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  • Hypersceptiacl_yt


  • Itsjayed Xx
    Itsjayed Xx

    Jj your an egg

  • L2 R2 Slay
    L2 R2 Slay

    Ksi: make me laugh Me: Can u give me ur N Word pass

  • Lucy Fielder
    Lucy Fielder

    this has me pissing myself

  • Savage Mavrick
    Savage Mavrick

    What do fat girls and mopads have in common They are both fun to ride but you never wanna be seen riding them

  • Turbyio

    Ksi’s face made me laugh more then the actual jokes 😂

  • Ethan Wegner
    Ethan Wegner

    8:22 smh

  • Graham Jess
    Graham Jess


  • Dante Figueroa
    Dante Figueroa

    Yo are the people that watch his videos this unfunny. Good lawd this shit was cringe

  • Stephen Mhishi
    Stephen Mhishi

    Your getting fat again 🤣

  • Marcus Colic Landsvig
    Marcus Colic Landsvig

    1 laughs isnt 1000 pounds 1 laugh is +10 its the same as saying 1 laugh = 1 mil pounds please dont clickbait

  • Papa J
    Papa J

    Vick touches kids

  • Adzywastaken AU
    Adzywastaken AU

    Damn I thought I wasn’t funny

  • Alyazia_ Alhashmi
    Alyazia_ Alhashmi

    see what u wrote for the title is something else of what ur doing what a clickbait

    • Milkstache 44
      Milkstache 44

      Alyazia_ Alhashmi welcome to DE-my

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson


  • Kuellar Ayelet
    Kuellar Ayelet

    Who misses these 😂

  • Who's That
    Who's That

    Why did the kid cross the road? To runaway from vikk

  • Untouchable  Ninja
    Untouchable Ninja

    15:26 bruh JJs face😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀

  • Gary Nightingale
    Gary Nightingale

    People suck

  • Arreman Mattu
    Arreman Mattu

    What's wrong with people there brain is messed up 😂

  • 10Hours Only
    10Hours Only

    litterally none: Ethan: My weigh loss is so good

  • jay Wall
    jay Wall

    Dax just is a better rapper 😂

  • ItzSerpent

    19:30 is this nigga FUCKING WANKING HIS 7.1 INCH COCK

  • AbdulplayzYT


  • Robloxporn

    What’s the difference between a Jew and a Boy Scout. The Boy Scout returns from their camps...

  • Jalen

    people from the UK are the most boring type of people i swear, these niggas got no humor.

  • Noah Fay
    Noah Fay

    26:07 😂😂

  • Leon Gillberg
    Leon Gillberg


  • Gasper Zirovnik
    Gasper Zirovnik

    What's up ksi how is your lougan

  • Riley Udy
    Riley Udy

    What does he do them on

  • Jayesh Jayamohan
    Jayesh Jayamohan

    Someone should've said don't laugh if you're gay or something 😂 the money is theirs

  • Eggy Boi
    Eggy Boi

    19:29 Bruh is JJ masturbating?

  • Gus Donoghue
    Gus Donoghue

    Why does he laugh the most at the beginning

  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter

    8:20 im crying

  • Alexandria Robinson
    Alexandria Robinson

    And I meant n word

  • Alexandria Robinson
    Alexandria Robinson

    I meant dam

  • Alexandria Robinson
    Alexandria Robinson

    Damian white people don't get they can't say the next word

    • Alexandria Robinson
      Alexandria Robinson

      Mentioned dam

  • kevin roman
    kevin roman

    i was dying the whole entire time some joke were so bad that it made me laugh

  • MYBッ

    When jj realizes one of his fans is a necrophiliac

  • Jamie3567

    Will this make u laugh. Vik getting a gf n then getting married/vik becoming a boxer

  • Kevin Santamaria
    Kevin Santamaria

    16:33 if you ever only wanted this part

  • Unknown X
    Unknown X


  • The Train Geek
    The Train Geek

    I would’ve said who’s worse, Dax or Logan Paul and then I would’ve said nothing they’re both shit

  • Jako Nito
    Jako Nito

    5:47 nigga sound lil goofy from mickey mouse the club hous🤡

  • PudyPipez

    JJs reactions are way more funny then the people

  • slicu


  • slicu


  • Martin Fjeld
    Martin Fjeld

    He's hair looks like pomfrites

  • Stan The Boss
    Stan The Boss

    20:30 necrophilia BTW

  • Damn Darcy
    Damn Darcy

    The guy who won £60 the first time was a genius



  • Anonymous Finland
    Anonymous Finland

    Fuckin Clickbait 🖕

  • usher bollas
    usher bollas

    fuck ksi


    20:39 necrophiliac

  • Vid30/G4m3/D0min4t0r

    12:30 you can tell by the way this guy’s voice is shaking that he’s making up lies on the spot

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark

    How do they kill retards on death row.....electric wheelchair

  • iwatchthestarz

    the living Windex cleaner: 3:59

  • Reuben Southern
    Reuben Southern

    You have the least funny fan base of all time 😂

  • Nightbot

    27:53 is gold

  • Koko Doborjginide
    Koko Doborjginide

    21:58 dellor rage

  • Zackaria Belghiti
    Zackaria Belghiti

    Reminds me of this de-my.net/watchvideo/video-L8HTmtkTLdo.html

  • Shadow Light
    Shadow Light

    wjeh is yes

  • Cy ze
    Cy ze

    This video is just insulting Shane dawe sone

  • Lenny Fortnite And ROBLOX
    Lenny Fortnite And ROBLOX


  • Joshua Taylor Ampleford
    Joshua Taylor Ampleford

    There are three women in a bar talking about how loose they are, One fits a cucumber, One a sausage, The other one slides down the bar stool.

  • Ethan McCready
    Ethan McCready

    lits like mrbeast but you a cheep ass

  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi


  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi

    Ya yeet also got me

  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi

    The electric wheelchair got me

  • Sev1ce

    Look I am white and my class isn’t the best guy says this joke listen: why did the wheel stop and die....... because the wheel was drunk driving. The class laughs I was legit thinking why am I in a white class I don’t belong and I am gonna die

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