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  • Welco 06
    Welco 06

    Dumbest joke ever: An eagle gets in a bar and gets drunk.Than he gets out and spreads out his wings and then says:na fuck it I'll walk"

  • 1 W4N7 2 D13
    1 W4N7 2 D13


  • Dave Donohoe
    Dave Donohoe


  • Danny ONeill
    Danny ONeill

    22:02 rip headphone users

  • Isla Hudson
    Isla Hudson

    It’s boring if you don’t laugh lol

  • Suhail khan
    Suhail khan

    Thumbnail £1000 Title $1000 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Joshua Vowells
    Joshua Vowells

    who else was happy asf when they saw how long the vid was

  • Ayden !
    Ayden !


  • Depressed Orange
    Depressed Orange

    7:40 put the speed on 2x lol

    • Random Potato
      Random Potato

      Funnier at 0,25x lmao

  • Depressed Orange
    Depressed Orange


  • luvish tokhai
    luvish tokhai

    what s up with cat abuse you f..king bitches

  • Sophie Tipper
    Sophie Tipper

    How do you make a Swiss roll? You push Roger Federer down a hill. Plus I felt very uncomfortable with the N word being thrown around, as a white person I’m quite ashamed to hear that 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Colossal Gaming
    Colossal Gaming

    Ain’t you in da UK? change $ to £ ffs

  • CoolMCPEPro123

    You know how your friend are like i got that pussy last night thats what shane dawson said😆

  • kawaii cupcake vlogs
    kawaii cupcake vlogs

    Love ur channel ur a legend

  • kawaii cupcake vlogs
    kawaii cupcake vlogs

    Here's a joke: my teacher said I have 5 drinks in one hand, I have 6 in the other what do I have? I said: a drinking problem.

  • TripleMGaming

    He didn’t put any ketchup in his mouth

  • Noti Press
    Noti Press

    KSI I think jake Paul has almost 19M subs

  • Pedro Carderelli
    Pedro Carderelli

    If jimmy fallon hosted this he would lose every single time

  • raintaiz [bf1]
    raintaiz [bf1]

    The music please 😶

  • The Orochi
    The Orochi

    7:42 Ksi u thinkin about shane dawson aren’t you? XD

  • kerem ozcan
    kerem ozcan

    Next time start from 1000 dollars to 0

  • Dark Dj Playz
    Dark Dj Playz

    What’s yellow and black and makes you laugh? A bus full of nig- THE BEE MOVIE

  • Angry Bun
    Angry Bun

    If you think about it he's just losing ten pounds every time he finding someone new

  • gozo

    3:25 best joke ever

  • Yxng Lew
    Yxng Lew

    Dat ad count bigger than your forehead lmao

  • Shashank baliga
    Shashank baliga

    Ksi should make a series where everytime he laughs he donated 100 pounds to charity!!! Like so ksi can see this...

  • Jamie’s Channel of pure sexiness and poetry
    Jamie’s Channel of pure sexiness and poetry

    19:37 wtf is he doing wit dat hand

  • Sal Screen
    Sal Screen

    Why is everyone giving Shane this controversy

  • Snow Dragon
    Snow Dragon

    22:00 i love how i took my headset off at the exact same time he did

  • THEOKING12 3
    THEOKING12 3

    jj is master bating you can se dove and tishu out

  • Esther Baht Israel
    Esther Baht Israel

    Which app is ksi using

  • dayzed boi
    dayzed boi


  • Daniel Warner
    Daniel Warner

    A kid says three words and wins £170

  • xd Kamikaze TV
    xd Kamikaze TV

    7:30= 200iq

  • achraf chopop
    achraf chopop

    your english like a dick in ur mouth

  • Shivam Shaw
    Shivam Shaw

    6:40 7 year old logan🤣

  • NexenTriz

    7:41 Haha.

  • LOcK KraKen
    LOcK KraKen

    8:16 Dunno why, but... it made me laugh..😪

    • Leumaz Dnazor
      Leumaz Dnazor

      His laughter was kinda funny, but other than that it was just retarded

  • Zaynab Mustafa
    Zaynab Mustafa

    why do I feel feel like they sometimes sound the same

  • Skengman Adi
    Skengman Adi

    The music at the start is funny

  • Siannaracho -
    Siannaracho -

    Ksi is a ass.

  • ASMR Ruby
    ASMR Ruby

    1 laugh=1000 1 real laugh=10

  • michael weinstein
    michael weinstein

    Yo i just watched your match against Logan paul he BEAT YOUR ASS!

  • Pimp G
    Pimp G

    All these people are so cringy!😤

  • MrXxColexX1

    you sound so enthusiastic in these make me laugh videos

  • Elias Hartman Laulund Christensen
    Elias Hartman Laulund Christensen

    7:41 IM LAUGHING HAHAHAHHHHAHA OMG like if you did

  • Dan Wildman
    Dan Wildman

    19:30 jj what that right hand doing ?

