10 BIZARRE Facts About the NFL Draft That You Probably Didn't Know!
FlemLo Raps
Nfl draft 2019 is here and to celebrate were looking a strange facts from the nfl drafts past that most people dont know.

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source: www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=ftw.usatoday.com/2018/03/nfl-draft-facts/amp&ved=2ahUKEwjEvq_g5OThAhVCUK0KHVJFBqAQFjAAegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw26ETmdTM0F2Q9ZIDmGe_Lh&ampcf=1

  • Chris Sandoval
    Chris Sandoval

    The 84 supplemental draft had 3 hall of famers

  • Nolan Baker
    Nolan Baker

    In 84 Reggie white and Steve young were drafted

  • NinJackTV

    F in the chat for Norm

  • Jin Productions
    Jin Productions

    Who Dey

  • CarsonW



    I feel so bad for the first guy

  • Krajew6

    you should look at the D2 WR the bengals signed from ohio, Charles Holland

  • Tyler Isaacs
    Tyler Isaacs


  • Dinkus Crinkus
    Dinkus Crinkus

    1996 was the only year a team drafted 2 hall of famers. My squad the ravens not only picked 2 but they took them both in the first round. They got Jonathan Ogden, and ray lewis

    • Papi Negro
      Papi Negro

      Dinkus Crinkus in 1974 the Steelers drafted 4 hall of famers. Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth, Mike Webster. Lol last I checked 4>2.

  • Jarvin Driftwood
    Jarvin Driftwood

    The early NFL drafts were wild. Lots of players refused to sign and their rights would be traded to other teams for players or else cash. The Bears got a lot of players drafted by other teams especially from the Eagles who's Bert Bell (later Steelers HC and NFL commish) had pushed for the draft. There was no real leverage as a lot of teams were broke or barely squeaking by. Drafting was also done largely through word of mouth in those days. NFL coaches generally had a few college coaches each that they trusted and followed news stories on big teams like Notre Dame. Beyond quite a few players were drafted because an NFL coach would ask rookies if there were any underclassmen on their college team that they thought could play.

  • i own baleiguigas
    i own baleiguigas

    i thought this was clickbait until flemlo started talking

  • Mafia Bear
    Mafia Bear

    I dont think the Redskins drafted Sean ferrell

  • Marcos Nuno
    Marcos Nuno

    Glad your channels going up . Glad you EATING

  • Billy Hardebeck
    Billy Hardebeck

    My favorite draft fact is that the first player that the Steelers ever drafted was a man named William Shakespeare

  • MeanBear19


  • Jack Gallen
    Jack Gallen

    Frank Borman is my Moms cousin

  • Elijah Lee
    Elijah Lee

    Ay, do you live in Cincinnati?? Cause I live like 5 min away in Hamilton, Ohio


    Anyone else watching this a week later and saw that he “predicted” Daniel jones going higher

    • Noah Muhle
      Noah Muhle

      Yea Daniel Jones is a decent qb but JOSH ALLEN was still open I'm NOTa giants fan btw I am a chargers fan⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • Angel Trevizo
    Angel Trevizo

    Dope video

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson

    2 of my cousins just went to the NFL. Curtis Akins and Chris Rayford

    • Logan Logan
      Logan Logan


  • Braxton M Burns
    Braxton M Burns

    Listen I live in Ohio but I Really DON'T LIKE THE SOUTHERN OHIO TEAM'S but northern is ok

    • Sundergoose Man
      Sundergoose Man

      Braxton M Burns no one cares

  • Sebastian Flores
    Sebastian Flores


  • YoloFTW

    Someone once drafted a dead man

  • Kinector

    Who Dey!!!

  • B. Henny
    B. Henny

    Tommy went to the falcons 😂

  • Eli Tha Goat
    Eli Tha Goat

    Who came here for the thumbnail

  • Mikethegoat 1
    Mikethegoat 1

    Bro the guy who was drafted 55 years later prolly though he was drafted to the army😂💀💀💀

  • Corey Horne
    Corey Horne

    Make a video on the top 10 successful Reaches in the NFL

  • Nikolai Cooperider
    Nikolai Cooperider

    That Daniel Jones prediction aged well


    I'm a big Ravens fan


    Bengal surprised you

  • Udonis Haslem#1Fan
    Udonis Haslem#1Fan

    What if a team got all 32 first round picks lol

  • Trey Bishop
    Trey Bishop

    Blasauan Austin Got drafted from Rutgers dynasty to the jets in the 6th round

  • Johnny Newberry
    Johnny Newberry

    Great video and very informative...laughed my a$$ off on some of the picks(or non picks...lol)

