom Mann

    I’m sure their business insurance carrier has no clue they’re doing this. The guy has a death wish and doesn’t know it.

  • MrFuryman13

    1:00 Best!

  • Art Anson
    Art Anson

    I liked the safe , slow but steady 1st machine. Not noisy, just right. As others have noted: Where are the other 6 machines? Per #2. "The Wheel of death machine" [ or "The guy who keeps Emergency Room Doctors busy" ] .... He probably purchased it from a movie studio "Garage / rummage sale" that made 1940's horror movies. 😲 Bermuda shorts / sandles guy has ear protection on while his knee / shin are hit by wood chunk... 🙄 Guess he has never heard of leather chaps, and trousers. The guy actually filmed himself doing this by camera on a tripod. 🤡 My wood shop & metal shop teachers in Jr. / Sr. High School would have paddled this guy and marched him to the Principal's office for a class transfer to pottery or watercolors class. 😁 Hey - did anyone notice he has about 4 canoes or Kayaks over near the white jeep ? He might have be married and have children ?!? 😲 Hope the wifey has a Life Insurance policy on Mr. Crash Test Dummy. 🤣

  • Josim Uddin
    Josim Uddin

    Fast masine best

  • Vlk Robin Hood
    Vlk Robin Hood

    3:00 Kto toto vynasiel a zostrojil musel byt nadrogovany. Tomu sa polie EXCENTRIK!!!

  • Bruce Grahame
    Bruce Grahame

    10 ? ? ?

  • Tim Barnett
    Tim Barnett

    Great machine, I would use this but not the insane guy in camo shorts an slippers trying to kill himself with that big wheeled killer! This one is sane an safer! Thanks, Tim

  • Hriday kumar Roy
    Hriday kumar Roy


  • sang pengembara
    sang pengembara

    Very dangerous...yo must be careful

  • Update my Settings
    Update my Settings

    The hydraulic ones cost like 1/4 of what these ones need in parts, and since the commercially available ones aren't made of a bunch of hobbled together parts, they will last for a long time. Seriously, my memories of having to chop wood just make me think of ticks and getting wood chips in my ears as a kid. Screw that, for what these cost just drill a geothermal well and forget about the hassle.

  • Keith Martin
    Keith Martin

    The big wheel he spun to get started is a Bad accident waiting to happen. I'm not talking about the hit and miss engine either.

  • BlackNova2142

    holy.....if that see the chamber of trades in europe they would call the police lol

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