  • shinybeen is gay. 12345678910
    shinybeen is gay. 12345678910

    4:19 I fucking new it

  • Fortnite EMOTES YT
    Fortnite EMOTES YT

    *hamee hamee hamee*

  • Johoto YT
    Johoto YT

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to JJ's hairline

    • King Lyoko
      King Lyoko



    Logan: flat earther Jake: round earth Greg Paul: cunt

  • Aenygma

    Love the morons trying to make a black man laugh with racist black jokes. Dafuq is wrong with you?

  • Lil Gamer
    Lil Gamer

    What website is he using

  • face the wind
    face the wind

    I dont know

  • TheAmaz1ngPig

    The amount of Shane Dawson jokes makes me wanna die because there all the same

  • Yez Amv
    Yez Amv

    The cat😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mats Skar
    Mats Skar

    16:56 *LMAO*

  • jojo 890 xd
    jojo 890 xd

    Who is bigger than the earth ? Ethan

  • Rami Subhi
    Rami Subhi

    The UK people really lame asf when it comes to jokes

  • Shahir

    You can tell that all the people that said "nigga" or "nigger" they're all white

  • Chyba Ty
    Chyba Ty

    24:07 jj what are you doing with that hand

    • Badenxx Baden
      Badenxx Baden


  • Oliver Rolfe
    Oliver Rolfe

    7:41 im dead

  • slicu


  • Badman Sayam
    Badman Sayam

    Dollars huh?

  • Jas Singh
    Jas Singh

    I subscribe to you and like

  • Prokilla_YT Atomic
    Prokilla_YT Atomic

    Like if rice gum dead

  • Christoph Graber
    Christoph Graber

    What annoys me is that theres white guys just blatantly saying the N-Word thinking it was funny and that kid who made that squirrel joke at 590 euros that was just uncalled for bruh

  • SITAC27

    Why does JJ’s hair look like chicken feet😂

    • •Tee Jee•
      •Tee Jee•


  • oisin darby
    oisin darby

    Love the way it's dollars in the title but he's giving away pounds

  • FearLESScharge -
    FearLESScharge -


  • Legacy

    Wtf is that name

  • William Harvison
    William Harvison

    JJ: Try to make me laugh Person: *click* TRY TO ROAST ME THATS CUT YOU LOST YOUR-

  • Civil Swifts
    Civil Swifts

    130 pounds on the line Oh so Ethan’s a circus tightrope performer now?

  • Sc4ry Dude
    Sc4ry Dude

    James Charles said your gay, like to do nothing

  • Bob White
    Bob White

    Who watch an ad

  • Aka Perezdudexx
    Aka Perezdudexx

    7:23 lol

  • Ig Jayden_warby
    Ig Jayden_warby

    Want to hear a joke good What’s the difference between marlin McCann and the pope well madlin won’t die a virgin

  • AlexisMedor

    How does 64 people in a row fail to make KSI of all people laugh

  • Taara P
    Taara P

    wow anyone else realized JJ laughed at the controversial insults only...

  • Skonkass

    5:34 best one 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Kampen
    Joseph Kampen

    JJ acts like he wasn’t born with foreskin

  • Jericho2468

    Honestly, I bet I could make KSI laugh. He'd crack up SO HARD he'd probably need surgery to find out why his ribs hurt so much. Dat was not the joke.

  • Oisin Sookarry
    Oisin Sookarry

    U laugh more than 10 times in every vid

  • FaZe_Doge

    13:29 *Vik touches kids*

  • N

    4:00 that guys laugh was cute af

  • Jam Popatos
    Jam Popatos

    I haven’t been watching ksi for a while but wtf happened to his hair

  • iIMurKZZz

    Whats the discord?

  • Beserious_Gaming

    How do u get in his discord

    • James Parker
      James Parker

      Click the link in his twitter 0.1 second after he posted it.

  • noah black
    noah black

    Idk why your hating on dax he's actually very talented and can actually rap unlike a dumb DE-my rapper like ksi your a youtuber stay in your lane dip shit


    jake paul is an idiot because he hasent got a capital letter in his name

  • ItsCxmerxn

    Dude why are you banning so much? They didn’t even do anything bad

    • Riley M
      Riley M

      ItsCxmerxn everyvody gets banned so its not the same people every time he does discord videos

  • ItsCxmerxn

    8:30 you shouldn’t have banned that shit was funny

  • Spartanboi7

    Ksi is retarded

  • Spartanboi7

    12:10 ksi is a bitch for that

  • Spartanboi7

    4:30 underrated

  • kayla kinder
    kayla kinder

    I hate you KSI I am on Logan Paul’S side this is you 💩

  • Tom Amundsen
    Tom Amundsen

    Baning people because they are nervous when they are talking to you. You should rethink some of your actions

  • Tom Amundsen
    Tom Amundsen

    You should use more time to talk with your fans

  • Uhm

    Nah the amount of trash ass white people saying nigga wasn’t funny

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