  • Jaden Sōchaku
    Jaden Sōchaku

    the Mike Korezemba of football

  • Charlie Schilb
    Charlie Schilb

    Fuck yeah a fellow bengals fan not to many out there it seems like 😂

  • Jacob Duchesne
    Jacob Duchesne

    You, KTO, and thats good sports = best NFL youtubers 👌🏻

  • Zach Fox
    Zach Fox

    You should do more top 10s

  • Jude Tube
    Jude Tube

    It's not to late norm you can still join the NFL

  • L . O . R
    L . O . R

    I don’t give a shit. Patriots taking AJ Brown at 32 💯

  • champstar9669

    Correction: NASA openly admits they cannot go beyond low Earth orbit. Bill Nye "The Science Guy" says we live in an enclosed system. There is no way to "venture into outer space."

  • Baller Vols
    Baller Vols

    Jalen Turd won’t be drafted

  • 000 deathn0te.000
    000 deathn0te.000

    1984 has a lot of hall famers

  • Bret Schuurman
    Bret Schuurman

    I forget what team, but one time a team drafted someone who died months before the draft

  • Matt Barger
    Matt Barger

    Steelers are the best


    yo said the redskins but it was actually the Buccaneers

  • My Butt
    My Butt

    Should do a greatest draft yrs...my top 3 are 1989 1974 1965

  • My Butt
    My Butt

    1999 draft...saints drafted 1 player...Ricky williams

  • Zay 5ive
    Zay 5ive

    Aye bro I got story I want u share you Chanel hit me back when u get a chance

  • Goatquon Barkley
    Goatquon Barkley

    Damn I thought 1984 Steve Young got drafted

  • Reed Bowers
    Reed Bowers

    Fuuuuck Jalen Hurd

  • JahPoetix

    Call it Draft dumbness

  • Marc Porter
    Marc Porter

    FlemLo Raps . Did u do one on Brian Banks ??

  • Max Palmer
    Max Palmer

    I feel bad for your bangles bro I hope things turn around with the new Coach

  • Thomas Cosby
    Thomas Cosby

    What happened to victor cruz


    Man, the Redskins appeared in three Super Bowls and with rare first round picks. Had they had more first round picks, we’re looking at a dynasty?

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams

    The draft is silly. Alot of this first 2nd 3rd round guys will be busts. Then some no name 7th rounder or 5th round be a pro bowler. Its not an exact science. You cant measure heart. You cant measure willpower and some players just mature not as fast. And alot of big school dudes Miami Alabama LSU are maxed out in college. They played in a system that helped them alot. Alot of this smaller school kats. Didnt get looks and have a chip on their shoulder the size of a car. And are hungrier and want it more. Trade down and get more picks is what teams should do.

  • Andy Hadsall
    Andy Hadsall

    Hey man there were no quarterbacks taken in the 1st round in 1996.

  • Adarius

    Flemlo you Gotta do a story on Jayru Campbell. Dude went from Top recruit in HS to Prison to Juco and now Harlan Hill D2 player of the Year this year. Dude had a monster year check it out when you get time.

  • AYO B
    AYO B

    I'm in the military, and I would be HEATED if I found out that I got drafted into the nfl.

  • stikbot282- ROBLOX, Video Games, and more.
    stikbot282- ROBLOX, Video Games, and more.

    Who ready for the draft tomorrow?

  • James Baldwin
    James Baldwin

    Who do you think our Bengals are taking this year.

  • Marcel Figueroa
    Marcel Figueroa

    Do a video on what happened to Ryan Mathews

  • Cheez Doodle
    Cheez Doodle

    Bobby Hart is the 🐐 bengals super bowl champions

  • Joe K.
    Joe K.

    Yeeeaaaah ahm no quittaaaeehhh cuz aaamago aaamago aaamago gittaaeehhh

  • Nashville Saint
    Nashville Saint

    🤣🤣🤣 Sean Farrell to the Redskins

  • Jay-Rock

    Do a video on WR Marcus Harris : Wyoming, who was the Fred Blietnikoff winner in 1996 but never played in the NFL....

  • Jay-Rock

    It wasn’t a QB drafted in the first round of the 1996 draft.

  • Nathan Hayes
    Nathan Hayes

    reggie white and steve young for 1992?

  • Chevyc32

    I'm actually going to the Draft are you going Flemlo?

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